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14 Mar 2017
21:52:07@mxuribe:matrix.orgmxuribe set the history visibility to "world_readable".
21:53:01@mxuribe:matrix.orgmxuribeLet's see if this appears for public consumption - which is the goal.
21:53:21@mxuribe:matrix.orgmxuribeEventually will tie this to my twitter account. But not just yet.
21:53:50@mxuribe:matrix.orgmxuribeIn the future, I will frequent this room...in case someone wishes to reach me - in close to real-time.
16 Mar 2017
17:24:56@mxuribe:matrix.orgmxuribeToday...I'm very distracted. This is a test.
17:26:17@180371:matrix.orgGuest 180371 joined the room.
17:28:28@mxuribe:matrix.orgmxuribechanged room power levels.
24 Apr 2017
17:21:28@mxuribe:matrix.orgmxuribeWow, this mastodon thing is really taking off! Time to set up my own instance. Should I install classic gnu social or mastodon (i.e. the mastodon software), I wonder?
22 May 2017
20:27:40@mxuribe:matrix.orgmxuribe changed their profile picture.
20:40:51@mxuribe:matrix.orgmxuribeInstead of going the mastodon route, I actually went with GNU Social...And set up a matrix room here for chatting and stuff: https://riot.im/app/#/room/#gnusocial:matrix.org
26 Oct 2017
17:16:15@mxuribe:matrix.orgmxuribeJA just emailed you.
18:12:56@mxuribe:matrix.orgmxuribeJA just emailed you.
18:21:41@mxuribeBOT:matrix.orgmxuribeBOT joined the room.
18:25:21@mxuribeBOT:matrix.orgmxuribeBOTJA just sent you an email.
18:27:31@mxuribeBOT:matrix.orgmxuribeBOT@mxuribe:matrix.org: JA just sent you another email.
18:29:32@mxuribeBOT:matrix.orgmxuribeBOTmxuribe: JA keeps sending you email.
18:30:47@mxuribe:matrix.orgmxuribeOk, so this bot that i'm testing works...but needs some serious fine-tuning
18:31:12@mxuribeBOT:matrix.orgmxuribeBOTRedacted or Malformed Event
18:33:25@mxuribeBOT:matrix.orgmxuribeBOTRedacted or Malformed Event
18 Apr 2018
00:06:46@mxuribe:matrix.orgmxuribeHello world...months later.

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