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5 Jul 2021
@mtrnord:nordgedanken.devMTRNord changed their display name from MTRNord - on vaccation to MTRNord.09:24:12
6 Jul 2021
@mocking:matrix.orgMockingTrees changed their display name from Mocking to MockingTrees.12:57:25
8 Jul 2021
@andi:kack.itandi- joined the room.18:23:12
9 Jul 2021
@kniffy:matrix.nice.sampler.fijulian joined the room.19:11:47
13 Jul 2021
@benpa:bpulse.orgbenpa joined the room.17:10:56
15 Jul 2021
@creme:envs.netcreme the Matrix Traveler (bot) is still alive? 👀 12:31:00
@creme:envs.netcremei tried to invite him to an unencrypted room before... but he does not come for a long time.12:32:05
@creme:envs.netcreme > 1 day 12:32:14
In reply to @creme:envs.net
the Matrix Traveler (bot) is still alive? 👀
well define alive :D it is still slowly doing its thing but its super slow ^^
@creme:envs.netcreme * > 1 day 12:32:23
@mtrnord:nordgedanken.devMTRNordIt responds in something between 1m and 1 week I think xD12:32:39
@creme:envs.netcremehmm :(12:32:45
@creme:envs.netcremeokay i will wait a week xD12:32:59
16 Jul 2021
@kniffy:matrix.nice.sampler.fijulian left the room.17:29:23
17 Jul 2021
@weissbier:mtrx.failweissbier joined the room.00:44:14
18 Jul 2021
@abbenm:matrix.orgabbenm joined the room.08:28:07
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22 Jul 2021
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@oscar:funcli.netFuncli joined the room.20:58:06
23 Jul 2021
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25 Jul 2021
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26 Jul 2021
@bjdu:irontruth.xyz@bjdu:irontruth.xyz joined the room.14:49:54
25 Jul 2021
26 Jul 2021
@bjdu:irontruth.xyz@bjdu:irontruth.xyz 15:02:18
25 Jul 2021
@pixel8edstudios:matrix.org@pixel8edstudios:matrix.org set a profile picture.07:48:29
26 Jul 2021
@bjdu:irontruth.xyz@bjdu:irontruth.xyz removed their display name bjdu.15:02:19
@pixel8edstudios:matrix.org@pixel8edstudios:matrix.org left the room.02:31:35
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