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5 Apr 2020
00:29:27@thebamfic:matrix.orgbamfici have just been told that it is now recommended to go out wearing a facemask. happy to oblige.
00:30:44@benattar:matrix.orgbenattar It’s recommended to wear a face mask IF you go out.
00:30:55@benattar:matrix.orgbenattar Not recommended to go out wearing one.
00:31:00@benattar:matrix.orgbenattar Big difference.
00:31:07@benattar:matrix.orgbenattar Stay home.
02:19:27@thebamfic:matrix.orgbamficwell, i need food dude. and exercise. can't listen to https://spaz.radio all day and night, though getting pretty close. Guadalajara is live now, Eduardo is killin it
02:29:34@mt_tarantula:matrix.org@mt_tarantula:matrix.org Order food online and grow it. Excersize at home or where there’s no people... it’s not about you...
02:36:42@greenjon:matrix.orggreenjonMutants can have a little bit outside, as a treat.
02:41:51@thebamfic:matrix.orgbamficarf arf arf
02:42:47@benattar:matrix.orgbenattarWay to be autonomous bamfic. Depending on capitalist commerce? Lame.
02:49:06@greenjon:matrix.orggreenjonBe nice ya fucks.
02:56:33@thebamfic:matrix.orgbamficimma grow my own food in a 1st floor apartment in the fog zone. any time now bruh.
02:59:23@thebamfic:matrix.orgbamficnah, just funnin
03:02:19@thebamfic:matrix.orgbamfichow are you holding up in seattle? working from home? it got hit pretty hard.
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Stay home.
Wha..? But McDonalds is still open!
04:50:58@banzai:matrix.org_banzai_ My doctor said to go outside and walk around, and actually seemed irritated that everyone seems to think they are not suppose to do that.
06:41:30@jnny:matrix.orgjnnyreally should be doing that... i committed to today but then it was raining, and i have more work than i can do in a 16-hour work day. erry day rn >_< endless gratitude for y'all holding the radio down, it is srsly grounding me rn 🙏
18:22:25@thebamfic:matrix.orgbamficwhen there's a live show on, maybe message the dj's on the radio page and let them know you appreciate them playing
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when there's a live show on, maybe message the dj's on the radio page and let them know you appreciate them playing
Can DJs see listener numbers?
6 Apr 2020
05:20:17@jnny:matrix.orgjnnybtw most of the links i posted here are emergency funds for artists and creators: https://bayareamutualaid.org/wiki/Category:Financial - have another batch i intend to add when i have time, but anyone can edit this wiki if they want <3
8 Apr 2020
19:09:35Jitsi widget removed by @annaauntiesocial:matrix.orgAnnaAuntieSocial
19:50:09@thebamfic:matrix.orgbamficand there it goes again
19:56:48@craskopf:matrix.orgcrashkopfHeh. I kept checking for other people, but nobody was ever around. Maybe set up a time?
9 Apr 2020
04:17:28@ptbldst:matrix.orgptbldst joined the room.
04:22:21@ptbldst:matrix.orgptbldst set a profile picture.
10 Apr 2020

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