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1 Sep 2019
09:23:13@telegram_5750844:tchncs.deAkshay (Telegram)
In reply to Siddharth Shekhar (Telegram)
I am confused as which project will be good as an intermediate python Developer
That project which you personally are interested in will be good
10:37:19@telegram_5750844:tchncs.deAkshay (Telegram)Is mobile included in this?
10:37:32@telegram_5750844:tchncs.deAkshay (Telegram)Where's UC browser and all?
10:37:34@telegram_54487899:tchncs.depavi de ☁️ (Telegram)Not sure, was asking if it is?
10:38:23@telegram_54487899:tchncs.depavi de ☁️ (Telegram)Ohh its just desktop, but maybe mobile browsers like chrome attracted the desktop users also to chrome? Or is it far fetched?
10:38:45@telegram_5750844:tchncs.deAkshay (Telegram)
In reply to pavi de ☁️ (Telegram)
Ohh its just desktop, but maybe mobile browsers like chrome attracted the desktop users also to chrome? Or is it far fetched?
Chrome is a lot of things
10:38:58@telegram_54487899:tchncs.depavi de ☁️ (Telegram)Chrome became the cool kid and firefox became too old fashioned ( I guess )
10:42:24@telegram_5750844:tchncs.deAkshay (Telegram)I guess there are still such sick stuff happening
2 Sep 2019
06:24:34@telegram_270062405:tchncs.dechampionshuttler (Telegram) https://codetribute.mozilla.org/languages/python or https://github.com/mozilla?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=&type=&language=python
10:59:36@telegram_605425584:tchncs.detarun (Telegram) joined the room.
13:11:41@telegram_79227388:tchncs.deakshay Sonavane (Telegram) joined the room.
13:11:28@telegram_79227388:tchncs.deakshay Sonavane (Telegram)image.jpg
13:24:40@telegram_644785912:tchncs.deVishal (Telegram)
In reply to akshay Sonavane (Telegram)
It's nice! However, you cannot use two mozilla logos in one plane
4 Sep 2019
05:08:24@telegram_42006895:tchncs.deRanjith Raj (Telegram) In India, we've been doing good work with WebXR events, IoT and Rust. Contribution sprints for Firefox has somehow turned to low focus. We need a strong team to dedicatedly work on growth of Firefox in India, https://t.me/firefoxindia
05:04:41@telegram_42006895:tchncs.deRanjith Raj (Telegram)This is very painful to see. Firefox defeated dark practices of IE. The fight with Chrome is tougher. It's good that Mozilla is focusing to grow beyond Firefox with Rust, OpenWebXR, WebThings, OpenVoice and other projects, but it's also important to have a dedicated community promoting Firefox and recruiting more contributors.
05:52:21@telegram_553954733:tchncs.de🔥_🔥 (Telegram)I have a silly, nooby question … Why isn't Firefox lite available worldwide 😅
05:52:34@telegram_553954733:tchncs.de🔥_🔥 (Telegram) changed their display name from 🔥_🔥 ¡\/ (Telegram) to 🔥_🔥 (Telegram).
05:52:45@telegram_5750844:tchncs.deAkshay (Telegram)
In reply to 🔥_🔥 (Telegram)
I have a silly, nooby question …

Why isn't Firefox lite available worldwide 😅
Language support increases size of the download
05:52:59@telegram_5750844:tchncs.deAkshay (Telegram)Also, translations required
05:53:43@telegram_5750844:tchncs.deAkshay (Telegram)But is it really not available worldwide?
05:55:04@telegram_5750844:tchncs.deAkshay (Telegram) Ah yes. Only available in South Asia https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/get-started-firefox-lite
05:56:16@telegram_5750844:tchncs.deAkshay (Telegram)Remember why Firefox lite was made. Because browsers like UC browser were hugely popular and destroying user privacy. The problem doesn't exist in other parts of the world perhaps. You want people to use Firefox, not Firefox lite
05:58:23@telegram_5750844:tchncs.deAkshay (Telegram) https://www.prnewswire.com/in/news-releases/mozilla-announces-firefox-lite-rebranding-and-new-partnerships-to-boost-ecosystem-across-asia-699619561.html
11:20:42@telegram_987440357:tchncs.detelegram_987440357 joined the room.
15:13:18@sidntrivedi012:matrix.org@sidntrivedi012:matrix.org left the room.
15:49:23@telegram_553954733:tchncs.de🔥_🔥 (Telegram)Libra uses RUST, have a look at my old pc
15:49:50@telegram_553954733:tchncs.de🔥_🔥 (Telegram)image.jpg
5 Sep 2019
04:44:06@telegram_7351948:tchncs.deshriMADhav UK (Telegram) changed their display name from <!--ശ്രിമാധവ്‌ ] യു [ കെ/> | 📅 (Telegram) to <!--ShriM ] ADhav U [ K--> | 📅 (Telegram).
09:11:04@telegram_42006895:tchncs.deRanjith Raj (Telegram)image.jpg
18:49:34@telegram_166520178:tchncs.deShina (Telegram) https://discourse.mozilla.org/t/nomination-for-mozillian-of-the-month-august-starts-until-9-8/44312

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