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25 Jan 2020
03:53:36@wolftune:matrix.orgwolftune iko: okay, so I isolated something useful about my bug. I'm not getting your build failure
03:54:58@iko:matrix.orgikookay, thanks for checking
03:57:08@iko:matrix.orgiko "stack clean" didn't work for me, unfortunately. rm the repo, re-cloned latest master (in case it was something git cached from branch switching), stack clean and build.sh, same error
04:13:36@iko:matrix.orgiko okay, problem solved. ensure LANG env variable is set in shell
04:13:55@wolftune:matrix.orgwolftuneah, okay great
04:14:48@iko:matrix.orgikoa few systems don't automatically configure locale/lang
04:15:30@iko:matrix.orgikoanyhow, builds now. thanks
04:22:48@wolftune:matrix.orgwolftune iko: worth documenting this anywhere or nah?
04:27:03@iko:matrix.orgikoprobably nah, if people are mostly testing on active workstations, they would have worse problems than this not building
04:28:10@iko:matrix.orgikojust so happens I was building on a fresh box and forgot to set the env variable (thought it was already set)
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is there a command to trigger rebuild of (or manually rebuild) the "Snowdrift" library only? i.e. the parts after crowdmatch like Handler and Foundation

for some reason after the 2nd or so hamlet file save it stops automatically detecting changes to the file/rebuild. pressing enter starts a check maybe, but doesn't rebuild?

06:33:21@freenode_fpbot:matrix.orgfpbot Bryan Richter terms_new_style snowdrift | Merge branch 'ci-fix' into 'master' https://gitlab.com/snowdrift/snowdrift/commit/bfaea94547b36a2ce2eb7cc104383f24e2d432b6
06:33:22@freenode_fpbot:matrix.orgfpbot ... terms_new_style snowdrift | ... another 18 commits ...
06:33:23@freenode_fpbot:matrix.orgfpbot Iko terms_new_style snowdrift | Clean up terms html a bit https://gitlab.com/snowdrift/snowdrift/commit/33bff6bcd6965fa90a4a7f45e990863f4652d36d
06:57:40@iko:matrix.orgikookay, build command seems to work, just had to give it a bit longer to kick in
10:03:30@freenode_fpbot:matrix.orgfpbot Iko terms_new_style snowdrift | Fix the indentation https://gitlab.com/snowdrift/snowdrift/commit/96af91cfefc86da47e0b019cc055898c33cf4877
10:03:31@freenode_fpbot:matrix.orgfpbot Iko terms_new_style snowdrift | Add styles for medium breakpoint https://gitlab.com/snowdrift/snowdrift/commit/704bc8a8d58bd535586a17c71ca7701dd9ae38a9
15:22:48@freenode_fpbot:matrix.orgfpbot mray commented on MR !169 snowdrift | Looks good to me (screenshots are missing/not working). https://gitlab.com/snowdrift/snowdrift/merge_requests/169#note_276862790
16:06:56@freenode_fpbot:matrix.orgfpbot shak-mar footer-cc-logo snowdrift | ci: Use PGUSER=postgres for the deploy-build job as well https://gitlab.com/snowdrift/snowdrift/commit/60dea0d11fbb94f8c849549b34a49a42a1bfb33f
16:06:57@freenode_fpbot:matrix.orgfpbot ... footer-cc-logo snowdrift | ... another 18 commits ...
16:06:57@freenode_fpbot:matrix.orgfpbot Iko footer-cc-logo snowdrift | Rebase from master https://gitlab.com/snowdrift/snowdrift/commit/74cf5a58701ea05b37b0abd219c7382321e144cc
16:11:27@freenode_fpbot:matrix.orgfpbot Iko commented on MR !169 snowdrift | @chreekat, @mray: rebased and added back screenshots. https://gitlab.com/snowdrift/snowdrift/merge_requests/169#note_276870989

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