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Replicant is a free and open source operating system based on the Android mobile platform, which aims to replace all proprietary Android components with free software. ••• https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Replicant_(operating_system) ° http://www.replicant.us/ ••• Room is "World Readable" a.k.a. "Logged" in IRC lingo - https://view.matrix.org/alias/%23Replicant:matrix.org ••• Listed: https://matrixstats.org/alias/%23Replicant:matrix.org ••• For sharing: #Replicant:matrix.org ° https://riot.im/app/#/room/#Replicant:matrix.org ° https://matrix.to/#/#Replicant:matrix.org ° [#Replicant:matrix.org](https://matrix.to/#/#Replicant:matrix.org) ••• Keywords/Tags: #Replicant #ReplicantOS #NoAndroid ••••25 Servers

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11 Aug 2020
@miklovelka:matrix.orgmiklovelkaRedacted or Malformed Event19:57:06
@miklovelka:matrix.orgmiklovelkaRedacted or Malformed Event19:57:11
@miklovelka:matrix.orgmiklovelkaRedacted or Malformed Event19:57:18
12 Aug 2020
@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxO banned @schnuffko:matrix.org@schnuffko:matrix.org (Photo-bombing spammer in tech rooms e.g. way off topic.).10:06:51
@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxO banned @miklovelka:matrix.orgmiklovelka (Someone neeeds to get a life outside of trying to burn down their cites and cybercites.).10:23:55
13 Aug 2020
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14 Aug 2020
@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxO banned @m2322yt:nerdsin.space@m2322yt:nerdsin.space (Just another brainlet troll sockpuppet MXID. Meh.).13:31:39
15 Aug 2020
@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxO banned @tyreeseofmyg0t:matrix.org@tyreeseofmyg0t:matrix.org (Vile porn-spam. These children need structure in their lives, such as provided by the walls of a juvenile prison.).06:27:03
@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxO banned @redstaros:matrix.org@redstaros:matrix.org (You wee miscreants really ought to get some hobbies, or go outside once and a while.).12:02:22
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16 Aug 2020
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18 Aug 2020
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17 Aug 2020
@Scubajump:matrix.orgScubajumpI know that this sounds even blasfemorous, but: Is there a way to add the least amount of the original non-free binary drivers from Android to have a better Android then LineageOS? By better I mean more focused on free software and privacy, and less focused on google's latest bells and whistles.00:12:10
@Scubajump:matrix.orgScubajumpI mean for devices that are not supported in Replicant, of course.00:12:42
@Scubajump:matrix.orgScubajump * I mean for devices that are not supported in Replicant, of course.00:12:57
@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxO banned @i38tnfjbivtao1m7y2yo0jmu2nwivti6ly22ielo:matrix.org@i38tnfjbivtao1m7y2yo0jmu2nwivti6ly22ielo:matrix.org (Go toss-salads in #offtopic:matrix.org . Must be slow for the Socialist Rifle Association - John Brown Gun Club activities today, now that they have gone too far in Chicago USA et cetera.).02:35:03
18 Aug 2020
@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxO banned @sheyguy:matrix.org@sheyguy:matrix.org (Financial Scam or perhaps LARPing.).14:42:49
21 Aug 2020
@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxO banned @narutointhematrix:matrix.org@narutointhematrix:matrix.org (Go be a drooling brainlet in some other catalogue of rooms.).03:47:48
@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxO banned @0147investment:matrix.org@0147investment:matrix.org (With just a few keystrokes, it takes me far less time and effort to wipe away your Sockpuppet bullshit that it does for you to create them. Good luck wasting your time and life in keeping it up. LOL!!!!!!!!!).03:57:24
@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxO banned @blackeyess:matrix.org@blackeyess:matrix.org (I'm reminded of The Hangover movie where a character is told he is literally too stupid to insult and he expresses gratitude for the comment. But intentionally or not your behaviour is unwelcome and you do not get it nor take the hint of a room-kick and we have dealt with enough bona fide trolls. Too bad on you. Learn some netiquitte.).13:47:21
29 Aug 2020
@kujawek:matrix.orgkujaw set their display name to kujaw.18:43:07
@kujawek:matrix.orgkujaw changed their display name from kujaw to kujaw (@kujawek:matrix.org).18:45:06
@kujawek:matrix.orgkujaw changed their display name from kujaw (@kujawek:matrix.org) to kujaw.18:50:18
@kujawek:matrix.orgkujaw removed their display name kujaw.18:57:29
@kujawek:matrix.orgkujaw set their display name to kujaw.20:25:45
31 Aug 2020
@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxO banned @dereko:matrix.org@dereko:matrix.org (Time-wasting low-effort basement creature.).08:15:24
@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxO banned @tbjordan:matrix.org@tbjordan:matrix.org (Sockpuppet for @dereko:matrix.org).08:25:50
@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxO banned @owumiderek:matrix.org@owumiderek:matrix.org (Sockpuppet for @dereko:matrix.org).08:58:13
1 Sep 2020
@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxO banned @iqpoint:matrix.org@iqpoint:matrix.org (Just another low-effort unimpressive troll-sockpuppet. Meh.).08:41:09

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