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14 Jan 2020
14:53:39@freenode_shoragan:matrix.orgshoragancreate a real directory for the coordinator state and change the config to point there
14:54:50@revsbech:matrix.orgrevsbechI can do that
14:55:40@revsbech:matrix.orgrevsbechBut why are you using ../ in the first place
14:56:22@freenode_shoragan:matrix.orgshoragan it's not really state of the crossbar, so it doesn't really belong into the .crossbar dir
14:57:02@freenode_shoragan:matrix.orgshoraganbut fixing that legacy problem is a separate issue ;)
14:57:22@revsbech:matrix.orgrevsbechOkay, I will do the "post install fix" and then perhaps open an issue with the legacy stuff ;)
14:57:55@freenode_shoragan:matrix.orgshoraganthanks! :)
14:59:40@revsbech:matrix.orgrevsbechI might find a more clean solution but I get the point to make it work with what we have, and do a fix legacy commit in it's own pull
15:04:58@freenode_shoragan:matrix.orgshoragan revsbech: so you're going to be at fosdem? maybe meet up somewhere?
15:05:29@revsbech:matrix.orgrevsbechYes I am, sure lets meet up.
15:06:00@freenode_shoragan:matrix.orgshoragan i think i've fixed my riot client on my phone, so should get mentions there :)
15:07:11@revsbech:matrix.orgrevsbechI think we will manage to set-up something
15 Jan 2020
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16 Jan 2020
12:54:18@revsbech:matrix.orgrevsbech shoragan: Regarding the crossbar path I figure a way to do it not changing the crossbar workdir. I would sill propose to change the crossbar workdir, hence what what you say if I open a PR with that whe I do the fix, and add a note about it in the CHANGES file ?
14:25:52@freenode_shoragan:matrix.orgshoragan revsbech: sounds ok. just keep it separate from the docker pr :)
14:27:59@freenode_shoragan:matrix.orgshoragan we're still missing the signed-of-by for https://github.com/labgrid-project/labgrid/pull/540/commits/a3fc9c010d7974c6ab8c0793c366850954efffb5 :/
15:56:08@shoragan:matrix.orgshoraganAlthough I think that that change could also just be squashed into another commit...
18:17:33@revsbech:matrix.orgrevsbechI will just squash it.
17 Jan 2020
10:01:35@freenode_shoragan:matrix.orgshoragan revsbech: thanks, merged!
10:02:14@revsbech:matrix.orgrevsbechThanks, and thanks for your help and suggestions ;)
20 Jan 2020
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21 Jan 2020
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