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8 Jan 2020
23:22:39@helpmyself:halogen.cityhEl[p,m0mey changed their display name from hEl[p,momey to hEl[p,m0mey.
9 Jan 2020
01:16:02@ronald:riotchat.deronald joined the room.
10 Jan 2020
23:27:31@niels:feneas.orgniels joined the room.
16 Jan 2020
02:43:36@zenobius:matrix.orgzenobius joined the room.
21:15:02@grin:grin.hugrin joined the room.
21:17:06@grin:grin.hugrin!voyager showme
21:17:20@travis:t2l.ioTravisRplease do this stuff in a DM with the bot
21:17:30@voyager:t2bot.ioMatrix Traveler (bot)@grin:grin.hu: Your name and avatar will appear on the graph.
21:18:15@grin:grin.hugrinthen a suggestion: help should mention that "please do this stuff in a DM with the bot" :-)
21:18:44@travis:t2l.ioTravisRthere's a certain level of common sense that needs to be considered
21:19:08@grin:grin.hugrinlast time I've checked bots did not follow me into DCs and did not respond there
21:19:24@grin:grin.hugrinthat's not commons sense though but experience.
21:19:45@travis:t2l.ioTravisRthat's no reason to show up in the support room to manage your presence :/
21:20:00@travis:t2l.ioTravisReither way: please in future use a DM
21:20:09@travis:t2l.ioTravisR if it doesn't join your DM, join #help:t2bot.io and mention that
21:20:12@grin:grin.hugrinabsolutely not, it never have been the purpose of joining either.
21:20:35@grin:grin.hugrinI wasn't even aware of this feature. Seen only here.
In reply to @voyager:t2bot.io
!voyager showme - Sets your name and avatar to be visible on the graph
!voyager hideme - Hides your name and avatar from the graph
!voyager linkme [room] - Links your user account to the specified room (defaults to current room)
!voyager unlinkme [room] - Removes your self-links from the specified room (defaults to current room)
!voyager search <keywords> - Searches for rooms that have the specified keywords
!voyager leave - Forces the bot to leave the room, but keep the room on the graph
!voyager removeme - Takes your user node, and associated links, off of the graph
!voyager addme - Adds your user node, and associated links, to the graph
!voyager dnt - The bot will read your messages, but not follow any links to rooms in them
!voyager trackme - The bot will read and follow rooms links in your messages. This is the default.
!voyager help - This menu

View the current graph online at https://voyager.t2bot.io
21:21:32@travis:t2l.ioTravisRyea, and it's quite annoying that people keep using this room for such things. Your message is just unfortunately the one I'm drawing the line at.
21:21:37@grin:grin.hugrinalso the bot joined the DM but did not tell me how to progress, and don't seem to respond to "help" or "!help"
21:21:58@grin:grin.hugrinNo worries, and I'm happy that it didn't fit. 😉
21:22:33@travis:t2l.ioTravisR Very few bots respond to "help" or "!help". It's common to at least use the bot's command, like !voyager help.
21:22:49@grin:grin.hugrinah, common things again. :-)
21:23:06@grin:grin.hugrinmaybe I have used too much Other™ networks with bots.
21:23:33@grin:grin.hugrinApologies for my reflexes. Hard to change after 20+ years, but I'm learning.
17 Jan 2020
14:37:28@yuuki:yuukis.clubHousemaster changed their profile picture.
19 Jan 2020
18:49:48@arne:matrix.localtoast.deArne invited @arne:dramaticexit.deArne.
18:49:53@arne:matrix.localtoast.deArne left the room.
18:50:35@arne:dramaticexit.deArne joined the room.
21 Jan 2020
04:19:15@petersjt014:matrix.orgpetersjt014 joined the room.

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