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20 Jul 2021
In reply to @wingedrhino:matrix.org
Strit: got suggestions for a UI? I have a 4 in / 4 out Soundcraft Notepad-12FX. Need to monkey around with what goes out of channels 1 & 2 vs what goes out of channels 3 & 4.
Look for helvum. It's like Katia for pipewire. Also if you want some additional programs that only work with Jack or pulse, there are connectors available
@wilmhit:matrix.orgwilmhit As for wayland/pipewire I have completely different experience. I switched to pipewire about 2 months ago and it's flawless. Everything works as expected. Even better than on pulse. 07:16:51
@wilmhit:matrix.orgwilmhit Wayland on the other hand is on the edge of usability. I tried switching more than once. I finally did about a week ago (KDE 5.22 update). It crashes sometimes but this doesn't bother me. What does tho is application support. 07:20:45
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In reply to @wilmhit:matrix.org
Look for helvum. It's like Katia for pipewire. Also if you want some additional programs that only work with Jack or pulse, there are connectors available
Yes I tried helvium. Not the most intuitive thing. I still don't know how to mix pulse-backed and jack-backed apps
@wingedrhino:matrix.org@wingedrhino:matrix.orgI haven't had Wayland troubling me because I haven't gotten to the really crazy shit there yet. I've been happy SSH-ing between devices and running scripts all over the place. Wouldn't start to see faults with Wayland until I need to handle remote sessions and do shit like running Wayland and KDE on a different machine from where the applications run. Don't think I'll have that sort of free time until Christmas lol12:10:48
@wingedrhino:matrix.org@wingedrhino:matrix.orgI want the equivalent of a Cadence or a QJackCtl for PipeWire.12:13:06
@wingedrhino:matrix.org@wingedrhino:matrix.orgI'd like to be able to handle multiple sound interfaces at the same time.12:13:17
@wingedrhino:matrix.org@wingedrhino:matrix.org With audio my workflow is a lot more complex. I'd like to launch a virtual synth which listens to my MIDI, send the output of that synth to the built-in Intel HDA audio codec, connect an aux cable from the laptop to my Zoom G1Xon multi-effects pedal, add a few effects, and then route it back to the computer but this time through the external 4in/4out sound card. 12:15:44
@roister:matrix.orgroister I just popped AVL MXE on another partition yesterday and am really liking it so far. I realize I'm on the Manjaro KDE board. Just thought I'd mention it, since the subject was Audio. AVL MXE is the new AV Linux based on MX Linux. It's set up pretty nice. I already like it better than the Kubuntu Studio I cobbled together myself, although I would rather have the KDE Plasma Desktop over XFCE! It runs really nice on a Live USB too, and it's super easy to ReMaster. 16:35:25
21 Jul 2021
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@tuxling:matrix.orgtuxlingQuestions about mozilla firefox: 1) In reader mode I could choose to play text as audio. (I did it once.) Now I can't. How can I get the feature. Maybe with something else than firefox 2) How can I easily share websites with KDEconnect? I think I saw a share button once, but not anymore. I probably will use Firefox sync again. But I would like to have something else.10:40:03
@ivanrancic:matrix.orgivanrancicIs Ornara 21.08 coming soon?21:48:39
22 Jul 2021
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@strit:matrix.orgStritI think the next one is going to be 21.1 Pahvo, since they already dia few RC's of it.08:11:33
@ivanrancic:matrix.orgivanrancicOk, thanks16:02:44
@tuxling:matrix.orgtuxlingAnyone knows how to write unicode? I know a few years ago, you could use CTRL+Shift+U and then the number. At least on Ubuntu.17:41:23
@wingedrhino:matrix.org@wingedrhino:matrix.orgHow do I restart a misbehaving Wayland KDE from a TTY?18:38:21
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23 Jul 2021
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24 Jul 2021
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25 Jul 2021
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26 Jul 2021
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27 Jul 2021
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