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3 Mar 2020
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5 Mar 2020
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8 Mar 2020
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9 Mar 2020
12:05:27@emak:matrix.orgedwinCan anyone help me with Remina (RDP to Windows 10 from Manjaro)?
12:36:38@emak:matrix.orgedwin Never mind I found #remmina-room:matrix.org
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17:56:29@sthaydn:chat.hallertau.socialst.haydnHi everyone! I think I have destroyed something with design. I have installed a new monitor with a high resolution today and I am not very satisfied with the output on both monitors. Is there a way to set global scale for each monitor? Or font dpi settings? And something has broken kmail. The visuals are totally broken there.
17:57:56@sthaydn:chat.hallertau.socialst.haydnI would need global scale on Monitor 1 with 1.2 and on M2 1.4 or 1.8.
10 Mar 2020
10:12:31@sthaydn:chat.hallertau.socialst.haydnOk...thanks to backup, I have a config now which is ok for me. Overall 1.3 scale and 124 dpi. Maybe I will do some experiments the next days what is the best scale/dpi for me.
10:14:14@sthaydn:chat.hallertau.socialst.haydnFor the kmail problem: It seems kmail breaks when I move the screens in screen-settings around. This is quite stupid, as I can't use the best arrangements. If I use that, kmail is broken again.
16 Mar 2020
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18 Mar 2020
10:46:27@sthaydn:chat.hallertau.socialst.haydnHi again. Another KDE bug, I guess: If I use fixed dpi, the windows borders get very bold (have tried several themes). I have tried settings like "no borders" or "light borders", but that didn't help. I am using global scale with larger font size now and it seems to be the best visuals now.
19 Mar 2020
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20 Mar 2020
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22 Mar 2020
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25 Mar 2020
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26 Mar 2020
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28 Mar 2020
08:10:32@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghost changed the room name to "Manjaro KDE" from "Manjaro-KDE".
29 Mar 2020
22:43:42@triumph.of.death:matrix.orgtriumph.of.death joined the room.
22:46:15@triumph.of.death:matrix.orgtriumph.of.deathhi @all
30 Mar 2020
03:26:15@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghost triumph.of.death: hey welcome
31 Mar 2020
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3 Apr 2020
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