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1 Aug 2021
@_discord_483836007947698177:t2bot.ioflakes pls work ik thats what makes it funny 18:34:39
@_discord_483836007947698177:t2bot.ioflakes pls work i saw his hair i thought he was irish 18:34:47
@_discord_702620786384568380:t2bot.ioAnarchist Cos he’s a ginge 18:35:03
@_discord_702620786384568380:t2bot.ioAnarchist I have been told I look German 18:35:11
@_discord_483836007947698177:t2bot.ioflakes pls work also im amazing at russian accents for some reason 18:35:13
@_discord_702620786384568380:t2bot.ioAnarchist I can do Australian accent that’s it 18:35:24
@_discord_483836007947698177:t2bot.ioflakes pls work which is strange since im like 0.5% russian 18:35:25
@_discord_483836007947698177:t2bot.ioflakes pls work and ive never been to russia or anything like thag 18:35:33
@_discord_254312386264039427:t2bot.ioyu i feel you 18:39:30
@_discord_254312386264039427:t2bot.ioyu I do think some sound the same and some do not tho 18:40:07
@_discord_254312386264039427:t2bot.ioyu It's like my bit depth is a bit bigger 18:40:22
@_discord_483836007947698177:t2bot.ioflakes pls work all the americans sound the same 18:40:24
@_discord_254312386264039427:t2bot.ioyu I can differentiate between justin and arc for example 18:40:46
@_discord_483836007947698177:t2bot.ioflakes pls work arc sounds similar but not identical 18:40:58
@_discord_254312386264039427:t2bot.ioyu yeah 18:41:03
@_discord_483836007947698177:t2bot.ioflakes pls work like they all sound bery close to each other 18:41:06
@_discord_483836007947698177:t2bot.ioflakes pls work but when 5 ppl are talking at once its impossible 18:41:15
@_discord_254312386264039427:t2bot.ioyu I do think I sound a bit different because of my weak voice 18:41:26
@_discord_254312386264039427:t2bot.ioyu and weird dialect 18:41:34
@_discord_254312386264039427:t2bot.ioyu so that's a win 18:41:35
@_discord_702620786384568380:t2bot.ioAnarchist You do sound different to the rest 18:41:49
@_discord_702620786384568380:t2bot.ioAnarchist So #unique and #quirky 18:41:56
@_discord_175665598443945985:t2bot.ioJEEPUPPER#4725 wtf 19:49:48
@_discord_175665598443945985:t2bot.ioJEEPUPPER#4725 oh caml >>= ?? 19:49:55
@_discord_327214733176471552:t2bot.iodegenerate#8194 (Carp) lol I joined but I cna't talk or listen 19:50:31
@_discord_327214733176471552:t2bot.iodegenerate#8194 no mic or audio 19:50:34
@_discord_327214733176471552:t2bot.iodegenerate#8194 :pepena 19:50:56
@_discord_327214733176471552:t2bot.iodegenerate#8194 19:50:59
@_discord_175665598443945985:t2bot.ioJEEPUPPER#4725 that usefull ;w; 19:51:02
@_discord_327214733176471552:t2bot.iodegenerate#8194 F 19:51:09

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