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8 Feb 2019
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19:46:37@pukeko:matrix.orgpukekoI have Resilio Sync installed on my Raspi. It worked for a long time without any problems. Since a few weeks the process suddenly stops working from time to time. It is still running but no client can connect to it anymore. The developers do not respond to any bug reports. I did not install anything on the Raspberry Pie in the last few months. What can be the reason?
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20:10:55@ignitionigel:matrix.orgNigel No idea sorry. I hate being that guy to suggest a different software, but if they’re not responding to bug reports maybe look at Syncthing instead. Helps being FOSS, I’ve been using it for years with no issue.
21:26:00@davisv7:matrix.orgdavisv7I second syncthing. I just used it to transfer over 30gb of data between multiple devices.
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22:57:47@pukeko:matrix.orgpukeko Syncthing seems not to be available for iOS, which I need too. But I will give it a try although Resilio works great, except of the recent issues on the Raspi.
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23:07:10@ignitionigel:matrix.orgNigel Ah yes I don’t use it wth my iPhone though I did find a couple of paid apps for it when I looked.
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9 Feb 2019
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10 Feb 2019
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