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9 Dec 2018
19:43:35@julietnpn:matrix.orgjulietnpnMine is from before then.
19:43:44@julietnpn:matrix.orgjulietnpnPerhaps that is the issue
19:46:50@julietnpn:matrix.orgjulietnpnYES, ok it works
19:48:06@julietnpn:matrix.orgjulietnpnSO for anygoat using OSX, if you downloaded cabal desktop app prior to 9 days ago, it probably won't work and you should definitely downlaod the most recent one.
19:53:02@julietnpn:matrix.orgjulietnpnthat was a fun distraction.
20:04:02@donblair:matrix.orgdonblairOh my gosh brilliant progress!
22:03:07@donblair:matrix.orgdonblairWe're talking about running open ag tech workshops in the cabal GOAT channel
22:09:37@julietnpn:matrix.orgjulietnpnAlso, between the two of us I bet we can help anyone having trouble setting up cabal.
22:13:30@donblair:matrix.orgdonblair julietnpn: are the links coming through nicely in the desktop app? are you getting notifications when there are new msgs?
22:16:19@donblair:matrix.orgdonblair mstenta: my impression is that the codebase for cabal is relatively manageable / grok-able by folks who have a background in js development -- that, basically, if a few folks in our community had the background / interest, they could maintain this codebase / extend it without too much trouble -- do you have the same impression? like, on par with having a drupal dev in the mix or something?
22:17:12@donblair:matrix.orgdonblairin contrast, i tried setting up a Riot / matrix server -- it was doable, but the underlying codebase was a bit more involved, and the whole thing required more in the way of knowledge around servers and security and stuff
In reply to @donblair:matrix.org
julietnpn: are the links coming through nicely in the desktop app? are you getting notifications when there are new msgs?
I'm not sure about the links - have you sent any? I do get notifications
22:17:49@donblair:matrix.orgdonblair julietnpn: I just sent a couple of links, but not sure that the messages went through -- I'm on some pretty crappy wifi right now
22:18:39@julietnpn:matrix.orgjulietnpnnope, they're not coming in
22:19:07@donblair:matrix.orgdonblairhmm -- i'm also using an older verison of cabal
22:19:29@donblair:matrix.orgdonblair julietnpn: what if you do that restart trick?
22:22:16@julietnpn:matrix.orgjulietnpnOk i got them, but curiously they came in right when i started cabal in the terminal
22:22:36@donblair:matrix.orgdonblairyes, there's some interesting stuff going on around how cabal connects through the ether it seems
22:22:50@donblair:matrix.orgdonblairalso, i just switched over to a different wifi, that might've been associated
22:22:58@julietnpn:matrix.orgjulietnpnyea, that coudl be it too
22:34:55@donblair:matrix.orgdonblairooooh -- this just in -- ooooooh!
22:35:10@donblair:matrix.orgdonblairsomeone has *just* ported cabal to a web app using glitch
22:35:42@donblair:matrix.orgdonblairi think you can just navigate to this URL and test things out http://message-land.glitch.me/cabal/c6a3e1fbdc26f4a70c0394c8267f36c56802de190de1b3f663bc4913c2d15b9d
22:37:44@donblair:matrix.orgdonblairBy the way -- just realizing that ".land" is a domain. Perhaps we shoudl consider using that for projects
23:23:48@donblair:matrix.orgdonblairWe just 'remixed' the web app to use our own server -- new URL to test out is here: https://dirt-kayak.glitch.me/cabal/c6a3e1fbdc26f4a70c0394c8267f36c56802de190de1b3f663bc4913c2d15b9d
10 Dec 2018
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14 Dec 2018
18:27:39@julietnpn:matrix.orgjulietnpnHi folks, if you've published, written, or presented anything related to GOAT, can you send me a link to the paper/presentation/poster and a reference in Chicago style so I can post it on the GOAT website? Send it to my email: jnnorton@uci.edu

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