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19 Feb 2021
@cranberry:liberta.casacranberry joined the room.22:26:07
20 Feb 2021
@electra_myrrha:asra.grCoyo [Asra] changed their display name from Mura to Hreodbeorht [Asra].15:06:01
@Megaf:matrix.orgMegaf joined the room.18:13:05
@Megaf:matrix.orgMegafHi all, a voyager bot joined two of my rooms. I guess it has a map or something of Matrix rooms, is there a way to access this info?18:13:47
@Megaf:matrix.orgMegafhttps://voyager.t2bot.io/#/graph and https://voyager.t2bot.io/#/stats I suppose?18:14:24
@travis:t2l.ioTravisRthose would be the places, but the UX is kinda not-great, sorry18:31:23
@cranberry:lysergic.devcranberry joined the room.23:52:33
21 Feb 2021
@electra_myrrha:asra.grCoyo [Asra] changed their display name from Hreodbeorht [Asra] to Coyo [Asra].06:00:55
@electra_myrrha:asra.grCoyo [Asra] changed their profile picture.06:01:00
@electra_myrrha:asra.grCoyo [Asra] left the room.06:03:04
22 Feb 2021
@maranda:aria-net.org@maranda:aria-net.org changed their profile picture.01:11:26
@maranda:aria-net.org@maranda:aria-net.org left the room.09:19:06
@gosnells:matrix.orgaagainb set a profile picture.16:36:12
23 Feb 2021
@krducky:matrix.orgkrducky changed their profile picture.18:14:54
8 Mar 2021
@hidden-r3d:irontruth.xyzHidden_R3d joined the room.02:22:20
@hidden-r3d:irontruth.xyzHidden_R3d left the room.03:24:23
12 Mar 2021
@dan:chat.is-cute.mlnot dan changed their display name from Dan to not dan.01:23:52
13 Mar 2021
@robloxlord:the-apothecary.club@robloxlord:the-apothecary.club left the room.06:59:30
18 Mar 2021
@madpat:wolfcave.meMadPat joined the room.09:14:33
20 Mar 2021
@86ul:privacytools.io@86ul:privacytools.ioNope? Gone. Feel free to dm or invite my when the conversation starts again.08:55:18
18 Mar 2021
@madpat:wolfcave.meMadPat left the room.09:17:35
20 Mar 2021
@86ul:privacytools.io@86ul:privacytools.io left the room.08:55:26
27 Mar 2021
@jlfguthrie:digger.chatJohnG👍😎 left the room.05:04:02
@jboi:jboi.nlJonathan changed their profile picture.18:19:27
29 Mar 2021
@izen:matrix.org@izen:matrix.org joined the room.20:20:37
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4 Apr 2021
@dannycolin:mozilla.org@dannycolin:mozilla.org left the room.01:10:34
16 Apr 2021
@cody581120:matrix.orgJALL joined the room.19:51:22
17 Apr 2021
@rv888:chat.mojozilla.netMax joined the room.06:20:33
@rv888:chat.mojozilla.netMax left the room.06:21:04

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