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26 Oct 2020
@x666:matrix.orgfluoridated sheepleah i see, thanks for the quick synopsis12:43:50
@n0c001:matrix.orgn0c001Hey guys just tried to run linux on virtualbox and says to edit bios hyper v settings problem is bios has a password setup and I dont know it. It's a Lenovo ideapad 110-15isk . Doesnt return anycode when wrong p as password is entered. I also removed cmos battery let the laptop run out of juice and still nothing.12:52:22
@x666:matrix.orgfluoridated sheeplecmos and powerdrain wouldve been my advice :/13:23:17
@jking_ok:perthchat.orgjking_ok joined the room.13:22:13
@nobody_leaves:kde.orgnobody_leavesI wonder how the password got there. Does Lenovo put in a random password or something or was this a second hand device? 13:24:22
@nobody_leaves:kde.orgnobody_leavesI'm not advising to do this, but I've always wanted to flash a custom BIOS (coreboot) on my old laptop, it can be done with some inexpensive hardware and I think in theory that would reset the bios password, though it would probably come with a whole slew of other problems. 13:26:05
@x666:matrix.orgfluoridated sheeplei tried corebios, it did come with a slew lolo13:29:46
@n0c001:matrix.orgn0c001I'm pretty sure when I first tried installing ubuntu I had to make changes in bios and set a password and never wrote it down13:42:03
@n0c001:matrix.orgn0c001This was ubuntu 18.4 or something like that but ubuntu has crapped out on me 13:43:04
@n0c001:matrix.orgn0c001And it wouldn't let me update13:43:13
@n0c001:matrix.orgn0c001So I wiped it and installed windows 1013:43:23
@n0c001:matrix.orgn0c001Installed virtualbox and now I'm back at trying to crack bios pw13:44:09
@n0c001:matrix.orgn0c001I'm going to try lenovo support later but they probably wont be much help13:44:44
@n0c001:matrix.orgn0c001I looked into corebooting but they only work for thinkpads and some other ideapad models13:45:31
@n0c001:matrix.orgn0c001Anyone know what the name of this liquid this guy uses in the video to remove the soldering on the chip https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DgaV_hVy9mhc&ved=2ahUKEwj40rnLtNLsAhXqmHIEHQoKBekQwqsBMAF6BAgeEAg&usg=AOvVaw3-iXpLunji0MLsLNngfQ3n13:56:47
@n0c001:matrix.orgn0c001Nvm found out it's called flux14:04:26
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@_xmpp_diego=40dieg.io:matrix.orgDiego changed their display name from diego to Diego.15:13:28
@telegram_716543761:tchncs.de// (Telegram)
In reply to @n0c001:matrix.org
Nvm found out it's called flux
@telegram_716543761:tchncs.de// (Telegram) #SoftwareOriented 15:29:42
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@cyborgninjaneer:matrix.orgcyborgninjaneerI'm looking into getting a VoiP phone calling service to replace a normal telephone number. Are there any decent privacy-friendly options out there?17:23:23
@signalarch:matrix.orgsignalarchMysudo or maybe https://jmp.chat/17:55:53
@telegram_716543761:tchncs.de// (Telegram) Peter Did you install simpleWall 18:07:47
@telegram_252578263:tchncs.deAdolfo (Telegram)Is syncthing the best way to send files between your devices?18:15:59
@telegram_161472020:tchncs.dememiraiko ヾ(*・ω・)ノ (Telegram)
In reply to Adolfo (Telegram)
Is syncthing the best way to send files between your devices?
I just use tg for that, w/ specific files
@telegram_161472020:tchncs.dememiraiko ヾ(*・ω・)ノ (Telegram)but syncthing for continuous backups18:17:02
@telegram_75103665:tchncs.deJ 😎 (Telegram)
In reply to Adolfo (Telegram)
Is syncthing the best way to send files between your devices?
It's a good option.
@telegram_1200464862:tchncs.dePeter (Telegram)Yes very powerfull app18:20:43

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