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The group is dedicated to people starting to mine Monero. Information regarding GPU rigs,CPU rigs, pools and setups. If you are a beginner and want information or a seasoned miner feel free to post your questions here 2 Servers

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16 Sep 2019
23:43:00@telegram_460784602:t2bot.ioJ B joined the room.
23:43:00@telegram_460784602:t2bot.ioJ B https://youtu.be/36fYARMA7UQ the best crypto analysis on the internet .
23:50:56@telegram_275066065:t2bot.ioPietroCould this be accurate or am I doing something wrong?
23:51:49@telegram_275066065:t2bot.ioPietrodamn cant post a screenshot
23:52:11@telegram_894547857:t2bot.ioNateyell at the admins and maybe they'll bless you with that ability
23:52:37@telegram_275066065:t2bot.ioPietro https://i.imgur.com/b0QYNX4.png
23:52:51@telegram_275066065:t2bot.ioPietronoo cant even post a link
23:54:45@telegram_275066065:t2bot.ioPietroWell I calculated a 13700 H/s, 320W of power consumption, $0.17kwh energy cost and 2% pool free, and ended up with $111 monthly profit
23:55:15@telegram_275066065:t2bot.ioPietroThe H/s is for a AMD 3900X
23:55:16@telegram_894547857:t2bot.ioNateit wouldn't be 320w, it's only 105w tdp, max would probably 200
23:55:28@telegram_275066065:t2bot.ioPietroI now, I grossed it up
23:56:13@telegram_275066065:t2bot.ioPietroI mean I inflated it
23:56:37@telegram_275066065:t2bot.ioPietroThat to roughly include the power consumption of all the other components
23:58:24@telegram_275066065:t2bot.ioPietroIf that estimate is somehow accurate and price doesn't drop, I bet I'll be able to recover the investment within a year
17 Sep 2019
00:01:24@telegram_275066065:t2bot.ioPietroAny suggestions guys, please let me know. I am serious about doing this. I have been wanting to do some partial hobby monero mining in awhile
00:09:14@telegram_539742691:t2bot.ioVegaman64There’s no super-profitable mining in general if prices aren’t in heaven.. even then it’s not for a long. Imagine if VM hosting farm realizes they can earn 10$ per server a day - there will be no idle running computers on this world :) monero can’t feed all the power already available with its close to tail emission..
00:11:19@telegram_894547857:t2bot.ioNateI doubt large data centers would mine even if it was stupid profitable, for one, they can switch off servers to save power. for 2, they'd rather bring in more customers since they can make far more that way
00:12:04@telegram_894547857:t2bot.ioNateit'd be near impossible to make $3 per core every month, but that's the lowest Amazon charges if you pay for 3 years up front
00:14:52@telegram_539742691:t2bot.ioVegaman64Well, maybe not google, amazon, Microsoft.. have a look how many CPUs are on sale on AliExpress.. hundreds of thousands.. and it’s only China..
00:15:34@telegram_894547857:t2bot.ioNatemostly core2 stuff and also not actual running servers
00:16:17@telegram_539742691:t2bot.ioVegaman64It doesn’t mean it will be unprofitable.. sure it will be better than now with CPUs.. I’m just not waiting for huge profits here :)
00:17:52@telegram_539742691:t2bot.ioVegaman64At least Zen2 stuff should be profitable for some time being most efficient now..
00:24:14@telegram_539742691:t2bot.ioVegaman64What happened in 2017..? Bitmain and other suckers realized there’s shortage in AMD factory.. that there’s money in monero so they built an ASIC 😏 There’s just no easy fair money in this world if not the lottery :)
00:25:18@telegram_894547857:t2bot.ioNateAMD doesn't have factories, they use TSMC to make their chips
00:25:58@telegram_894547857:t2bot.ioNateand I think they use GloFo for the x570 chipsets and maybe the IO die, but I don't know about that one
00:26:51@telegram_539742691:t2bot.ioVegaman64It was abbreviation.. agree - supply would sound better :)
00:27:52@telegram_539742691:t2bot.ioVegaman64Fact that there was intentional or accidental shortage
00:31:09@telegram_539742691:t2bot.ioVegaman64 Edit: It was abbreviation.. agree - supply would sound better :)
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