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22 Dec 2020
@mbulgakov:matrix.org@mbulgakov:matrix.orgnow it's working13:33:35
@mbulgakov:matrix.org@mbulgakov:matrix.orgI suggest to link it to the main repo13:33:44
@moxvallix:matrix.orgMoxvallixits on our readme on the github13:34:43
Download image.png
@mbulgakov:matrix.org@mbulgakov:matrix.orghttps://opensuspect.com/download/ I meant this page, I don't see this here13:36:51
@mbulgakov:matrix.org@mbulgakov:matrix.orgohh, i see what you meant13:37:03
@mbulgakov:matrix.org@mbulgakov:matrix.orgbut I think it would make it more clear13:37:15
In reply to @mbulgakov:matrix.org
https://opensuspect.com/download/ I meant this page, I don't see this here
that page is for when we have releases
@mbulgakov:matrix.org@mbulgakov:matrix.orgI see13:37:39
@moxvallix:matrix.orgMoxvallixcurrently we havent released the game, so that page kinda goes nowhere13:37:53
@mbulgakov:matrix.org@mbulgakov:matrix.orgokay, nvm. I got it working, thanks!13:37:56
@moxvallix:matrix.orgMoxvallixwe also have a contributors wiki13:38:29
@moxvallix:matrix.orgMoxvallix * https://github.com/opensuspect/opensuspect/wiki13:39:04
@mbulgakov:matrix.org@mbulgakov:matrix.orgnot yet :D13:39:30
@moxvallix:matrix.orgMoxvallixthat wiki goes in more detail about git-lfs13:40:09
@mbulgakov:matrix.org@mbulgakov:matrix.orgohh sorry, it didn't load in for the first time for some reason13:40:14
@moxvallix:matrix.orgMoxvallixbut it seems u worked it out13:40:27
@mbulgakov:matrix.org@mbulgakov:matrix.orgyou're right, I should have been reading more carefully13:40:33
@moxvallix:matrix.orgMoxvallixmaybe bolding the git lfs part would be a good idea tho, as many seem to miss it13:41:33
@moxvallix:matrix.orgMoxvallixill look into it13:41:43
@mbulgakov:matrix.org@mbulgakov:matrix.orgohh great! thank you!13:42:04
26 Dec 2020
@justm0j0:matrix.orgjustm0j0 joined the room.10:09:06
@justm0j0:matrix.orgjustm0j0Hello everyone10:10:15
@justm0j0:matrix.orgjustm0j0Whenever I open the project.godot with godot it crashes10:10:57
@justm0j0:matrix.orgjustm0j0Is there a different way to open the project?10:11:11
@devesh_7766:matrix.orgZapzoop0099Have you install git-lfs? Also checkout https://github.com/opensuspect/opensuspect/wiki and go to contibutors in it.11:27:33
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Micro
In reply to @justm0j0:matrix.org
Whenever I open the project.godot with godot it crashes
usually the problem is git-lfs or its absence
27 Dec 2020
@justm0j0:matrix.orgjustm0j0I have git-lfs instaled09:46:39

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