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6 Feb 2019
20:16:38@voyager:t2bot.ioMatrix Traveler (bot)!voyager showme - Sets your name and avatar to be visible on the graph !voyager hideme - Hides your name and avatar from the graph !voyager linkme [room] - Links your user account to the specified room (defaults to current room) !voyager unlinkme [room] - Removes your self-links from the specified room (defaults to current room) !voyager search <keywords> - Searches for rooms that have the specified keywords !voyager leave - Forces the bot to leave the room, but keep the room on the graph !voyager removeme - Takes your user node, and associated links, off of the graph !voyager addme - Adds your user node, and associated links, to the graph !voyager dnt - The bot will read your messages, but not follow any links to rooms in them !voyager trackme - The bot will read and follow rooms links in your messages. This is the default. !voyager help - This menu View the current graph online at https://voyager.t2bot.io
20:16:47@colonelkrud:matrix.colonelkrud.comcolonelkrud It’s all good :) I was just curious.
20:18:23@colonelkrud:matrix.colonelkrud.comcolonelkrudSo what does the linkme command actually do? I thought the bot lurked in public rooms and followed all links
20:18:55@travis:t2l.ioTravisRit draws a green line from your avatar to the room. This functionality is being removed though in the nearish future
20:19:31@perflyst:snopyta.orgperflystah you can disable that the bot reads your message?
20:20:04@perflyst:snopyta.orgperflyst!voyager hideme
20:21:35@voyager:t2bot.ioMatrix Traveler (bot)@perflyst:snopyta.org: Your name and avatar will no longer appear on the graph.
20:21:55@travis:t2l.ioTravisR I think you'd want !voyager dnt for that
20:22:08@perflyst:snopyta.orgperflyst!voyager removeme
20:22:16@perflyst:snopyta.orgperflyst!voyager dnt
20:23:27@voyager:t2bot.ioMatrix Traveler (bot)@perflyst:snopyta.org: I'll stop following links to rooms you post in rooms
20:23:27@voyager:t2bot.ioMatrix Traveler (bot)@perflyst:snopyta.org: You have been removed from the graph
20:27:53@colonelkrud:matrix.colonelkrud.comcolonelkrudThat’s actually a cool feature though. Maybe it could live on in the web graph? Like enter your mxid to see your own little section of the network :)
20:39:48@travis:t2l.ioTravisRprobably not because the bot is going a more direct route for user privacy by not knowing who anyone is, ever
In reply to @perflyst:snopyta.org
#synapse-admins:snopyta.org (german synapse admin room)
should be fixed now
21:03:30@colonelkrud:matrix.colonelkrud.comcolonelkrudAh. Well that’s probably for the best.
21:03:49@colonelkrud:matrix.colonelkrud.comcolonelkrudI’m just partial to cool graphs :)
21:12:09@perflyst:snopyta.orgperflyst!voyager trackme
21:13:24@voyager:t2bot.ioMatrix Traveler (bot)@perflyst:snopyta.org: I'll follow room links you post
21:13:37@perflyst:snopyta.orgperflystand after that, please join #testing:snopyta.org for my tests
10 Feb 2019
05:41:55@_neb_github_=40travis=3at2l.io:matrix.orgGithub [@travis:t2l.io] [turt2live/matrix-voyager-bot] turt2live opened issue #214: Support room upgrades and redirections [open] to turt2live - https://github.com/turt2live/matrix-voyager-bot/issues/214
11 Feb 2019
14:42:10@burneractual:im.sfcc.techburneractual joined the room.
12 Feb 2019
08:42:41@alpha3031:matrix.org@alpha3031:matrix.org removed their display name alpha3031.
13 Feb 2019
18:29:39@aaron:raim.istAaron RaimistIs Voyager supposed to follow links to IRC rooms (#freenode_channel:matrix.org)? Seems like that might not be a great idea since I assume it will keep that room active even if all other matrix users leave.
18:30:47@travis:t2l.ioTravisRit is because it doesn't know better. There's various issues reported about making it smarter
16 Feb 2019
07:07:58@swlkr:u53r.spaceswlkr joined the room.
17 Feb 2019
12:41:39@lutinus:cloud.lutinus.frOlivLutinus joined the room.
18 Feb 2019
02:11:28@Shrike:matrix.orgseveren changed their display name from Shrike (Matrix Account) to severen.

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