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26 Nov 2022
@_discord_659182302500356097:t2bot.ioblogbourri Johnny decimal doesn't seem easily memorizable, the purpose of the symbols is each one is a word substitute, so dash is book at sign is appointments book appointments (with a small logical leap) became book clubs. That one I don't necessarily need, but a lot of the other two symbol combinations are really useful, and I forced myself to do all the combinations just to test the idea out. Came away convinced I had more than enough combinations for most daily rapid logging needs. I'm going to keep iterating on it, this is just where it's at for now 07:06:58
@_discord_659182302500356097:t2bot.ioblogbourri I have a unihertz jelly phone, which is tiny, so typing anything extraneous on it is annoying and introduces friction if I just want to really quickly log some info, so that's the motivation 07:09:00
@_discord_659182302500356097:t2bot.ioblogbourri https://discord.com/channels/725182569297215569/766475028978991104/1041930676770963517 this was where it started 07:10:41
@_discord_762313352923709450:t2bot.iopoggers 👍 that makes sense 07:11:21
@_discord_659182302500356097:t2bot.ioblogbourri next step will be see which ones I actually use and then take a look at the ones I don't use and see if I could "read" them differently to make them more useful, try and minimize fluff in the system 07:14:53
@_discord_762313352923709450:t2bot.iopoggers yea otherwise might get a bit overwhelming
the approach in general is good for having minimal friction in capturing anything relevant without any processing
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27 Nov 2022
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@_discord_698345460032864286:t2bot.ioLuhmann Why not use hierarchy / namespaces for this? EG: [[Media/Library]]? 06:12:06
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@_discord_337815841699528705:t2bot.ioChrisLasar Just want to share with you the workflow https://ia.net/presenter (external link) offers for making presentations. Somehow love the idea of just turning headlines into presentation text and adding properties for slide design later. 07:32:27
@_discord_659182302500356097:t2bot.ioblogbourri i probably will once I'm sure i've settled what the combination bullets "mean" in actual usage. for now im taking a starting from scratch approach and don't want to introduce structure that i'd have a hard time reversing (which is what happened with my first logseq graph and resulted in my scrapping it). 07:39:17
@_discord_698345460032864286:t2bot.ioLuhmann Also look at Deckset which has been around for years with similar features and more customizability in terms of themes. https://www.deckset.com/ 09:15:47
@_discord_698345460032864286:t2bot.ioLuhmann * Also look at Deckset which has been around for years with similar features and more customizability in terms of themes. https://www.deckset.com/ (Though it uses separator marks instead of headers to mark a new slide.) 09:16:35
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@_discord_191613730231025664:t2bot.ioZachu#1728 Or on the Open Source side there's Pandoc and RevealJS 12:50:22
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@_discord_992055089701339207:t2bot.iodarrenq changed their display name from darrenq#6663 to darrenq.14:11:38
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@_discord_659182302500356097:t2bot.ioblogbourri Rapid Logging 20:02:28
28 Nov 2022
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