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18 Mar 2020
14:47:02@_slack_covid19-mutualaid_UVA3Z83T4:matrix.orgTeju Ravilochan Hi there! I’m Teju, currently in Santa Fe, NM and wanting to help out in mutual aid efforts.
19:29:01@_slack_covid19-mutualaid_UVA3Z83T4:matrix.orgTeju Ravilochan changed their profile picture.
22:18:35@_slack_covid19-mutualaid_UVBF7SJ9G:matrix.orgBen Neal joined the room.
22:19:17@_slack_covid19-mutualaid_UVBF7SJ9G:matrix.orgBen Neal changed their display name from _slack_covid19-mutualaid_UVBF7SJ9G to Ben Neal.
22:19:18@_slack_covid19-mutualaid_UVBF7SJ9G:matrix.orgBen Neal set a profile picture.
22:19:18@_slack_covid19-mutualaid_UVBF7SJ9G:matrix.orgBen Neal Hi, I am Ben from Hamilton Michigan, want to know what I can do to help.
22:23:20@_slack_covid19-mutualaid_U0106V0EBEG:matrix.orgRob Miller https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uP49OQGhosfBN4BOYQvyy_Mu3mpCSOYzip13LksC-S8/preview#
22:23:21@_slack_covid19-mutualaid_U0106V0EBEG:matrix.orgRob Miller Check this document for any Mutual Aid near you:
19 Mar 2020
04:42:12@umhi:matrix.orgumhi joined the room.
14:10:28@_slack_covid19-mutualaid_UV3JNVAN5:matrix.orgsteve Yet another mutual aid link aggregator: https://www.coronavolunteer.org/
22 Mar 2020
17:39:29@_slack_covid19-mutualaid_U0103KMGTQR:matrix.orgEva Stevenson joined the room.
17:40:47@_slack_covid19-mutualaid_U0103KMGTQR:matrix.orgEva Stevenson changed their display name from _slack_covid19-mutualaid_U0103KMGTQR to Eva Stevenson.
17:40:47@_slack_covid19-mutualaid_U0103KMGTQR:matrix.orgEva Stevenson set a profile picture.
17:40:48@_slack_covid19-mutualaid_U0103KMGTQR:matrix.orgEva Stevenson hi everyone, I'm Eva (she/her) in NYC. thanks for all of your work! I'm grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate
19:11:02@_slack_covid19-mutualaid_U010H83T4Q0:matrix.orgTammer Ibrahim joined the room.
19:11:31@_slack_covid19-mutualaid_U010H83T4Q0:matrix.orgTammer Ibrahim changed their display name from _slack_covid19-mutualaid_U010H83T4Q0 to Tammer Ibrahim.
19:11:32@_slack_covid19-mutualaid_U010H83T4Q0:matrix.orgTammer Ibrahim set a profile picture.
19:11:32@_slack_covid19-mutualaid_U010H83T4Q0:matrix.orgTammer Ibrahim Hi all! I”m Tammer (he/him) from Philadelphia. Also excited to support each other
22:57:30@adrianmason:matrix.orgadrianmason joined the room.
22:59:13@adrianmason:matrix.orgadrianmasonHey guys! Thank you all so much for the work being done in this time it is crucial. Much love from ATX!
23 Mar 2020
15:57:40@_slack_covid19-mutualaid_U0101907M51:matrix.orgMae Hardebeck joined the room.
15:58:51@_slack_covid19-mutualaid_U0101907M51:matrix.orgMae Hardebeck changed their display name from _slack_covid19-mutualaid_U0101907M51 to Mae Hardebeck.
15:58:54@_slack_covid19-mutualaid_U0101907M51:matrix.orgMae Hardebeck set a profile picture.
15:58:58@_slack_covid19-mutualaid_U0101907M51:matrix.orgMae Hardebeck Hi everyone! I'm in ATX as well. I am the LGBTQ+ constituency organizer for the Texas Democratic Party. If you live in Texas and want to connect to others and mobilize in a time of need, go to http://act.txdemocrats.org/jct
25 Mar 2020
19:50:14@dcwalk:tomesh.netdcwalkThe coop I'm a member of made a short resource, for now just about our experience as a remote organization and an offer of our self-hosted infrastructure (videoconferencing): https://covid19.hypha.coop/ ... but we're continuing to think on ways to support here in Toronto, Canada
26 Mar 2020
00:15:30@_slack_covid19-mutualaid_U0106V0EBEG:matrix.orgRob Miller
In reply to@dcwalk:tomesh.net
The coop I'm a member of made a short resource, for now just about our experience as a remote organization and an offer of our self-hosted infrastructure (videoconferencing): https://covid19.hypha.coop/ ... but we're continuing to think on ways to support here in Toronto, Canada
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28 Mar 2020
13:33:58@_slack_covid19-mutualaid_U01115M2EB1:matrix.orgmichael joined the room.
13:33:58@_slack_covid19-mutualaid_U01115M2EB1:matrix.orgmichael hi,thanks for the work
19:16:29@_slack_covid19-mutualaid_UVBF7SJ9G:matrix.orgBen Neal I am from Hamilton Michigan, and I had a thought about something we might be able to do in regards to all of the bottles and cans that might accumulate during this that we now can't return. If we can find people with space who are willing to take and store them, and we were able to get them in touch with some volunteers, we could help keep these out of the garbage and stored somewhere until they were able to be recycled again. Then when we finally can return them we can use the returns from the recycling to buy food and goods to bring to people to help them get back on their feet at that time. Anybody think this could work? Know anyone who could help or might be interested?

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