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25 Oct 2021
@julietnpn:matrix.orgJulietis one of the tools they're talking about, but they also talk about open ET18:41:18
31 Oct 2021
< happy halloween, great goats! >
          |__|         |
           V ||"""""""||
             ||       ||

/ can we make a GOAT bot that uses \
\ goatsay??                        /
          |__|         |
           V ||"""""""||
             ||       ||

@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentaI think we have to!!21:28:02
11 Nov 2021
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22 Nov 2021
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29 Nov 2021
@gbathree:matrix.orggbathree Anyone read Too Like The Lightening by Ada Palmer? Maybe jgaehring 18:28:17
2 Dec 2021
@jgaehring:matrix.orgjgaehringHello to anyone joining from Organic Confluences!19:40:19
10 Dec 2021
@DzzzzzzR:matrix.orgdazinismOpen source farm robot23:45:31
@DzzzzzzR:matrix.orgdazinismNotice on their website (rather than forum) they advertising various jobs23:47:15
17 Dec 2021
19 Dec 2021
@sudokita:matrix.orgsudokitaNext Goat: roboto building session?15:20:55
@sudokita:matrix.orgsudokita * nextGOAT ideas: roboto building session?15:21:14
@julietnpn:matrix.orgJulietI would definitely like doing goatHack where that is hardware and robot building focused.15:27:38
@gbathree:matrix.orggbathreeLet's get andras out here who we just hired 16:04:38
@gbathree:matrix.orggbathreeHe built his own robot !!! And is super familiar with ag cv stuff 16:05:07
@dornawcox:matrix.orgDorn The https://farm-ng.com/ and http://wiki.ros.org/agriculture folks would be great invites. I have been particularly impressed by the capability of the farm-ng platform.17:34:57
13 Jan 2022
@brianwdavis:matrix.orgbrianwdavisHi all, I'm pushing out an ad to hire a recent MS grad! Can you share this link with anyone with interests in computer vision, sysadmin, devops/MLops please: https://www.zintellect.com/Opportunity/Details/USDA-ARS-2022-005216:13:18
14 Jan 2022
@cw:kernelpanic.cafeCoilWinder (novus ordo seclorum) changed their display name from Rev. CornWallace III (novus ordo seclorum) to coilWinder.04:40:53
@cw:kernelpanic.cafeCoilWinder (novus ordo seclorum) changed their display name from coilWinder to CoilWinder (novus ordo seclorum).04:42:59
17 Jan 2022
@johnanthony3:matrix.orgJohn Anthony joined the room.15:22:11
@johnanthony3:matrix.orgJohn AnthonyHi all - It has been a while (2019?) since I was actively participating. I am curious if there is a conference being planned for 2022? Also, I am interested in contributing to some open source s/w projects (got some time on my hands). Current thought is to see if I can help support any enhancements to FarmOS.15:24:56
@mstenta:matrix.orgmstenta Hi John Anthony ! We'd welcome contributions! You might be interested in joining the farmOS forum, if you haven't already: https://farmOS.discourse.group 15:27:39

We are currently putting together a hackathon


@mstenta:matrix.orgmstenta gbathree also posted on the GOAT forum recently regarding 2020 conference (don't have the link off hand but you can probably find it) 15:28:41
@johnanthony3:matrix.orgJohn Anthony Hey mstenta ! Good to connect again. I will join the FarmOs forum today and check it out. I'll also check out the hackathon. Thanks! 15:30:26

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