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18 Sep 2020
@wandelstock:nltrix.netWandelStock 🇪🇺IMG_20200918_122438631.jpg
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@sanitea:nltrix.netSaniTea ☕Very windy, so cycling is pretty difficult10:29:02
@wandelstock:nltrix.netWandelStock 🇪🇺IMG_20200918_124949438.jpg
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@jonathan:selea.sejonathanNice Weather!15:11:06
@wandelstock:nltrix.netWandelStock 🇪🇺Yeah, sun sunny sunshine15:45:46
@wandelstock:nltrix.netWandelStock 🇪🇺IMG_20200918_192048159.jpg
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@wandelstock:nltrix.netWandelStock 🇪🇺Hmmm, sunset at see on Tatooine....2 suns....or was it my beers17:22:48
@sanitea:nltrix.netSaniTea ☕Nerrrrd 🙂17:25:45
@wandelstock:nltrix.netWandelStock 🇪🇺IMG_20200918_192617032.jpg
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Hmmm, sunset at see on Tatooine....2 suns....or was it my beers
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Biking towards the sea
Wow, where is this?
@restioson:breadpirates.chatrestioson(Biome type)17:30:10
@wandelstock:nltrix.netWandelStock 🇪🇺Castricum aan Zee (Netherlands)17:30:40
@sanitea:nltrix.netSaniTea ☕It is a sea dune landscape17:33:52
@wandelstock:nltrix.netWandelStock 🇪🇺IMG_20200918_123727063.jpg
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@wandelstock:nltrix.netWandelStock 🇪🇺Also water retention basins17:35:32
@restioson:breadpirates.chatrestiosonAh, ok17:44:33
19 Sep 2020
@sanitea:nltrix.netSaniTea ☕We have a few of these in the Netherlands. Water is pumped from rivers or the IJsselmeer, it is filtered in the sand dunes, and then used as drinking water for the bigger cities near those dunes, like Amsterdam, Haarlem and Den Haag21:15:03
@wandelstock:nltrix.netWandelStock 🇪🇺De kwal, its a water inlet from the ijsselmeer and transported 52 km to the dunes to get filtered. Imagine that21:21:30
@wandelstock:nltrix.netWandelStock 🇪🇺upload_-1..jpg
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@wandelstock:nltrix.netWandelStock 🇪🇺Kwal is dutch for jellyfish21:22:19
@wandelstock:nltrix.netWandelStock 🇪🇺* Kwal is dutch for jellyfish21:29:41
21 Sep 2020
@aarohi1:matrix.orgaarohi1 joined the room.07:25:56
@leth:matrix.orglethWater can flow very long underwater, the longer it flows the cleaner it gets.07:55:41
@pertinentfrost:matrix.orgpertinentfrost joined the room.15:37:55
@pertinentfrost:matrix.orgpertinentfrostI joined here, first group chat since using Element. I mainly use discord. 15:57:44
@pertinentfrost:matrix.orgpertinentfrostI do love camping and nature, though!15:57:55
@wandelstock:matrix.orgWandelStock (Matrix.org)
In reply to @pertinentfrost:matrix.org
I do love camping and nature, though!
Then you are in the right place!

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