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4 Sep 2019
16:18:04@lockhead:matrix.orglockhead yeah preternatural
16:18:29@lockhead:matrix.orglockhead Ruff Wizard: not really, it's similar to putting on jeans
21:14:36@lexi:disroot.orgLyliaWisteriajammock (jeans hammock)
21:16:04@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural must have
21:16:21@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural i'd need a floor mat
21:16:38@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural i don't like stepping in the dirt before getting in the bag
21:16:45@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural i'm a real rugged mountain man
21:16:53@lockhead:matrix.orglockheadfair enough, that's a good point
21:17:40@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural i consider both power and water hookups to be glamping so i have to have some standards
21:30:12@lexi:disroot.orgLyliaWisteriawell, they are
15 Sep 2019
06:08:54@lexi:disroot.orgLyliaWisteria changed their profile picture.
06:09:17@lexi:disroot.orgLyliaWisteria changed their profile picture.
06:09:26@lexi:disroot.orgLyliaWisteria changed their profile picture.
06:10:01@lexi:disroot.orgLyliaWisteria changed their profile picture.
06:10:40@lexi:disroot.orgLyliaWisteria changed their profile picture.
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06:11:48@lexi:disroot.orgLyliaWisteria changed their profile picture.
22 Sep 2019
21:38:19@jwhvkvthdi:matrix.orgjwhvkvthdiWho doesn't like the great outdoors?! *clenches walking stick* Oh ho-ho-ho!
28 Sep 2019
20:35:18@d3lt0n:matrix.orgd3lt0n joined the room.
29 Sep 2019
07:14:09@d3lt0n:matrix.orgd3lt0n set a profile picture.
30 Sep 2019
02:41:06@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural i'm thinking of joining the Sierra Club
02:41:14@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural they've been outspoken against the wall
02:41:27@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural but my local one seems to have a lot of rich liberals
02:41:36@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural but i need to get out and get some exercise
23:34:09@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural my goal is to hike every local trail and make sure it's super accuratre on openstreetmaps
23:34:28@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural i'll go to a thing but i hope i'm not the only non-elderly person
23:35:05@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural i hope i don't sound ageist but i'm trying to meet peers of my own age range
3 Oct 2019
13:23:28@Ruff_Wizard:matrix.orgRuff Wizard
In reply to @preternatural:chat.weho.st
but my local one seems to have a lot of rich liberals
maybe you could encourage them to donate to useful projects
13 Oct 2019
09:06:15@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot changed their display name from Half-Shot to Half-Shot ✈️.
19:06:02@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot changed their display name from Half-Shot ✈️ to Half-Shot.

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