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29 Apr 2020
10:29:12@lub:imninja.netlubI mean you not only have to do a initial setup, you also have to do maintenance, backups, updates, ..
10:29:50@dotfmp:matrix.orgdotfmpI was told this is the place for job offers.
10:30:25@mathijs:matrix.vgorcum.comMathijsit is the correct place for job offers
10:30:38@benpa:bpulse.orgbenpa dotfmp: it is, but if you only want a server, then maybe paying for a hosted solution is better for you
10:30:56@benpa:bpulse.orgbenpaif you want any customisation then you could post that as a job offer
10:31:16@benpa:bpulse.orgbenpathe hosting options are listed at https://matrix.org/docs/projects/hosting/
10:33:13@dotfmp:matrix.orgdotfmpI am grateful for any help I get, either for free or paid! I just need to come SOON to a point where the setup is working as expected, which doesn't and I don't know if its my fault or a bug.
10:33:52@dotfmp:matrix.orgdotfmpA hosted server is no option!
In reply to @dotfmp:matrix.org
A hosted server is no option!
ok, with that in mind let me ping some folks who may not have seen your messges here
10:48:48@ptman:kapsi.fiPaul joined the room.
10:52:46@benpa:bpulse.orgbenpa changed the room topic to "A home for those interested in hiring or being hired :) https://matrix.org/docs/guides/matrix-jobs-room" from "A home for those interested in hiring or being hired :)".
30 Apr 2020
03:55:20@binarydolphin:matrix.orgbinarydolphin joined the room.
2 May 2020
18:55:53@dannixon:matrix.orgdannixon joined the room.
4 May 2020
12:10:57@jryans:matrix.orgJ. Ryan Stinnett joined the room.
5 May 2020
03:52:21@alpha3031:matrix.orgAlpha3031 joined the room.
6 May 2020
08:49:52@user:tentestserver.hopto.orgSzymek joined the room.
7 May 2020
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8 May 2020
19:37:30@svcmode:tchncs.deev changed their display name from svcmode to ev.
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10 May 2020
13:53:34@dotfmp:matrix.orgdotfmp benpa: Your recommendation is a FULL 10! Seriously! I'm very happy with his work (which is quite hard, usually)! And I learned and still learn a lot!
14:00:56@egbert:dotfmp.berlinegbert joined the room.
11 May 2020
08:41:18@benpa:bpulse.orgbenpa\o/ glad it worked out :D
23:30:59@victor:fractopia.orgvictor joined the room.
13 May 2020
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16 May 2020
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22 May 2020
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24 May 2020
17:48:19@stephen.tyers:matrix.orgstephen.tyers joined the room.
26 May 2020
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