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17 Oct 2019
15:05:46@paul121:matrix.orgpaul121 Can't make it this morning, unfortunately - can we record?
15:09:14@jgaehring:matrix.orgjgaehringoh this sounds fun! sadly, I've got an appointment at 12EST 🙁
15:13:32@wgardiner:matrix.orgwgardiner Neat I'll hop on!
16:11:16@glandua:matrix.orgGregory | Regen Networkmural link: https://app.mural.co/t/exploros/m/exploros/1571256705699/d9acabe8ec2fc1ea2c7c232f59f9812a2f9474d6
16:11:42@glandua:matrix.orgGregory | Regen Networkhop in!
16:11:51@glandua:matrix.orgGregory | Regen Network
In reply to @paul121:matrix.org
Can't make it this morning, unfortunately - can we record?
Yes we will record!
16:26:22@glandua:matrix.orgGregory | Regen Networkhttp://forum.goatech.org/t/openteam-work-packages/658
16:26:30@glandua:matrix.orgGregory | Regen Networkhttps://kumu.io/dcox/open-team#open-team
16:26:58@glandua:matrix.orgGregory | Regen Networkthese are the websites we are sharing now.
16:43:45@wgardiner:matrix.orgwgardiner Gregory | Regen Network: I didn't see an invite to join a room
16:44:27@glandua:matrix.orgGregory | Regen Networkah, I will let Daniel know.
17:05:29@ilgooz:matrix.orgilgooz joined the room.
31 Oct 2019
16:02:46@paul121:matrix.orgpaul121 Hey sudokita what is the best way to link to the Cover Crop Decision Tool
16:03:19@paul121:matrix.orgpaul121Building slides for a presentation and mentioning the projects involved with OpenTEAM
16:04:58@paul121:matrix.orgpaul121Is it more through NECC? Or USDA ARS? Or Purdue? Which hat are you most-wearing for this? :-)
2 Nov 2019
13:31:04@sudokita:matrix.orgsudokitaGreat question! The current version of the cover crop decision support tools is being funded by USDA NRCS, initially implemented for NECCC (with the intent of it being used by other councils), by team working at Purdue, USDA ARS and NC State (we're a distributed team lol). The Plant Data Service is a Purdue project that branched out of the CCDST effort.
17:28:52@paul121:matrix.orgpaul121 Great info! Makes sense. Thanks sudokita !!
22:34:47@mstenta:matrix.orgmstenta2 spooky!
7 Nov 2019
21:06:55@glandua:matrix.orgGregory | Regen Networkcheck out the latest work by the Regen team for an open ARD pipeline. of specially interest to the Dagan team i'd guess.
21:06:57@glandua:matrix.orgGregory | Regen Networkhttps://github.com/regen-network/regen-s2-ard
8 Nov 2019
22:08:36@spacebiggles:matrix.orgspacebiggles set a profile picture.
12 Nov 2019
16:04:28@mark.easter:matrix.orgmark.easter joined the room.
16:05:12@mark.easter:matrix.orgmark.easterHowdy friends - does anybody have the link for the Tuesday 9am OpenTeam scrum? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Sorry for the trouble.
16:53:53@mstenta:matrix.orgmstenta mark.easter: I'm not sure if one was created yet - I haven't seen it
13 Nov 2019
19:37:34@glandua:matrix.orgGregory | Regen Networkas aanyone seen this? https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/17583004.2019.1633231
19:38:36@glandua:matrix.orgGregory | Regen Network I missed the data workshop at the tri-societies meeting. Any recording or updates? I was sick yesterday and could not manage to engage (also not sure if there was a zoom link or not provided) Dorn 
18 Nov 2019
18:07:48@dornawcox:matrix.orgDorn It was a great session with very solid remote participation also. There was a recording of the session and really good notes taken. I will be sure to post and share once the recording, presentations and notes are available.
20 Nov 2019
02:01:12@paul121:matrix.orgpaul121The best advertisement to pop up on my Instagram!

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