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30 Jun 2020
@wandelstock:nltrix.netWandelStock 🇪🇺At the hoge Veluwe10:55:06
@wandelstock:nltrix.netWandelStock 🇪🇺IMG_20200630_125435928_HDR.jpg
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@wandelstock:nltrix.netWandelStock 🇪🇺Gotcha14:29:57
@wandelstock:nltrix.netWandelStock 🇪🇺IMG_20200630_162909031.jpg
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@sexybiggetje:nltrix.netsexybiggetje 🐖https://youtu.be/Zb4ZhMa1Tus Dutch forestry tour livestream in a local forest. Starting in 30 seconds17:31:35
@detlev:converser.eudetlev 21:28:28
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1 Jul 2020
@ringo:matrix.allmende.ioringo 23:48:30
2 Jul 2020
@trilobite17:matrix.orgtrilobite17Jens Juul from Digital, the Go player?02:38:31
@kingpin_reborn:matrix.orgkingpin_reborn joined the room.04:09:42
@kingpin_reborn:matrix.orgkingpin_rebornis it safe outside yet04:21:51
@sanitea:nltrix.netSaniTea ☕As long as you keep some distance and wash your hands. We go to places that aren't crowded, and at times when others have other things to do07:35:27
@restioson:breadpirates.chatrestiosondepends where you are & what country too07:36:26
@restioson:breadpirates.chatrestiosonif you live in a place where not many wear masks honestly i wouldnt be risking it 07:36:44
@sanitea:nltrix.netSaniTea ☕Shopping sprees are out of the question for us. You can mostly find us in remote forests or heaths07:39:20
@sexybiggetje:nltrix.netsexybiggetje 🐖Wear a proper mask then, most masks have such a high fiber density that the virus still passes trough. We aren't allowed to wear medical grade masks, so it really doesn't work here07:49:41
@leth:matrix.orglethGenerally speaking keeping distance and personal hygiene is important.07:56:09
@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunomesoru seems to be doing lengthy cyclings or hiking about once a week, where there aren't really many people07:58:08
@leth:matrix.orglethI usually go out hiking in the nearby area. I get out for smaller walks 2-3 times a week. But tend to try being out a bit longer around once every second week. But around here the hiking routs have been flooded with people lately. I have to avoid the weekend or go further away from town.08:53:43
@sexybiggetje:nltrix.netsexybiggetje 🐖We have a lot of cycling roads here that are empty, it takes 20 minutes to cycle to the forests of Beetsterzwaag, but on Sundays those are crowded. Other days it's fine08:56:59
3 Jul 2020
@wandelstock:nltrix.netWandelStock 🇪🇺IMG_20200703_123619484.jpg
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@wandelstock:nltrix.netWandelStock 🇪🇺Worm eats worm (blindsnake)10:37:16
@wandelstock:nltrix.netWandelStock 🇪🇺Anguis fragilis10:46:51
@sanitea:nltrix.netSaniTea ☕IMG_20200703_132548065.jpg
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@sanitea:nltrix.netSaniTea ☕ Isopod greetingsexybiggetje 🐖 11:29:48
@sexybiggetje:nltrix.netsexybiggetje 🐖Yay11:30:40
@sexybiggetje:nltrix.netsexybiggetje 🐖Hi!11:30:43
4 Jul 2020
@wandelstock:nltrix.netWandelStock 🇪🇺 changed their display name from WandelStock 🏡 to WandelStock 🇫🇷.09:26:32
@wandelstock:nltrix.netWandelStock 🇪🇺 changed their display name from WandelStock 🇫🇷 to WandelStock 🇪🇺.09:27:00
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