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21 May 2016
09:50:07@MaXGGXaM:matrix.orgHirmes changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
3 Oct 2016
02:00:35@cxdf:matrix.org@cxdf:matrix.org joined the room.
7 Feb 2017
01:41:55@thorondor:matrix.org@thorondor:matrix.org joined the room.
13 Apr 2017
13:08:41@MaXGGXaM:matrix.orgHirmes changed their display name from HirmeS to Test.
13:09:12@MaXGGXaM:matrix.orgHirmes changed their display name from Test to Hirmes.
16:24:53@MaXGGXaM:matrix.orgHirmes left the room.
14 Apr 2017
06:15:44@MaXGGXaM:matrix.orgHirmes joined the room.
22 Apr 2017
00:08:35@thorondor:matrix.org@thorondor:matrix.org left the room.
25 May 2017
16:58:59@243861:matrix.orgFlavioGuest 243861 joined the room.
7 Aug 2017
19:21:26@Athlon3d:matrix.org@Athlon3d:matrix.org joined the room.
19:21:53@Athlon3d:matrix.org@Athlon3d:matrix.org left the room.
25 Oct 2017
23:46:33@nikitasoldatov:matrix.org@nikitasoldatov:matrix.org joined the room.
26 Oct 2017
00:35:43@nikitasoldatov:matrix.org@nikitasoldatov:matrix.org left the room.
21 Nov 2017
06:16:47@zacklocx:matrix.orgzacklocx joined the room.
19 Apr 2018
22:24:56@vvvolf:matrix.orgvvvolf joined the room.
25 Jun 2018
16:15:59@WaleSky:matrix.org@WaleSky:matrix.org joined the room.
16:21:58@WaleSky:matrix.org@WaleSky:matrix.org left the room.
3 Feb 2019
22:06:19@vvvolf:matrix.orgvvvolf set a profile picture.

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