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18 Mar 2019
02:34:03@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural it does not deal with salt or taste
02:34:12@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural *duckduckgo says no
02:35:58@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural https://www.offgridweb.com/preparation/rhett-link-drink-urine-through-lifestraw/
02:36:15@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural i'm too old to know available emoji enough to try
02:37:05@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural it also has to be primed before a trip
02:37:19@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural you need to moisten it wirth clean water and close the ends
02:37:30@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural and blow it out after every use
02:37:39@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural and dry it when you're back him
02:37:40@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural home
17:15:16@mr_bubbles:matrix.orgFluffy Bubblesanyone else here into scuba diving?
18:05:41@lexi:disroot.orgLyliaWisteriai have a couple of friends who have done it. one of them has some pretty cool pictures of a place in the ocean, i think, where there's a layer of hydrogen sulfide and the underwater landscape above it looks like an ancient forest.
19:33:48@mr_bubbles:matrix.orgFluffy Bubblesyes!!! I love diving through those underwater clouds, haha
19:58:53@katnippr:matrix.orgkatnippr joined the room.
19 Mar 2019
04:25:14@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural Mr. Bubbles: i want to
04:25:37@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural i did a marine bio internship for 1.5 years but i didn't have scuba so i wasn't in the in-group with the managers
04:25:48@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural it was mostly harvesting kelp for our fish
04:26:52@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural the boat people as we called them got all the good jobs, but i was steady in the native plant nusery so it wasn't so bad
04:27:28@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural the manager was a hard core feminist and i'd always play pacifica radio when working to be a brown noser
04:28:22@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural she was like "oh, are you listening to kpfk, i love them!" yeah i know, i saw the poster in your office
04:28:56@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural (i also liked them on my own but most of my coworkers wouldn't be down with the noon world music show)
16:33:01@mr_bubbles:matrix.orgFluffy BubblesYou want to? The go out there and get TO IT!
16:34:34@mr_bubbles:matrix.orgFluffy BubblesGive me your city, I can give you 4~5 dive shops in your region (barring some wierd-ass lame areas) that either I or friends can vouch for. One neat thing is that many shops offer a single-day introductory course (no gear needed) to experience the sport safely in a relaxed pool environment, before investing fully in certification
20 Mar 2019
04:09:37@mr_bubbles:matrix.orgFluffy Bubbles changed their display name from Mr. Bubbles to Fluffy Bubbles.
20:55:49@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural i know
20:56:15@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural it's not like hard
20:56:18@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural i guess you can rent gear for the day?
20:56:52@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural i wonder what the rules are, i wanna go under the pier and see all the garbage and ruins of when it burned down decades ago
20:56:59@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural it's getting gentrified now
21 Mar 2019
12:52:20@mr_bubbles:matrix.orgFluffy Bubbles Gear rental rules are simple: You either must be Open-Water Diver certified (or greater), or renting gear for your Open Water checkout (think: fun exam) dives.
12:53:59@mr_bubbles:matrix.orgFluffy BubblesIf you're new, or a student, renting gear on your own just isn't gonna happen as a matter of policy. Once you're certified, a full day's rental (all equipment, full cylinder, weighting, computers, regulator, BCD, other bits and bobs) will be around $30~85 UDS/day [dependng on region]

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