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7 Feb 2019
06:23:51@xylobol:matrix.orgxylobol changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
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06:54:39@xylobol:matrix.orgxylobol set the room topic to "Our soapbox.".
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8 Feb 2019
16:03:41@root256:matrix.orgroot256 joined the room.
16:10:51@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_official joined the room.
9 Feb 2019
06:26:19@xylobol:matrix.orgxylobol changed their profile picture.
11 Feb 2019
08:47:38@aegiscz:matrix.orgaegiscz set a profile picture.
12 Feb 2019
01:45:14@tref:matrix.orgtref joined the room.
14 Feb 2019
04:10:06@jadethecat:matrix.org@jadethecat:matrix.org joined the room.
04:10:45@jadethecat:matrix.org@jadethecat:matrix.org joined the room.
04:11:17@jadethecat:matrix.org@jadethecat:matrix.org joined the room.
15 Feb 2019
02:48:45@lbdm:matrix.orglbdm joined the room.
02:56:38@lbdm:matrix.orglbdm set a profile picture.
19 Feb 2019
11:59:58@xylobol:matrix.orgxylobol changed their profile picture.
12:00:12@xylobol:matrix.orgxylobol changed their profile picture.
23 Feb 2019
23:55:51@xylobol:matrix.orgxylobol changed their profile picture.
23:56:17@xylobol:matrix.orgxylobol changed their profile picture.
24 Feb 2019
18:02:04@aegiscz:matrix.orgaegiscz changed their profile picture.
25 Feb 2019
05:45:16@jadethecat:matrix.org@jadethecat:matrix.org left the room.
7 Mar 2019
06:50:08@xylobol:matrix.orgxylobol changed their display name from xylobol to Radio-Face.
14:34:02@xylobol:matrix.orgxylobol changed their display name from Radio-Face to xylobol.
13 Mar 2019
04:41:27@Wintier:matrix.orgwintier joined the room.

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