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Looking for Logseq specific workflows or have something to share? Post it here! | This is the workflow channel of the official Logseq Space on Matrix, which you can find at #logseq:matrix.org.31 Servers

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18 Apr 2024
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@_discord_659182302500356097:t2bot.ioblogbourri i make blocks for references i want to refer back to often. could be something like

title of the article
tags:: [[essays]]
source: https://url.com/etc

then i can just block reference it. i usually dump these in my daily journal, and then if i want to review all the essays i've created references for, i could just go to the essays page and look at the linked references.
@_discord_265889083694383107:t2bot.ioipsquiggle Aaah nice. I'm still wrapping my head around "journal first" workflows (but loving it!), so I appreciate this suggestion especially for that! 20:27:11
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@_discord_471818663587086336:t2bot.iodeniablemoney I’m curious how many people do time based journaling, vs sectioning it out into meetings, etc for work. I have been bouncing a bit between them. 22:24:26
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19 Apr 2024
@_discord_698345460032864286:t2bot.io.luhmann If you use Zotero you can add it there, and then use the built-in Zotero support to create a page for it. 01:19:45
@_discord_755747739345747988:t2bot.ioandrii_z 09:27:23
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@_discord_845231713361854475:t2bot.io.3von Anyone have an workflows involving the reMarkable 2? 20:55:37
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20 Apr 2024
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In reply to @_discord_845231713361854475:t2bot.io
Anyone have an workflows involving the reMarkable 2?
Can you even download apps from the Play Store in reMarkable 2?
@_discord_845231713361854475:t2bot.io.3von Lol no. I'd have to find some elaborate way of getting converted text to my computer 13:21:13
21 Apr 2024
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@_discord_698345460032864286:t2bot.io.luhmann Boox e-paper devices run a modified version of Androind 11 and can run the play store. I've never tried to run Logseq on it, but Readwise Reader works great. (At least one of the developers of Readwise uses a Boox Palma like I do.) 01:19:28
@_discord_845231713361854475:t2bot.io.3von What I'm trying to do now is extract my highlights from the books read to my computer. Then I can input them into Logseq 01:20:57
@_discord_845231713361854475:t2bot.io.3von Not pretty but it may meet my needs. The remarkable 2 doesn't use android like other e-readers. It's designed to be a distraction free notebook replacement 01:21:41
@_discord_698345460032864286:t2bot.io.luhmann The only apps I've installed on my Boox are Kindle, Readwise Reader, Google Keep, and StoryGraph. None of these are causes of distraction. And using Readwise Reader makes extracting highlights quite trivial. (Readwise can import PDFs and Epub files as well.) 01:36:32
@_discord_845231713361854475:t2bot.io.3von I'm seeing more and more how much easier it is to do these things on other e-ink devices. However, I know that I would def get distracted if my device had android. 01:39:33
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