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23 Sep 2023
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@_discord_135225590373416960:t2bot.iosaltmaker For context I'm just starting out and [[Contents]] is just my entry page, there's a few pages I want at the forefront, one of them is Projects. My question really is should I add [[Project A]] directly indented under [[Projects]] or do I add type:: [[Project]] property and use query indented under [[Projects]] 16:29:47
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@rz_mj:freiburg.socialRZ_MJMy approach would be the former. But I have to admit I tend to stick to the basic features and only use advanced stuff (by that I mean namespaces, properties, queries etc.) occasionally so I might be unaware of benefits of the latter approach.17:17:50
@_discord_191613730231025664:t2bot.iozachu Well... Git is a good in the fact that it works the same regardless of the provider 😊 So any.

I have mine in GitLab the SaaS version and I sort of trust them. But if they start to do bad things GitLab is self-hostable too 😊
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@_discord_173856160435273735:t2bot.ionoodlemonarch#0 I've been on a whole journey with this in truth, I trust git, but I'd seen that the providers often differ in their level of privacy/storage/bandwidth and I can understand why. I've tried selfhosting Gitlab but I'd be doing it through a Cloudflare argo-tunnel but I could never get the container to start. In another option I've tried to store my notes in Resilio sync, but that has some issues that I don't understand on an Ipad.

Does Gitlab's bandwidth limitation ever impact your note-taking?
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@_discord_191613730231025664:t2bot.iozachu Hmm not sure but I don't think so. But on mobile git sync does bring some complexities and odd behaviour 18:47:47
@_discord_173856160435273735:t2bot.ionoodlemonarch#0 That is frustrating 😆
I'm personally blaming iOS for this...
@_discord_173856160435273735:t2bot.ionoodlemonarch#0 * That is frustrating 😆
I'm personally blaming iOS for this... Android seems better thought out for development
@_discord_85168470685134848:t2bot.io.tytr Is anyone using logseq in combination with something like an ipad for note taking? Looking for any insight into workflows that work for both typed and handwritten notes. For those specifically using ipads, do you tend to use the logseq whiteboard feature in app, or use something like goodnotes?

Also just curious if anyone has recommendations on taking notes on ipad without obliterating my back and neck.
@_discord_173856160435273735:t2bot.ionoodlemonarch#0 Regarding comfort on an ipad I find making an angle for the device to be most useful.
I write my notes using a 3rd-party pen that then transcribes into markdown. Admittedly I have not done a whole lot with the white-board yet, but I'd recommend some ergonomic casing and using a pen 😃
@_discord_173856160435273735:t2bot.ionoodlemonarch#0 What input device do you use for the ipad? 19:01:49
@_discord_85168470685134848:t2bot.io.tytr Apple pencil 19:02:10
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24 Sep 2023
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