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11 Jan 2021
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@garrit:matrix.slashdev.spaceGarritShould this be adjusted?11:11:49
@charlag:chaos.nrwcharlagI don't have a strong opinion on that tbh13:31:34
@eviltak:matrix.orgTak!tusky (nightly) shows the display name for me?13:32:14
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@garrit:matrix.slashdev.spaceGarritAh, I see. Notifications seem to be fine, it's just on profiles and the timeline13:49:00
@eviltak:matrix.orgTak!oh, in the timeline13:49:49
12 Jan 2021
@joe:hope.netjoe left the room.17:46:06
In reply to @garrit:matrix.slashdev.space
Should this be adjusted?
yes. The reason why it is not done yet is because you cannot String-format with an Spannable.
@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckAh, notifications just does the emoji conversion on the formatted string18:47:21
@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckProbably not the best way to do it but it seems to work18:47:47
@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckI have no objection to doing the same on the timeline18:48:43
13 Jan 2021
@garrit:matrix.slashdev.spaceGarritI'll give it a try after work07:52:02
@eviltak:matrix.orgTak!don't forget about unicode wrapping 🙂08:36:27
@garrit:matrix.slashdev.spaceGarritDo you guys already have a function for this?08:37:09
@eviltak:matrix.orgTak! yeah, in StringUtils - example usage in NotificationsAdapter 08:49:43
14 Jan 2021
@garrit:matrix.slashdev.spaceGarritI can't get emojis to work on that view. Is this the correct usage?15:25:42
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@garrit:matrix.slashdev.spaceGarrit rebloggedByDisplayName is wrapped in Unicode, if that matters 15:26:26
@garrit:matrix.slashdev.spaceGarritThe notificationsadapter does some more fancy stuff with spannables and compound drawables, but I'm not sure if that could be a solution15:28:17
@garrit:matrix.slashdev.spaceGarritAh, I think I see the issue. I was fetching the emojis from the wrong account15:35:37

I'm a bit lost. I would think that the emoji-shortcode would get rendered by the emojify method, but I can't get it to work. Do you guys see any issues here?


@garrit:matrix.slashdev.spaceGarritHere's what the current state looks like:16:53:40
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In reply to @garrit:matrix.slashdev.space
sent an image.
Maybe it ils custom emoji?
@nailyk:matrix.nailyk.frnailykMight be better to try with Unicode one no? 17:17:19
@garrit:matrix.slashdev.spaceGarritWell, the custom ones should get rendered too17:17:40
@garrit:matrix.slashdev.spaceGarrit And if I understand the code correctly, that's what the emojify function does 17:18:05
@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduck(I have not tried out the code but) 18:10:33
@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckI'm pretty sure the problem is that you emojify (line 69 in StatusViewHolder) before doing the String formatting (line 81). Try to do it the other way around.18:12:38

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