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17 Jun 2020
@jgaehring:matrix.orgjgaehring gbathree (and maybe sudokita): talking about versioning of surveys in SurveyStack reminded me of this awesome research project I discovered this week that's working on "schema interoperability for decentralized data systems," specifically for p2p applications that need to convert data between different versions of the app's schema, very cool stuff 19:12:52
@jgaehring:matrix.orgjgaehringthis demo is a GREAT overview of the potential of this project: https://www.loom.com/share/9887a085895a4ce4a39f6e70ef90cb0b19:13:18
@jgaehring:matrix.orgjgaehringand this gist gives a little more background on the project: https://gist.github.com/pvh/6dd6f66c17f89e2a686f5b3026b7784f19:14:25
@sudokita:matrix.orgsudokitaomg i saw a (your?) tweet to ink & switch and spent way too long droooling over their Muse prototype. I'll check this out too becuase it sounds amazing19:16:54
@jgaehring:matrix.orgjgaehringyea, ink & switch is working on so really cool stuff, highly recommend following19:19:36
18 Jun 2020
@gbathree:matrix.orggbathreeyaaaaaaaa... that is slick, interesting, and scaaaaaaary. OMG the rabbitholes you'd need to go down to make that work 99% of the time. That's a wicked problem! I'll be super impressed if they can get it and very interested to see if they can01:59:27
19 Jun 2020
@nora:tchncs.denora 08:27:52
23 Jun 2020
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@robert:perthchat.orgrobert 18:26:06
24 Jun 2020
@andreas:tomesh.netandreas 22:55:36
25 Jun 2020
@gbathree:matrix.orggbathreeOMG @sudo18:00:12
@gbathree:matrix.orggbathree omg sudokita on the mural I'm a goat, and guess what logo they used!!! 18:00:29
@sudokita:matrix.orgsudokitaI SEE YOU18:00:46
@sudokita:matrix.orgsudokitaTHATS AMAZING18:00:49
@gbathree:matrix.orggbathreehaha, I wonder where else our little goat lives on the internet18:01:05
@sudokita:matrix.orgsudokitain all the happy little places i bet18:01:32
@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentathat's crazy!18:02:50
@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentathey must have gotten their icons from Noun project too18:02:58
@sudokita:matrix.orgsudokitai wonder if they have a collection with matching animals?18:03:13
@gbathree:matrix.orggbathreehaha, totally18:03:23
@sudokita:matrix.orgsudokitai spend way too much time trying to find matching icons and keep forgetting to stick them into collections18:03:46
26 Jun 2020
@jgaehring:matrix.orgjgaehringreally nice pop sci intro to soil health (great for a non-soil-scientist like me, assuming there are no glaring errors 😉): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfFh_VRkxUU12:44:04
@michail:ru-matrix.orgmichail 18:52:15
@jekaterina:sibnsk.netjekaterina 20:17:37
27 Jun 2020
@kunigunde:kde.orgkunigunde 21:51:16
1 Jul 2020
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