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13 Nov 2019
20:09:06@_discord_150709958315474944:t2bot.iomerK actually now the weird repo is gone :D
20:09:42@_discord_218479736597381120:t2bot.iokrisss00015 | Linux https://discordapp.com/channels/366985425371398146/366987951734784012/644261202788220929
20:15:35@_discord_150709958315474944:t2bot.iomerK nvm, is just does not show in "Build results", on the repository tab there still is one called "openSUSE_Factory_Staging_adi_54_standard". That is not one I expect in a home repo
20:15:54@_discord_218479736597381120:t2bot.iokrisss00015 | Linux merK Should I delete it?
20:21:40@_discord_150709958315474944:t2bot.iomerK yes
22:15:32@_discord_331665409587675137:t2bot.iopilo changed their display name from pilo to pilo#2436.
22:16:04@_discord_331665409587675137:t2bot.iopilo changed their display name from pilo#2436 to pilo.
22:56:54@_discord_342805918758600715:t2bot.ioCubicleNate What am I doing wrong?
23:04:55@_discord_98466323452948480:t2bot.ioLCP when creating a partition, you get an option of data partition, isv etc
23:05:15@_discord_98466323452948480:t2bot.ioLCP there is a boot option as well there
23:05:51@_discord_98466323452948480:t2bot.ioLCP you should choose that instead of customizing your partition
23:07:00@_discord_342805918758600715:t2bot.ioCubicleNate I did use the boot option. I can delete and do it again.
23:07:05@_discord_98466323452948480:t2bot.ioLCP please do
23:08:27@_discord_342805918758600715:t2bot.ioCubicleNate Okay, this time I let it do the EFI (tho I would prefer BIOS, and it gives me the same error
23:08:35@_discord_342805918758600715:t2bot.ioCubicleNate I am actually going to ignore it and see what happens.
23:09:14@_discord_342805918758600715:t2bot.ioCubicleNate Hmmm... It doesn't like my RAID 10 config
23:09:15@_discord_342805918758600715:t2bot.ioCubicleNate It would seem
23:10:30@_discord_342805918758600715:t2bot.ioCubicleNate I'm going to the forums
23:11:18@_discord_342805918758600715:t2bot.ioCubicleNate https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/537378-MdContainer-device-error-during-installation-on-Dell-laptop
23:11:31@_discord_342805918758600715:t2bot.ioCubicleNate I'm going to use that and see if that is the issue.
23:17:12@_discord_342805918758600715:t2bot.ioCubicleNate It was at for handling the drives I changed it to AHCI
23:17:13@_discord_342805918758600715:t2bot.ioCubicleNate Not sure if that was the reason or not
23:18:50@_discord_425340660627800084:t2bot.ioKnurpht CubicleNate Is this on a UEFI system? Wouldn't that need /boot/efi as the mountpoint?
23:19:06@_discord_342805918758600715:t2bot.ioCubicleNate I went with both /boot/efi and just /boot for efi and BIOS, it can do both. I am going to try to go with the EFI for it. I am trying again tho.
23:19:26@_discord_342805918758600715:t2bot.ioCubicleNate I have had systems to that to be more where the installer says there is a problem at the partition module but installs fine.
23:20:52@_discord_342805918758600715:t2bot.ioCubicleNate I am using 6 SATA ports on the mother board for a 6 drive RAID 10 setup with BTRFS and have an external card for the boot device but if this doesn't work, I'm going to swap it around and have it boot off a drive from the motherboard and have the arrray of drives on the SATA card
23:35:07@_discord_342805918758600715:t2bot.ioCubicleNate The issue persists with it not recognizing /boot/efi as the boot partition and the "cannot delete MdContainer" error persists.
23:35:18@_discord_342805918758600715:t2bot.ioCubicleNate I am going to move some things around and see how it goes.

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