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6 Jan 2020
04:50:16@thebamfic:matrix.orgbamficwhat year was that?
05:19:39@greenjon:matrix.orggreenjonRedacted or Malformed Event
05:20:35@greenjon:matrix.orggreenjonmore than 5 years ago; less than 10 probably.
07:09:21@greenjon:matrix.orggreenjonNot possible. You mean 2012?
07:10:18@spukkin:matrix.orgspukkinAmf #6
07:11:36@greenjon:matrix.orggreenjonI'm in that video, and I didn't go to AMF 6.
07:14:08@greenjon:matrix.orggreenjonIt's like after AMF 12 or 13 or 14 or around there.
07:14:49@greenjon:matrix.orggreenjonYa bake head.
07:14:54@spukkin:matrix.orgspukkin Oh right, wrong video. That's from 2012 tour.
07:15:27@spukkin:matrix.orgspukkinI posted an amf 6 video on the amf room.
07:18:06@greenjon:matrix.orggreenjonI missed that. Buried in the ranting I guess.
07:21:16@greenjon:matrix.orggreenjonThat stop motion video is awesome, by the way. Another one of a clean up/break down/load out would be interesting.
07:25:58@spukkin:matrix.orgspukkin https://youtu.be/EV9xeOuCcwY
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7 Jan 2020
17:18:00@diniyar:sibnsk.netdiniyar joined the room.
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9 Jan 2020
01:31:30@johannes:netzgemeinde.eujohannes joined the room.
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11 Jan 2020
06:01:21@thebamfic:matrix.orgbamficfire season is hopefully finally over, but in case anyone needs it next year: https://invidio.us/watch?v=kH5APw_SLUU
08:37:33@greenjon:matrix.orggreenjonI've done this, and it's better than nothing when the smoke is thick.
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14 Jan 2020
15 Jan 2020
14:39:17@hannaq:matrix.orgHQ the video is amazing!!! Trinity was a little girl!!! i love it!!
In reply to @spukkin:matrix.org
* the video is amazing!!! Trinity was a little girl!!! i love it!!
16 Jan 2020
05:55:07@thebamfic:matrix.orgbamficwhelp, busting out the calculator, we just passed AMF 23. this video says AMF 6. so 23 - 6 = 17. and 2019 - 17 = 2002. so that'd mean was 2002.
18 Jan 2020
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