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11 May 2024
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12 May 2024
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13 May 2024
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14 May 2024
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16 May 2024
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17 May 2024
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18 May 2024
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19 May 2024
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20 May 2024
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24 May 2024
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25 May 2024
@againstcensorship:matrix.orgAgainst CensorshipESTAMOS NA TERCEIRA GUERRA MUNDIAL / WE ARE IN WWIII ! 🇺🇸: 21/05/2024 - Ha tempo para tudo...até o tempo de calar a boca e ficar em silêncio pois os maus estão no poder querendo a gente aceitar esse triste fato ou não. Parem de ficar reclamando e de postar informações que não sabemos serem reais ou não na web. CHEGOU UMA HORA QUE ATE O SENHOR JESUS CRISTO CALOU-SE E ATE APANHOU POR CAUSA DISTO DOS PRINCIPAIS DA SINAGOGA ANTES DE TER SIDO MORTO BRUTALMENTE NA CRUZ PARA PAGAR OS NOSSOS PECADOS E NOS OFERECER UMA CHANCE DE TERMOS A NOSSA ALMA SALVA DA CONDENAÇÃO E DA MALDICAO ETERNA! Como eu ALERTEI NA SEMANA PASSADA que estamos sendo vigiados pelo Big Brother, Ministério da Verdade e sendo testados como COBAIAS outra vez e pela milhonesima vez. Calem a boca, parem de desabafar com o PC ou Celular na Web como se eles fossem PSICOLOGOS E PSIQUIATRAS ,parem de ficar postando, parem de perder tempo, parem de se deixar ser controlados pelos Satanistas pois eles estão controlando o tempo da população desde 2020, vao SERVIR A DEUS DE VERDADE, SE ESFORCAR PARA SE TORNAREM CRISTÃOS DE VERDADE ENQUANTO EXISTE TEMPO POIS OS SINAIS DA VOLTA DE CRISTO ESTAO MUITO CLAROS E VAI ACONTECER (PODE SER DAQUI UM SEGUNDO!) E SERA COMO UM RAIO E UM PISCAR DE OLHOS, vão orar, jejuar E SUPLICAR PELA MISERICORDIA E PELA PROVIDENCIA DIVINA pois se não A CENSURA TOTAL DA INTERNET que esta PL aqui abaixo vai acabar sendo implantado no Brasil: Caroline de Toni: Lá vamos nós novamente. O PL da Globo ou PL da Censura 2.0 está na pauta de hoje. Como já falamos, esse projeto é ruim pra todo mundo, menos pra Globo e pro Governo.Cobre seu deputado e fique atento à votação.#PLdaGloboNão via Twitter https://twitter.com/CarolDeToni/status/1793015369398976738 May 21, 2024 at 05:25PM May, 21 of 2024 - There is a time for everything.. Even to SHUT UP OUR MOUTHS AND STAY IN SILENCE because evil man are in the power wants us accept this SAD FACT or not. Stoping to complaining and posting information that you don't know if are real or fake in web. EVEN TO LORD JESUS CHRIST COMES A TIME THAT HE STAY IN SILENCE AND EVEN APANHOU BECAUSE OF THAT FROM SYNAGOGUE'S PRINCIPALS BEFORE TO BE BRUTALLY MURDERED IN THAT CROSS OF HEAVY PAIN TO PAY THE HEAVY PRICE THAT NO NORMAL MAN HAD STRENGTH TO SUPPORTED WHAT JESUS CHRIST SUPPORTED PAYING OUR SINS AND OFFERED TO HUMANITY THE ONLY CHANCE TO SAVE OUR SOULS FROM ETERNAL CONVICTION AND ETERNAL CURSE! Like I warning in last week that we are being watched by Big Brother,Ministry of Truth and se are being tested again like Guinea Pigs by thousand time. SHUT UP, STOP TO GIVE VENTING, MAKING COMPLAINTS WITHOUT END AND EVEN STAYING CURSING EVIL POWERFUL PEOPLE THAT TAKING POWER AND ARE IN POWER AND HAVE POWER IN SOCIAL MEDIA/WEB/APPS OF MESSAGES like they are Psychologists or Psychiatrists, stop stay posting, stop losing your time, stop permitting be controlled by Satanists because they are controlling time of population since 2020, GO SERVE GOD IN SPIRIT AND TRUTH, GO MAKE EFFORTS TO BECOMING REAL SOLDIERS OF CHRIST MEANWHILE WE HAVE TIME BECAUSE THE SIGNS OF RETURN OF CHRIST ARE VERY CLEAR AND WILL GONNA HAPPENING (CAN HAPPENING IN NEXT SECOND!) AND WILL BE LIKE A THUNDER. GO HAVE A REAL REPENTANCE, PRAY HARD, FASTING AND BEGGING BY GOD'S MERCY AND DIVINE PROVIDENCE BECAUSE TOTAL CENSORSHIP OF INTERNET/SOCIAL MEDIA/MESSAGE APPS that this Bill 8889/2017 (BILL 8889 FROM 2017 WORSE THAN 2630 FROM 2020) are here below will gonna end be deployed in Brazil: May, 21 of 2024 - Carol de Toni: Here we go again. UNCONSTITUTIONAL/ILLEGAL BILL OF "GLOBO NETWORK" OR BILL OF CENSORSHIP 2.0 WITH STEROIDS ARE IN AGENDA TODAY IN CONGRESS TODAY. Like we told, this is BAD TO EVERYONE, LESS FOR GLOBO NETWORK THAT IS PART OF MSM AND TO TYRANNICAL, CORRUPT, GENOCIDE, INFANTICIDE, ENSLAVER, SATANIST,EVIL,TOTALITARIAN,AUTHORITARIAN AND DICTATORIAL "GOVERNMENT" NUMBER 3 OF LUIZ INACIO DA SILVA & COMMUNIST-NAZI-FASCIST THAT TAKE POWER OF THREE BRANCHS OF GOVERNMENT INCLUDING THE BIG PART FROM BRAZIL'S JUDICIARY AND SUPREME COURT. Stay tune in the vote.Press your Congressman/Deputy and not let this Bill be approved by majority of "Politician" from Chamber of Deputies #PLDAGLOBONAO #NOTOBILLOFGLOBO By Twitter: https://twitter.com/CarolDeToni/status/1793015369398976738 May, 21 of 2024 at 05:25 PM00:26:06
@againstcensorship:matrix.orgAgainst CensorshipESTAMOS NA TERCEIRA GUERRA MUNDIAL / WE ARE IN WWIII ! 🇺🇸: May, 23 of 2024 - How I've Iearned to be suspicious and detests "Politicians" including from Fake Right Wing of Bandits (Controlled Opposition) that is so LUKEWARM BEFORE GOD AND LORD JESUS CHRIST like the son from Communists that is Gustavo Gayer that is simply a English Teacher that don't understand nothing about what is REAL POLITIC and because they don't know making TRUE POLITIC and this is the same case of Alexandre "Porn Actor" Frota, Luis "USA" Miranda, Kim Kataguri, Joice Hasselmann, Arthur "Mother I told you" do Val,Carla Zambelli and many OPPORTUNISTS, NARCISSISTS,MERCENARIES, SOCIAL ALPINISTS THAT ARE THIRST BY POWER TOO. They are the old damn Ants and Termites that only wants become "Politicians" to be part of Satanist Elite I.E Earls, Dukes and Feudal Lords like was in old dark times of Feudalism in Europe that was deployed in Brazil since 1500 by Tyrannical Totalitarian Feudalist Portugal Empire. These "Politicians" using everything and exploring even the suffering , anxiety and fears of Population in relation of many Propose of Bills with many versions and different levels of Censorship: with steroids, partial and Total taken by Bill 2630 that is known BILL OF CENSORSHIP to living in Spotlight keeping people always plug in what they are saying like they becomes GOD AND LORD JESUS CHRIST. They using even the threatening of Total Censorship that represents these illegal and unconstitutional Bills to keeping monopolizing all MSM including all INTERNET everyday 25hrs since 2018. Gayer have a bad background that shows his bad past that he probably was indoctrinated in Satanist Ideology that is Socialism and Communism by their parents that is Communists that educated Gayer in wrong way and Olavo de Carvalho calls him of IDIOT... We can't trust I these people that have the only objective to GRAB MORE AND MORE POWER WITHOUT RESTRAINS AND LIMITS that living controlling people of population that are completely TERRIFIED,CORNERED,DEMORALIZED, AFRAID, PARANOID AND INSANE MANY PREFER STAYS IN PURE ALIENATION BECAUSE OF THAT... Is these people really different from Totalitarians from extreme left (Communist-Nazi-Fascist)? This people are so COWARD! THIS SCUM OF FAKE RIGHT WING SO CORRUPTED BY EVIL ONLY STARTS SAYS THE TRUTH WHEN THEY ARE BELOW IMMINENT THREAT! Gustavo Gayer warning: "Government" pushing and tries to APPROVE BILL OF CENSORSHIP SLICED IN MANY PIECES IN LIGHTS OUT (IN DAWN) Font: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IS4voz_SRBY By AuriVerde Brazil The Deputy Gustavo Gayer from same party of Former President Bolsonaro (PL-GO) record a video to alert Brazilian People that the Satanists Totalitarians from Left are making everything to give more stolen money from people to MSM: "They give up of Bill of Globo Network (Censorship 2.0 with Steroids) and enter/proposed now with another Bill 1357 to put more public money that Government are stolen from Brazilians in MSM and let to Tyrannical Government of Totalitarians Censors Satanists Communist-Nazi-Fascists to decide what is Journalistic contents." Font Morning News from Jovem Pan Radio of Bauru: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AuiRhOUN3k✅ May, 23 of 2024 - I can not believe in this terror attack in Slovakia that is still heavily influenced by Communist from Russia/Putin because Slovenia was part of Soviet Union like Ukraine. See why I affirmed that: Bolsonaro probably forgers the terrorist attack to deceive Brazilian people manipulated their emotions and sensibility like a GOOD ACTOR to only get what he wants becoming PRESIDENT OF BRAZIL ONLY THINKS IN HIS EGO, NARCISSISM AND MORE ULTRA HIGH MILLIONAIRE PRESIDENTIAL PENSION THAT HE OBTAINED WHEN HE BECOMES PRESIDENT OF BRAZIL in 2017 UNTIL 2022 OBEY LIKE A NAZI-FASCIST AND YESMAN ALL UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND ILLEGAL ORDERS FROM ONU/WHO THAT DEPLOYED TYRANNY, SOCIAL CONTROL, TOTALITARIANISM, Experimentation, AUTHORITARISM, ALL PLAGUES THAT COMES FROM DICTATORSHIP, HEAVY CENSORSHIP, GENOCIDE, EUGENICS, ENSLAVEMENT, INFANTICIDE, POISONING OF MAJORITY POPULATION BY PLANDEMIC OF HOAX-COVID IN MARCH OF 2020 WHEH BOLSONARO SIGNS THE BILL 13.979... IN 2017 BOLSONARO VISITS CFR THAT WEF/BILDEBERGS TAKEN MADE TWO REUNIONS ONE OPENLY WHEN HE LIES TO BRAZILIAN PEOPLE AND ANOTHER BEHIND CLOSE DOORS IN SECRET WHEN MADE HIGH TREASON SELLS BRAZIL AND ITS POPULATION TO SATANIST DO WHAT THEY WANTS... 🚨 BREAKING: Slovakia’s Populist Prime Minister Robert Fico Has Been Shot, Rushed to Hospital Fico sided with Russia in Ukraine, rejected the WHO pandemic treaty, and ordered an investigation into the COVID-19 response and vaccines. https://vigilantnews.com/post/slovakias-populist-prime-minister-robert-fico-has-been-shot/ Follow @Vigilant_News 23/05/2024 - BolsoPetism is Fake Right Wing + Communist-Nazi-Fascists. Amy good student of Middle School notice. BolsoPetismo é a junção da Direita Canhota com os Comunistas. Qualquer bom aluno de ginásio percebe. — José Marcio Opinião https://youtu.be/CcmCJ0zbwRM 0:4500:29:23
26 May 2024
@againstcensorship:matrix.orgAgainst CensorshipESTAMOS NA TERCEIRA GUERRA MUNDIAL / WE ARE IN WWIII ! 🇺🇸: 23/05/2023 - Vejam para onde Trump traidor jogou os Americanos e os Ocidentais... No Inferno Satanista e num mundo cheio de Lixo ultra toxico que pode escravizar e matar espiritualmente os Cristãos. 23/05/2024 - Superando a inimaginável tentação (Anticristã) da Modernidade - Andrew Torba https://news.gab.com/2024/05/overcoming-the-unimaginable-temptation-of-modernity/ 23/05/2024 - No caso dos Americanos e dos EUA ainda da para fazer isto mas no resto do mundo inclusive no Ocidente com exceção dos EUA é uma tarefa difícil. Vejam para onde o traidor do Trump jogou os povos do Ocidente inteiro... Num inferno e num mundo cheio de lixo toxico que é jogado de propósito para ESCRAVIZAR E MATAR principalmente os Cristãos espiritualmente e a população em geral. Onde o indivíduo já desde de criança é lobotomizada, envenenada, chipada, envenenada, adestrada, doutrinada, domesticado e emburrecida... Ninguém quer ter filhos num mundo DOMINADO E CONTROLADO PELOS SATANISTAS onde seus filhos serão literalmente envenenados e chipados até mentalmente e espiritualmente pelos Satanistas de tudo que é jeito como já esta sendo feito desde 2020. Você precisa ter mais filhos: UM CHAMADO PARA OS CRISTÃOS AGIREM - Andrew Torba https://news.gab.com/2024/05/you-need-to-be-babymaxxing-a-call-to-action-for-christians/01:11:59

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