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26 May 2022
@_discord_363420284990128138:t2bot.ioCloud#5902 "If you don't get the joke then go fuck your self and you will get it" 17:42:01
@_discord_932721831088107533:t2bot.ioblub Cloud how can you always bring up sexual stuff in normal conversations 19:22:00
@_discord_363420284990128138:t2bot.ioCloud#5902 Am just too good 19:24:27
@_discord_363420284990128138:t2bot.ioCloud#5902 Anyways my 19:24:31
Download Jaseowns_PH_Logo.png
@_discord_363420284990128138:t2bot.ioCloud#5902 Is coming friday 19:24:49
@_discord_932721831088107533:t2bot.ioblub You really need a girlfriend man 19:25:04
@_discord_932721831088107533:t2bot.ioblub Or boyfriend in your case sorry 19:25:07
@_discord_363420284990128138:t2bot.ioCloud#5902 Feminine guy 19:25:21
@_discord_932721831088107533:t2bot.ioblub Ye whatever 19:25:26
@_discord_932721831088107533:t2bot.ioblub Don’t you like a strong muscled guy 19:25:39
@_discord_363420284990128138:t2bot.ioCloud#5902 Fuck no 19:25:52
@_discord_363420284990128138:t2bot.ioCloud#5902 Well maybe a stronger taller feminine guy 19:26:05
@_discord_363420284990128138:t2bot.ioCloud#5902 Just a good top 19:26:14
@_discord_932721831088107533:t2bot.ioblub What does top mean 19:26:27
@_discord_363420284990128138:t2bot.ioCloud#5902 https://letmegooglethat.com/?q=What+does+top+and+bottem+mean 19:26:56
@_discord_932721831088107533:t2bot.ioblub Ew gay sex 19:28:19
@_discord_932721831088107533:t2bot.ioblub Also I rather use DuckDuckGo. 19:28:30
@_discord_363420284990128138:t2bot.ioCloud#5902 * This could contain nfsw content, Let's hope google just tells you what it is and not any pics and videoshttps://letmegooglethat.com/?q=What+does+top+and+bottem+mean 19:28:36
@_discord_363420284990128138:t2bot.ioCloud#5902 Wtf? 19:28:51
@_discord_932721831088107533:t2bot.ioblub What 19:29:14
@_discord_793882665698852864:t2bot.ioysys9 It was a meme, feel free to copypasta in return 20:02:17
@_discord_793882665698852864:t2bot.ioysys9 Would love an arch user copypasta 20:03:12
@_discord_793882665698852864:t2bot.ioysys9 Arch reminds me of old Linux like 15 years ago when it just did what you told it to, it was recommended to me by a friend and I've slowly been moving to it from Debian. I'm using Artix repos and openRC on one machine and runit on another because I grew up without systemd and new things scare me. I'll learn how systemd works..... Eventually 20:05:52
@_discord_793882665698852864:t2bot.ioysys9 openRC is a lot like sysv and has great support from the Gentoo forums, runit is taking some adjusting but it's nice. Maybe I should force myself to use systemd for a while and learn it, surely it can't be that complicated 20:08:39
@_discord_363420284990128138:t2bot.ioCloud#5902 Any ideas, Am trying to convert from 50 pin TTL to mini hdmi or hdmi 22:50:41
@_discord_363420284990128138:t2bot.ioCloud#5902 Kind of like this 22:50:50
@_discord_363420284990128138:t2bot.ioCloud#5902 https://protocentral.com/product/tfp401-hdmi-dvi-decoder-to-40-pin-ttl-breakout-with-touch/ 22:50:52
27 May 2022
@_discord_484587310160019476:t2bot.ioMuse changed their display name from Place Holder to Muse#5856.02:55:37
@_discord_484587310160019476:t2bot.ioMuse changed their display name from Muse#5856 to Muse.02:55:44

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