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6 Dec 2023
@_discord_1167524073341997197:t2bot.iomveplus_21613 joined the room.08:31:07
@_discord_633967275090771971:t2bot.ioshinyzenith Finally got to this, I'll be tagging a wayshot release this month on a friday I think I'll do swhkd during that release cycle as well 16:43:19
@_discord_633967275090771971:t2bot.ioshinyzenith this will help me get to release issues quickly 16:43:26
@_discord_633967275090771971:t2bot.ioshinyzenith because we all know you can never get a release right on the first try 16:43:35
@_discord_264959394591014913:t2bot.ioimperialcoder joined the room.20:47:12
7 Dec 2023
@_discord_725241742130937897:t2bot.iome9663 Thanks. I look forward to trying it soon 00:26:15
@_discord_646003428576722955:t2bot.ioyxng_nan4k joined the room.12:46:58
@_discord_646003428576722955:t2bot.ioyxng_nan4k 12:47:20
9 Dec 2023
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10 Dec 2023
@npc_projection:matrix.orgnpc_projection joined the room.12:26:09
11 Dec 2023
@_discord_309408702530846730:t2bot.iomatrix-t2bot joined the room.16:05:45
15 Dec 2023
@_discord_758991567695642644:t2bot.iorv178 changed their profile picture.05:57:00
17 Dec 2023
@_discord_297656178358616064:t2bot.ioAngelofdollars 22:49:36
@_discord_633967275090771971:t2bot.ioshinyzenith 23:07:09
18 Dec 2023
@_discord_244233599849725963:t2bot.ioandreasbackx 15:56:45
Download image.png
@_discord_297656178358616064:t2bot.ioAngelofdollars the perils of not knowing how to make a parser at the time and making a parser anyways 😭 16:56:12
19 Dec 2023
@_discord_1148317595552993430:t2bot.iokolunmi 03:06:47
@_discord_674261595710291980:t2bot.iouncomfyhalomacro you plan to rewrite the swhkd porser? 09:01:20
@_discord_886588197562363944:t2bot.ioPerigord changed their display name from Kenough to Perigord.12:10:08
@_discord_362039402047733760:t2bot.io.eater. joined the room.15:05:09
@_discord_362039402047733760:t2bot.io.eater. 15:06:46
@_discord_362039402047733760:t2bot.io.eater. oh look it's my issue 15:06:46
@_discord_674261595710291980:t2bot.iouncomfyhalomacro hi 16:14:41
@_discord_633967275090771971:t2bot.ioshinyzenith hi, Angelo wrote the parser and I honestly have never used the syntax you're presenting so I don't knwo what the solution is 16:33:21
@_discord_633967275090771971:t2bot.ioshinyzenith I'll let Angelofdollars answer your doubt 16:33:27
@_discord_801240007511507024:t2bot.iofishyfishfish 16:37:00

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