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20 Apr 2021
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Micro the2ndreal0: new items I originally made for Zapzoop0099 has been put into a separate, albeit still draft PR, you can get that commit if you'd like to use them. 15:19:09
21 Apr 2021
@moxvallix:matrix.orgMoxvallix changed their display name from moxvallix to MoKsvalliKs.15:56:53
@moxvallix:matrix.orgMoxvallix changed their display name from MoKsvalliKs to KMoksvalliks.16:09:37
22 Apr 2021
@moxvallix:matrix.orgMoxvallix changed their display name from KMoksvalliks to Moxvallix.06:04:29
23 Apr 2021
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice MicroI started working on a chemical cabinet with doors as a task10:49:23
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Microand I made a corresponding issue and assigned it to myself10:51:11
3 May 2021
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice MicroI'm looking for a way to add drag and drop objects to the task window for my task14:12:57
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Microlike a door handle that needs to be pulled by the mouse14:13:10
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Microdoes anyone have any idea how to do that?14:13:21
4 May 2021
@moxvallix:matrix.orgMoxvallixthis might help https://generalistprogrammer.com/godot/godot-drag-and-drop-tutorial/01:11:32
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Microthanks! unfortunately this was one I saw and couldn't make work :D13:06:20
@moxvallix:matrix.orgMoxvallixif top article on a basic websearch wont help, idk what will ;)13:28:10
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@cukmekerb:matrix.orgcukmekerbthere is a builtin way to see if the mouse button is down, and a built in way to get the position of the mouse15:55:24
@cukmekerb:matrix.orgcukmekerbthere's also a signal to check if something has been clicked15:55:39
@cukmekerb:matrix.orgcukmekerbso you could just make a function that drags the object while the mouse is held down, and trigger it on click15:56:05
7 May 2021
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Microthe thing is that if I throw on an Area2D and add a CollisionShape2D (with a shaoe), even the mouse entered signal doesn't work on them23:08:59
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Microit might be an issue because all these are on a popup window?23:09:23
9 May 2021
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice MicroI have the feeling that since the update for Godot 3.3 things are not working 😕03:07:37
@cukmekerb:matrix.orgcukmekerbit's been working for me03:08:00
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Microsuddenly creating a game stopped working03:09:02
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Microit just stops with an empty lobby wtf03:10:14
@the2ndreal0:matrix.orgthe2ndreal0stuff like that happens if the server is never created, in my experience it normally happens when you already have a lobby hosted03:29:59
@the2ndreal0:matrix.orgthe2ndreal0I think it's because if you have a get_tree().is_network_server() or something it won't work because no networking was actually initialized03:30:23
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Microokay after a full system restart now it works03:31:31
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Microso probably the system got stuck somehow03:31:47
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Micro okay, all things seem to be okay now, thanks the2ndreal0 05:11:05
13 May 2021
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