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19 Sep 2018
04:31:17@strit:matrix.orgStritAs far as I know, the Bladebook is for educational purposes...
28 Sep 2018
11:40:44@strit:matrix.orgStrit changed their profile picture.
13 Oct 2018
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24 Nov 2018
18:29:41@geekz01:matrix.orggeekz01 joined the room.
18:31:16@geekz01:matrix.orggeekz01 Trying to get WiFi to work I have tried WiFi and WiFi shared and it connects but no internet. Right now I have it on Ethernet. I suppose I can use cli tools to add the WiFi network but is the GUI broken?
18:31:36@geekz01:matrix.orggeekz01I’m using the new PRE 18.01 release
18:38:18@strit:matrix.orgStritWiFi works fine on my KDE. Is the drivers okay?
18:42:41@geekz01:matrix.orggeekz01 Yeah it’s weird it worked on install
18:43:13@geekz01:matrix.orggeekz01and it works with i3 also
18:45:13@geekz01:matrix.orggeekz01So the ssid is hidden and I’m using wpa2. Would you use WiFi or wifi shared?
18:50:08@strit:matrix.orgStritI just use WiFi. Through the applet.
18:59:00@geekz01:matrix.orggeekz01Right but you have to add the network under connection preferences?
19:23:32@strit:matrix.orgStritNo. WiFi shows up when I click the applet.
19:31:40@geekz01:matrix.orggeekz01Even if your ssid is hidden?
19:54:31@strit:matrix.orgStritI never use Hidden SSID's, but if it's hidden, you would have to set it up no matter what you use to connect.
19:55:55@geekz01:matrix.orggeekz01 Hmm yeah still doesn’t work , where is app getting the network info from?
19:56:20@strit:matrix.orgStritProbably wpa_supplicant.
25 Nov 2018
00:30:21@geekz01:matrix.orggeekz01Nope it’s empty
00:30:41@geekz01:matrix.orggeekz01Must be a separate script
00:53:30@geekz01:matrix.orggeekz01Is there a “connect to other” I didn’t see it ?
00:53:49@geekz01:matrix.orggeekz01 Using knetworkmanager
29 Nov 2018
16:10:00@apurvapavaskar:matrix.orgk0d3fr34k https://necunos.com/blog/necuno-solutions-and-kde-collaboration/
3 Dec 2018
14:51:03@geekz01:matrix.orggeekz01 So figured out how to connect a hidden ssid in KDE
14:51:54@geekz01:matrix.orggeekz01It’s under WiFi than create new and use type infrastructure and click check box hidden
11 Dec 2018
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6 Feb 2019
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7 Feb 2019
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