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5 Aug 2023
@juanca1234:matrix.org@juanca1234:matrix.org joined the room.02:31:20
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7 Aug 2023
@sayoriae86:matrix.orgRS6 | everybody's best friend changed their display name from RS6 | Sammy 🦂's Biggest Fan to RS6 | everybody's best friend.16:32:41
8 Aug 2023
@fmzhjrvqdh:matrix.orgfmzhjrvqdh joined the room.00:38:26
9 Aug 2023
@bootshacker:matrix.orgboots hacker joined the room.01:34:17
@nameisnight:matrix.orgnameisnight - Can't waste those kiloJoules changed their display name from nameisnight to nameisnight - Can't waste those kiloJoules.18:05:18
10 Aug 2023
@zoltan741:matrix.orgBlinsky changed their display name from Blinsky to Blinsky - Sharp things are sharp.00:08:13
@brianarchist:matrix.orgbrianarchist joined the room.15:26:13
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12 Aug 2023
@aulis:matrix.orgaulis joined the room.11:36:31
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13 Aug 2023
@knockofff:matrix.org@knockofff:matrix.org joined the room.08:18:04
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14 Aug 2023
@boopew:matrix.orgboopew set a profile picture.02:51:55
18 Aug 2023
@kukitan:matrix.org@kukitan:matrix.org left the room.00:52:23
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19 Aug 2023
@772dronephotography:matrix.orgJmil1720 joined the room.01:13:52
20 Aug 2023
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21 Aug 2023
@gonzo17avs:matrix.org@gonzo17avs:matrix.org joined the room.03:41:28
26 Aug 2023
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29 Aug 2023
@2aj_vizzle:matrix.orgVizzle_J (Opinions are like kittens, I just give them all away) joined the room.03:02:16
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