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9 Apr 2019
20:58:09@Dana:matrix.orgDana Lol we are probably gonna come in last.
20:58:34@Dana:matrix.orgDana Yeah. We tried it out. Now we will have a month to recruit new people.
20:58:57@Dana:matrix.orgDana Who actually want to and will war.
20:59:20@Dana:matrix.orgDana As long as we have a good group of people who are on and help share the burden I’m fine doing 30 people.
21:00:05@Dana:matrix.orgDana We just need to do some spring cleaning and promote activity. Like someone other than cos always filling war ccs. And people on talking about attacks or strategies instead of just attacking and leaving.
21:00:51@Dana:matrix.orgDana We all get that life gets real occasionally and things fall through, but that should be the exception not the norm like it is now.
10 Apr 2019
01:26:07@Luca12:matrix.orgLucaJust a recommendation don’t only kick people because they are full out In active if someone doesn’t talk and bring some liveliness to the clan I would just drop them. You can always find more people out there to take there place but recruiting will take a lot of trial and error so don’t ever get attactched to someone you recruit it will just make kicking them harder. When I recruit I will maybe keep 1 out of every 5 people I try
01:27:06@Dana:matrix.orgDana Yeah that’s the plan. We just were in a rush to get 30 warring members for the cwl.
01:27:21@Dana:matrix.orgDana First step is getting rid of the complete inactives.
01:27:30@Dana:matrix.orgDana Then getting rid of people who don’t bring much.
02:00:14@Alomir:matrix.orgAlomir ArindaleSuggestions on who to hit? My four-down was taken at the beginning
02:00:33@Dana:matrix.orgDana Something you can three star or two star.
12:00:05@jb555:matrix.orgJersey JayAny opinions on war strategy?
12:00:17@jb555:matrix.orgJersey JayIm thinkin 4 down like last war
12:03:46@jb555:matrix.orgJersey JayOur low guys dont have much chance
12:03:50@Alomir:matrix.orgAlomir ArindaleYeah, I was thinking down at least 3. Four sounds fine.
12:04:01@jb555:matrix.orgJersey Jay💪🍻
12:04:25@Alomir:matrix.orgAlomir ArindaleI think this needs something a little more serious...
12:04:43@Alomir:matrix.orgAlomir Arindale🥃🥃
13:41:03@zeus_1:matrix.orgEnokAll cc done
14:11:20@ErkNinja:matrix.orgErkNinjaEnok: thanks!
16:28:21@kmbishop:matrix.orgNoKneesMy match up (21) has the TH outside. Suggestions on strat? Was gonna just drop hero’s there then funnel my way in
16:39:52@ErkNinja:matrix.orgErkNinjaI would do the side that the TH is on and not just the TH
16:42:36@kmbishop:matrix.orgNoKneesOk and have the edge guys catch it as the go around?
17:02:51@ErkNinja:matrix.orgErkNinjaYeah, maybe put a couple more bowlers on it, but it shouldn’t take much
In reply to @kmbishop:matrix.org
My match up (21) has the TH outside. Suggestions on strat? Was gonna just drop hero’s there then funnel my way in
Punching an outdoor town hall tends to not be a good strategy. Normally there’s some traps around it to waste troops.
11 Apr 2019
03:24:20@Alomir:matrix.orgAlomir ArindaleAnyone on who can give me loons + freeze?
03:43:02@jb555:matrix.orgJersey JayMe
11:06:26@ed_man:matrix.orged_manWith the th on the outside. Might be wise to use a ss instead of a ww. That way you can go at the th and the ss can open the wall for you from there.

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