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4 Apr 2018
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21 Apr 2018
13:23:37@gregknicholson:matrix.orgGreg K Nicholson (matrix.org) changed their display name from Greg K Nicholson to Greg K Nicholson (matrix.org).
24 Apr 2018
22:11:28@entity8421:matrix.orgentity8421 [комната К.В.В.] changed their display name from entity8421 to entity8421 [комната Ru-Lib].
17 May 2018
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18 May 2018
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20 May 2018
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1 Jun 2018
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11 Jun 2018
20:57:30@fractal:matrix.orgfractalwhat a joke
20:57:47@fractal:matrix.orgfractal "We have carefully reviewed the information you provided us and unfortunately we will not be able to offer you service. We made this careful decision in order to comply with best security practices and protect our customers."
6 Jan 2019
18:58:01@entity8421:matrix.orgentity8421 [комната К.В.В.] changed their display name from entity8421 [комната Ru-Lib] to entity8421 [комната К.В.В.].
3 Feb 2019
06:00:23@juicenoose:matrix.orgjuicenoose set a profile picture.
11 Mar 2019
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19 Apr 2019
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25 May 2019
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4 Jul 2019
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8 Jul 2019
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22 Aug 2019
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12 Sep 2019
18:47:55@ActivistNews:matrix.org@ActivistNews:matrix.org set a profile picture.
16 Nov 2019
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22 Nov 2019
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26 Nov 2019
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5 Dec 2019
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10 Dec 2019
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