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28 Dec 2017
05:20:49@maoyu:matrix.orgMao毛毛 changed their profile picture.
1 Jan 2018
12:05:55@maoyu:matrix.orgMao毛毛 changed their display name from Mao毛占坑 to Mao毛占坑驴.
23:06:03@maoyu:matrix.orgMao毛毛 changed their display name from Mao毛占坑驴 to Mao驴占坑.
3 Jan 2018
06:40:35@maoyu:matrix.orgMao毛毛 changed their display name from Mao驴占坑 to Mao壮壮.
08:22:37@stefek99:matrix.orgstefek99yani 34c3.gif
yani 34c3.gif
08:24:15@stefek99:matrix.orgstefek9934C3 was absolutely crazy, incredible, revolutionary... So many people, connections, synchronicities - beyond measure. I'm so honoured and privileged to be alive in this moment, cosmic love!
19:42:18@ssh:matrix.orgssh joined the room.
5 Jan 2018
6 Jan 2018
19:45:16@stefek99:matrix.orgstefek99Not much traffic here... I guess Telegram is the place with most action. Only sometimes it is difficult to get your message across through the noise...
8 Jan 2018
00:53:38@ssh:matrix.orgssh It’s time to ditch telegram
9 Jan 2018
18:11:23@anders:andvision.seAnders changed their display name from Anders to Falconski.
18:11:47@anders:andvision.seAnders changed their display name from Falconski to Anders.
11 Jan 2018
08:33:34@maoyu:matrix.orgMao毛毛 changed their display name from Mao壮壮 to Mao路路.
24 Jan 2018
23:39:09@vandres_ae:matrix.org@vandres_ae:matrix.org left the room.
25 Jan 2018
01:01:22@vandres_ae:matrix.org@vandres_ae:matrix.org joined the room.
01:01:35@vandres_ae:matrix.org@vandres_ae:matrix.org left the room.
8 Mar 2018
03:43:39@xiy:matrix.orgxiy joined the room.
23 Jul 2018
16:26:24@maoyu:matrix.orgMao毛毛 changed their display name from Mao路路 to Mao毛毛.
26 Jul 2018
07:49:32@maoyu:matrix.orgMao毛毛 set a profile picture.
28 Jul 2018
06:57:45@siman:matrix.orgAlex Siman changed their display name from Alex Siman to Alex S.
17 Aug 2018
12:51:04@siman:matrix.orgAlex Siman changed their display name from Alex S to Alex EGEON.
12:51:15@siman:matrix.orgAlex Siman set a profile picture.
25 Aug 2018
15:02:52@MemoryLost:matrix.org@MemoryLost:matrix.org left the room.
27 Sep 2018
09:55:57@alexshelpin:matrix.orgalexshelpin set a profile picture.
24 Nov 2018
13:02:35@davidpeyronnin:matrix.orgDavid P removed their profile picture.
13:03:17@davidpeyronnin:matrix.orgDavid P set a profile picture.
13:03:36@davidpeyronnin:matrix.orgDavid P changed their display name from David Peyronnin to David P.
23 Jan 2019
08:58:28@siman:matrix.orgAlex Siman changed their display name from Alex EGEON to Alex Siman.
08:58:36@siman:matrix.orgAlex Siman changed their profile picture.
21:08:47@anders:andvision.seAnders changed their profile picture.

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