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7 Oct 2019
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8 Oct 2019
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10 Oct 2019
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11 Oct 2019
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10:03:51@freenode_iurly:matrix.org@freenode_iurly:matrix.org Hi, I was looking for a way to automate testing of embedded devices and came across labgrid and Jan's talk.
10:04:21@freenode_iurly:matrix.org@freenode_iurly:matrix.org I see it's however mostly centered on testing linux-based boards
10:04:25@freenode_iurly:matrix.org@freenode_iurly:matrix.org I see it's however mostly centered on testing of linux-based boards
10:07:24@freenode_iurly:matrix.org@freenode_iurly:matrix.org I'd like to hear the expert's opinion on whether it would make sense to try adopting it for testing of microcontroller-based device, where no linux is involved
10:09:09@freenode_iurly:matrix.org@freenode_iurly:matrix.orgSo interaction with the device under test would use different interfaces in addition to a UART (e.g. JTAG/SWD for flashing firmware, CAN adapters etc...)
10:19:28@freenode_shoragan:matrix.orgshoragan iurly: i think there are some people using it for mcu testing, but i don't remember their names anymore
10:20:11@freenode_shoragan:matrix.orgshoraganif you use it without the ShellDriver (and build your own thing or use the ConsoleProtocol directly), it should work fine
10:20:38@freenode_shoragan:matrix.orgshoraganwe use JTAG via openocd also for some linux boards
10:21:12@freenode_shoragan:matrix.orgshoragan there is currently no integration for CAN, but that's something i'd like to have as well.
10:21:45@freenode_shoragan:matrix.orgshoragan (i'm jan, btw)
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11:35:10@freenode_iurly:matrix.org@freenode_iurly:matrix.orgnice meeting you Jan, thanks!
11:36:35@freenode_iurly:matrix.org@freenode_iurly:matrix.org ok so my idea wasn't completely insane then, that's good to hear
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14 Oct 2019
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