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26 Aug 2019
09:07:06@Ruff_Wizard:matrix.orgRuff Wizardphones, windows, everything works how i described it. nobody expects bluetooth to keep turning itself back on
09:07:08@Ruff_Wizard:matrix.orgRuff Wizardthat's a pain in the arse
09:08:11@strit:matrix.orgStritPlease test how it works on big distro's like Ubuntu. If it works the same way there, then file a "bug"/suggestion to the Bluez project. If it works like you want it there, you could make a suggestion on the Manjaro forum to do it the same way here.
09:08:49@Ruff_Wizard:matrix.orgRuff Wizardi can try
09:08:56@Ruff_Wizard:matrix.orgRuff Wizardi can ask my brother, who uses ubuntu
09:09:31@strit:matrix.orgStritKubuntu would probably be the best comparison, since that is also KDE.
09:09:46@strit:matrix.orgStritGnome might handle it in a different way entirely.'
09:11:03@Ruff_Wizard:matrix.orgRuff Wizardwhen i have the time, i'll have a go at making a livecd
09:11:41@strit:matrix.orgStritRemember, you can't test it in a live session, since everything is reset on reboot there. 😛 Has to be an installed system.
09:12:15@Ruff_Wizard:matrix.orgRuff Wizardthen i can't
09:12:24@Ruff_Wizard:matrix.orgRuff Wizardit's too much effort to do that
09:12:42@Ruff_Wizard:matrix.orgRuff Wizardi'll just have to keep the bluetooth service turned off and forget about it and hope that somebody else files the bug
09:13:32@strit:matrix.orgStritSeems it functions the same way in Arch Linux. So it's not manjaro specific.
09:14:02@Ruff_Wizard:matrix.orgRuff Wizarddang
09:14:25@strit:matrix.orgStritIt's just how Bluetooth is made to function in Linux, I guess.
09:14:33@Ruff_Wizard:matrix.orgRuff Wizardthat sucks
09:16:00@Ruff_Wizard:matrix.orgRuff Wizardthen how come android doesn't work like that?
09:18:13@strit:matrix.orgStritBecause Android is not linux. Android does not use SystemD or Bluez. They even use a heavily modified linux kernel.
09:25:43@Ruff_Wizard:matrix.orgRuff Wizardi think linux should learn from them to improve the user experience
09:33:41@strit:matrix.orgStritI agree. Would be great. 🙂
29 Aug 2019
08:27:50@reporteric:matrix.orgreporteric joined the room.
08:28:03@reporteric:matrix.orgreportericGuten Tag!
08:28:55@reporteric:matrix.orgreportericI came from Antergos this April. Don't regret it. Regret choosing kde tho. It's starting up real slow. Miss my lightdm and xfce.
08:29:20@reporteric:matrix.orgreportericanyone else have those troubles on bumblebee, mayhaps?
08:30:56@strit:matrix.orgStritI run KDE, but I don't use Bumblebee.
12:22:49@zero-ghost:matrix.orgzero-ghostno bumblebee sorry
31 Aug 2019
14:47:32@derekagraham78:matrix.orgDerek Graham changed their display name from derekagraham78 to Derek Graham.
20:55:04@derekagraham78:matrix.orgDerek Graham changed their profile picture.
5 Sep 2019
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15 Sep 2019
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