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6 Sep 2019
04:08:45@telegram_42006895:tchncs.deRanjith Raj (Telegram) https://t.me/firefoxindia/142
04:51:08@telegram_38414738:tchncs.desyam (Telegram) Use pad.mozilla.org instead.
04:57:02@telegram_38414738:tchncs.desyam (Telegram)Yup
08:20:21@telegram_644785912:tchncs.deVishal (Telegram) Hello everyone 👋
Please have a look at our recent event, we're overwhelmed with the response!
7 Sep 2019
06:34:03@telegram_339047211:tchncs.deprinzpiuz (Telegram) changed their profile picture.
08:49:09@telegram_339047211:tchncs.deprinzpiuz (Telegram) changed their profile picture.
15:25:12@telegram_697047274:tchncs.deSanjna (Telegram) https://mastodon.social/@MozPunjab/102751916283956781
15:25:52@telegram_697047274:tchncs.deSanjna (Telegram) changed their profile picture.
18:26:46@telegram_963670793:tchncs.deGunjan (Telegram) joined the room.
18:24:25@telegram_963670793:tchncs.deGunjan (Telegram)Hello guys !!!
8 Sep 2019
04:15:58@telegram_7351948:tchncs.de<!--Shri M]AD hav U[K--> | 📅 (Telegram) changed their profile picture.
04:42:09@telegram_5750844:tchncs.deAkshay (Telegram) There is a mailing list. Checkout https://wiki.mozilla.org/Diversity_and_Inclusion_for_Communities_and_Contributors
04:41:25@telegram_5750844:tchncs.deAkshay (Telegram)Well. I didn't think many people would be interested. There's generally not many discussions about diversity and inclusion in this group.
06:19:57@telegram_7351948:tchncs.de<!--Shri M]AD hav U[K--> | 📅 (Telegram) changed their display name from <!--ShriM ] ADhav U [ K--> | 📅 (Telegram) to <!--Shri M]AD hav U[K--> | 📅 (Telegram).
06:21:06@telegram_7351948:tchncs.de<!--Shri M]AD hav U[K--> | 📅 (Telegram) changed their profile picture.
11 Sep 2019
03:43:50@telegram_7351948:tchncs.de<!--Shri M]AD hav U[K--> | 📅 (Telegram) changed their profile picture.
12 Sep 2019
12:44:15@telegram_55550405:tchncs.deSayak Sarkar (Telegram) joined the room.
12:42:58@telegram_55550405:tchncs.deSayak Sarkar (Telegram) Hello everyone!
Facebook Developer Circle, Pune community is here to organise an introductory workshop on React and React 360-a framework for the creation of 3D and VR user interfacess.

A wonderful opportunity for people who want to get started with it or those who want to brush up their skills and what more?!

Build a software using React 360 and participate in the Facebook Developer Circles Community Challenge and get a chance to win amazing cash prizes, regionally and globally. ( For more details:

Grab the opportunity to get started with this technology which is being used to build Photo and video viewers, 360 tours, classic adventure games, 3D board games
and what not!

Register for free at : builddaypune2019.splashthat.com

Please note you need to bring your own system and internet connection.

Date - 15th September 2019

Venue - Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research (SICSR), Atur Centre, Gokhale Cross Road, Model Colony, Pune - 411016

Time - 10:30 onwards

For any queries, contact : +917709763882
13 Sep 2019
02:10:50@telegram_519513694:tchncs.deAbel (Telegram) changed their profile picture.
05:08:13@telegram_399195869:tchncs.deDunken Master (Telegram).com add mozIndia
14 Sep 2019
04:00:32@telegram_7351948:tchncs.de<!--Shri M]AD hav U[K--> | 📅 (Telegram) changed their profile picture.
15 Sep 2019
07:17:26@telegram_173307602:tchncs.de/bin/su (Telegram) changed their profile picture.
12:54:40@telegram_496626017:tchncs.dePiyush Aggarwal (Telegram) changed their display name from brute4s99 | piyush (Telegram) to Piyush Aggarwal (Telegram).
16 Sep 2019
14:34:18@telegram_42006895:tchncs.deRanjith Raj (Telegram) #PrivacyMatters, switch to privacy-respecting GNU/Linux Operating System.
15:09:16@telegram_42006895:tchncs.deRanjith Raj (Telegram)Ubuntu with GNOME.
15:10:26@telegram_42006895:tchncs.deRanjith Raj (Telegram)Yes. Can't trust canonical.
15:09:47@telegram_54487899:tchncs.depavi de ☁️ (Telegram)Debian would have been a better alternative.
18:03:25@telegram_196703630:tchncs.deSanjay M (Telegram)If we are using Ubuntu, aren't we using canonical-built tools including front end ?
18:03:59@telegram_196703630:tchncs.deSanjay M (Telegram) changed their profile picture.
17 Sep 2019
17:57:05@gautamojha:matrix.orgOJ joined the room.

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