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9 Dec 2018
12:41:19@telegram_496626017:tchncs.debrute4s99 (Telegram) changed their profile picture.
10 Dec 2018
11:31:00@telegram_496626017:tchncs.debrute4s99 (Telegram) changed their display name from Piyush Aggarwal (Telegram) to brute4s99 (Telegram).
11 Dec 2018
11:11:26@telegram_198272232:tchncs.deBhuvana Meenakshi (Telegram) changed their profile picture.
11:11:29@telegram_198272232:tchncs.deBhuvana Meenakshi (Telegram)Hi @ninad458 please introduce yourself here and tell about your interests and works
11:12:01@telegram_507356826:tchncs.deNinad (Telegram) joined the room.
11:12:02@telegram_507356826:tchncs.deNinad (Telegram)Hello everyone.. I'm an android developer by profession
11:12:18@telegram_507356826:tchncs.deNinad (Telegram)I want to increase my Open source footprint
11:12:57@telegram_507356826:tchncs.deNinad (Telegram)I hear that the mentorship program in Mozilla is quite good
11:13:42@telegram_507356826:tchncs.deNinad (Telegram)Some good first issues would be nice to build the momentum
11:27:18@telegram_61871383:tchncs.deSubhrajyoti (Telegram)Hi @ninad458, are you familiar with Kotlin?
11:27:30@telegram_507356826:tchncs.deNinad (Telegram)Yes
11:29:08@telegram_61871383:tchncs.deSubhrajyoti (Telegram)Perfect
11:30:15@telegram_61871383:tchncs.deSubhrajyoti (Telegram)Here are some Android projects Mozilla is working on right now. http://github.com/mozilla-mobile/focus-android/ http://github.com/mozilla-mobile/android-components/ http://github.com/mozilla-mobile/reference-browser/
11:30:45@telegram_58166822:tchncs.deViswaprasath (Telegram)@SubhrajyotiSen any get starter tools..
11:31:56@telegram_58166822:tchncs.deViswaprasath (Telegram)Meaning I wanted to learn Android so I can contribute to browser components..
11:32:35@telegram_61871383:tchncs.deSubhrajyoti (Telegram)Need to make a 'Get started' tool for Android contributions. I don't think there are any right now
11:32:57@telegram_61871383:tchncs.deSubhrajyoti (Telegram)Will try to do it soon
11:37:48@telegram_61871383:tchncs.deSubhrajyoti (Telegram)Are there any existing Android contributors in this group?
12:21:39@telegram_198272232:tchncs.deBhuvana Meenakshi (Telegram) Reply to Subhrajyoti (Telegram):
Are there any existing Android contributors in this group?

I am not a contributor but I know to work

16:27:23@telegram_445574760:tchncs.deKurian Benoy (Telegram) changed their display name from Kurian (Telegram) to Kurian Benoy (Telegram).
16:27:26@telegram_445574760:tchncs.deKurian Benoy (Telegram) changed their profile picture.
16:27:28@telegram_445574760:tchncs.deKurian Benoy (Telegram) changed their profile picture.
12 Dec 2018
04:42:55@telegram_738982733:tchncs.deSukhdeep (Telegram) joined the room.
04:42:56@telegram_738982733:tchncs.deSukhdeep (Telegram)Hi everyone! I'm a student and I work part time as a web developer. Would like to start contributing to open source community. As I'm from Pune, I'm looking forward to join Pune Mozilla community also.
04:46:14@telegram_414706977:tchncs.deAditya Anand (Telegram)Welcome to the Mozilla community Sukhdeep. With time you will get to learn a lot here. What are the things you interested in working in?
04:55:19@telegram_738982733:tchncs.deSukhdeep (Telegram)Any issues that I can contribute to as a first timer
13:09:56@telegram_495407845:tchncs.deMukesh Pathak (Telegram)Top 20 Promising Virtual Reality Solution Providers 2018 https://www.indianachieversstory.com/vinith/
13:11:55@telegram_5750844:tchncs.deAkshay (Telegram) Reply to Mukesh Pathak (Telegram):
Top 20 Promising Virtual Reality Solution Providers 2018


can you give some context?

14:05:16@telegram_42006895:tchncs.deRanjith Raj (Telegram) changed their display name from Ranjith Raj #ResistAadhaar (Telegram) to Ranjith Raj (Telegram).
14:05:23@telegram_42006895:tchncs.deRanjith Raj (Telegram) changed their profile picture.

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