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2 Jul 2020
@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ PraveenBut I don't think it means play store only06:43:21
@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ PraveenIt just means RiotX is published as Riot beta in play store06:43:56
In reply to@praveen:poddery.com
It just means RiotX is published as Riot beta in play store
I have no results for riot beta on play store. Only riot & riotx are shown in results
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@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ PraveenI think you have to look in a separate channel for beta releases06:49:37
In reply to@kskarthik:disroot.org
I have no results for riot beta on play store. Only riot & riotx are shown in results
I think the developer option needs to on. And the option to join beta will be in the riot app page.
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@kskarthik:disroot.orgKarthikNostalgia https://github.com/themesberg/windows-95-ui-kit06:58:12
@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ Praveenhttps://www.sunoindia.in/cyber-democracy/the-great-chinese-block/07:23:12
@Jaypatelani:matrix.orgJaypatelani https://twitter.com/linuxfoundation/status/1278356815718293504?s=19 09:38:03
In reply to@Jaypatelani:matrix.org
I hope they are talking about this https://shakti.org.in/
@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ Praveen Good to see some Malayalam coverage for DDG and in a way it is good https://www.manoramaonline.com/technology/technology-news/2020/07/02/airtel-reliance-jio-bsnl-den-blocking-duckduckgo-complain-users.html 10:40:05
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@srikar:matrix.orgSrikar Arepalli changed their display name from Srikar to Srikar Arepalli.12:13:27
@kskarthik:disroot.orgKarthikAny upcoming releases for Indic Keyboard (from Indic project) ? 12:13:46
@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ Praveenjishnu ^12:36:04
@Jaypatelani:matrix.orgJaypatelani Karthik: most probably.. they didn't mention name i guess :) but it's good news 12:43:32
@Jaypatelani:matrix.orgJaypatelani Pirate ‍ Praveen: https://twitter.com/nixcraft/status/1278638913830047744?s=19 I don't understand what's point of banning DDG? 😅 12:43:57
@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ PraveenJaypatelani the point is, they can ban anything they want and get away with it13:21:31
@Jaypatelani:matrix.orgJaypatelaniTrue that .. and no one is going to stop them ..13:23:32
@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ Praveenhttps://social.masto.host/@praveen/104445629085819472 after trying many servers listed in opennic project page, I found one server working with Android Private DNS.18:18:26
@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ Praveenns1.fische.io works as private DNS, and it uses DoT so look for servers that have DoT enabled in opennic list if you want to try more18:19:44
@Jaypatelani:matrix.orgJaypatelani https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2020/07/police-infiltrate-encrypted-phones-arrest-hundreds-in-organized-crime-bust/ 20:39:20
3 Jul 2020
In reply to@Jaypatelani:matrix.org
@kskarthik:disroot.orgKarthik In the past, They FBI compromised Tails OS to bust a criminal. 05:37:40
@_oftc_kushal:matrix.orgkushal Karthik, please say the correct technical terms. FBI used a 0day in an application (most probably the gnome media player), that is not the same of "compromised Tails OS" 05:43:26
@kskarthik:disroot.orgKarthik kushal: oh. I forgot that one... they compromised the criminal's PC only, right? 05:48:54
@_oftc_kushal:matrix.orgkushalYes, but via the media player application, just saying the whole OS was compromised will make people more scared :)05:49:48
@Jaypatelani:matrix.orgJaypatelanikushal: I think they exploited vlc06:04:35
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