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Welcome to Spite. We are a security and privacy-focused community dedicated to providing accurate information on how to protect your digital life based on scientific research and logical arguments. We are interested in the research, discussion, and education of privacy and security, as well as its impact on everyday life. In the interest of privacy, Spite is configured to be fully ephemeral and all chat content is erased every month; however, do not expect this to be fool-proof, as any member of this chat is able to log messages themselves. Anyone is welcome, but we expect you to be aware of and abide by the following rules: 1) Don't be fallacious or bigoted If anyone is engaging in a conversation with you whilst disagreeing with whichever viewpoint, surmise or opinion you happen to have, please maintain rationality and open-mindedness as opposed to resorting to FUD, misrepresentations, etc. Use logically sound arguments instead of common fallacies. 2) Avoid inaccurate echo chambers Don't treat your conjectures as factual information no matter how verisimilar they may seem. Fact-check what you're about to say before saying it, or inquire for chat's input on your conjecture. Avoid linking inaccurate sources; if a source supports your narrative, but you're unsure of the incisiveness, please express so. We do not scold heavily for unintentional inaccuracy unless it becomes repetitive. 3) Refrain from super off-topic discussion Topics that have completely nothing to do with anything, are not necessary, and drag on for too long are usually discouraged — unless there's minimal chat activity and they are enthralling. However, if it does not fit those qualifications and becomes continuous, you are in violation of this rule. Common offenders are unending political discussions or excessive shitposting. Humour is permitted, but only when it doesn't derail the chat. 4) Don't be abusive or discriminatory Personal attacks of any type are not tolerated. Do not insult or discriminate others based on race, sex, religion, gender / gender identity, sexual orientation, etc. Refrain from being hostile or disrespectful when discussing with people. 5) No NSFW content Pornography, gore, or any other NSFW content is not permitted here. 6) No spamming or flooding This is obvious. --------------------------------------------------------- Community resources: https://qua3k.github.io/ https://madaidans-insecurities.github.io/ https://palone.blog/ https://wonderfall.dev/ https://seirdy.one/56 Servers

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26 May 2022
@aktaboot:tchncs.deaktabootIg you'd have to open port 5320:23:46
@plentifulpuma:matrix.orgplentifulpumainterface is, both gateway and dns are set to it, and the ip is
@plentifulpuma:matrix.orgplentifulpumaon the tv?20:25:41
@aktaboot:tchncs.deaktabooton the pc20:26:09
@plentifulpuma:matrix.orgplentifulpumawith ufw?20:28:13
@plentifulpuma:matrix.orgplentifulpumathe computer is listening on port 53 tcp on that interface20:31:50
@aktaboot:tchncs.deaktabootiptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -j MASQUERADE iptables -t nat -I PREROUTING -i <bridge> -s <tv-ip> -p tcp --dport 53 -j DNAT --to <router-ip>:53 iptables -t nat -I PREROUTING -i <bridge> -s <tv-ip> -p udp --dport 53 -j DNAT --to <router-ip>:5320:34:35
@aktaboot:tchncs.deaktabootmaybe smth like this will work20:34:41
@aktaboot:tchncs.deaktabootnot sure I'm doing it right though :(20:35:05
@aktaboot:tchncs.deaktabootI'm no iptables ninja20:35:19
@cat:maunium.netCat Disruptor 6000
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@bar:priv8.chatNerd Gang madaidan.: love your blog 21:19:10
In reply to @bar:priv8.chat
madaidan.: love your blog
In reply to @aktaboot:tchncs.de
✋🏻 why can't I communicate with my telegram soul-friends ? has the upper administration decided to split us so we don't protes ? I protes.
Divide the working class so they can't revolt
@dwkr_:matrix.orgsorrowgalaxies joined the room.22:01:08
@raymondhstanley:matrix.orgraymondhstanleyIs Hexavalent gonna have a Mac OS build 22:31:59
@septemberdismay:tchncs.deseptemberdismayI second that but also ask if it will have a Windows build?23:27:49
@septemberdismay:tchncs.deseptemberdismay* I second that, But I also ask if it will have a Windows build?23:29:04
@septemberdismay:tchncs.deseptemberdismayMonero be popping off today23:29:41
@flawedworld:matrix.orgflawedworldi dont have a mac 23:29:50
Download Screenshot_20220526-192921.png
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i dont have a mac
What about windows?
@flawedworld:matrix.orgflawedworldwindows builds i need to stop being lazy and finish omaha 23:30:25
@flawedworld:matrix.orgflawedworldi "acquired" omaha update patches for chromium23:30:39
@septemberdismay:tchncs.deseptemberdismaySo yes?23:30:40
@flawedworld:matrix.orgflawedworldso now i need to integrate the client and deploy an omaha server23:30:55
@hik:kde.org🏔️hikaverage Android doc: https://developer.android.com/reference/android/view/View#setActivated(boolean)23:54:10
27 May 2022
@emotionaldmg:matrix.orgemotionaldmg joined the room.01:27:16
In reply to @flawedworld:matrix.org
i "acquired" omaha update patches for chromium
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