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Fresh tunes we listen to at the shoutr labs office. You can listen to all songs at https://bit.ly/2QnJU2s1 Servers

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19 Nov 2018
10:56:09@select:matrix.orgselectThe Durutti Column - Otis https://youtu.be/V5Lreb5U87U
20 Nov 2018
10:03:49@select:matrix.orgselectPolysics - Electric Surfin' Go Go https://youtu.be/N0q0W9uJzIA
10:04:10@select:matrix.orgselectMelt Banana - A Dreamer Who Is Too Weak To Face Up To https://youtu.be/0SGLQ92z7VA
10:15:40@select:matrix.orgselectThomas Mapfumo-Shumba https://youtu.be/o-mw9U5Fq4g
17:23:24@select:matrix.orgselectMorgen - EAV https://youtu.be/hEQSiKmbsrU
22 Nov 2018
14:16:51@select:matrix.orgselectPeret - El Muerto Vivo ft. Marina "Ojos De Brujo" https://youtu.be/_iTEs-G7pB0
14:16:52@select:matrix.orgselectritmo con hache https://youtu.be/SZilYMFC72Y
14:16:52@select:matrix.orgselectMartin Roth - An Analog Guy In A Digital World https://youtu.be/OkQlrIQhUMQ
26 Nov 2018
12:52:47@select:matrix.orgselectTommy Guerrero - Perpetual [Full Album] HD https://youtu.be/rSzKm3hqhs8
14:48:44@select:matrix.orgselectMose ft. Suyana - Live at Heart Culture https://youtu.be/b5H3b_Hh0Lw
27 Nov 2018
17:22:55@select:matrix.orgselectLuke Vibert - Officers Club https://youtu.be/KBUuxIgmjXk
17:35:12@select:matrix.orgselectSleep - Dopesmoker https://youtu.be/hIw7oeZKpZc
3 Dec 2018
07:28:32@select:matrix.orgselectEarth - The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull https://youtu.be/wEiRKpflgQA
07:28:33@select:matrix.orgselectSarah Lesch - Testament - Live 2016 https://youtu.be/pBLJNe8hsKE
07:28:33@select:matrix.orgselectFerdinand Dreyssig & Marvin Hey - Coeur De La Nuit (2014 Extended Mix) https://youtu.be/X3EBACkLO2s
07:28:33@select:matrix.orgselectNausea - The Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. 2 (Full Album) https://youtu.be/_vmMacE_frU
07:28:52@select:matrix.orgselectFrance Gall - Laisse tomber les filles 1964 HD (Tele Melody) https://youtu.be/FWRCJhsz5t4
07:29:22@select:matrix.orgselectJonathan Bree - You're So Cool https://youtu.be/gxRq23qVE8A
07:35:46@select:matrix.orgselectWeihnachtszauber by Kurt Razelli https://youtu.be/57LYru4YSdc
08:07:57@select:matrix.orgselectLast Christmas - 10 hours https://youtu.be/wZkBLGYuvSA
4 Dec 2018
16:04:34@select:matrix.orgselectTommy Guerrero - Road to Knowhere [Full Album] https://youtu.be/N0LZ20ppkNo
16:04:35@select:matrix.orgselectSouleance - Georgian Kiss https://youtu.be/HtoRCBek2f4
6 Dec 2018
09:11:46@select:matrix.orgselectFu Manchu - Start The Machine (Full Album 2004) https://youtu.be/xffb86ezU1I
12:23:01@select:matrix.orgselectDAF/DOS - Zurück nach Marzahn https://youtu.be/fjbfjp88U_A
12:23:16@select:matrix.orgselectContessa Stuto - Reign in Ratchet - Prod by Proper Villains #CUNTMAFIA #COUNTCONTESSA https://youtu.be/_2wJyu6lLQE
14:17:08@select:matrix.orgselectClara Moto - Hiding In the Bottom Drawer https://youtu.be/imUsQulqonY
14:35:43@select:matrix.orgselectEsocentrica by ASD + Satori - Demobit 2017 - PC Demo (1st) - [official 1440p50] https://youtu.be/fFs4d7npoyM
10 Dec 2018
12:40:34@select:matrix.orgselectSchimmliges Brot - Foyer des Arts https://youtu.be/1uPf_wBmNNY
12:40:34@select:matrix.orgselectThe Dead South - In Hell I'll Be In Good Company [Official Music Video] https://youtu.be/B9FzVhw8_bY
12:40:35@select:matrix.orgselectLucrecia Dalt - Edge https://youtu.be/H1-NegXv9bI

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