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Fresh tunes we listen to at the shoutr labs office. You can listen to all songs at https://bit.ly/2QnJU2s1 Servers

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8 Jan 2019
@select:matrix.orgselectHardy Hard - The Silver Surfer (1999) https://youtu.be/Wi6ZG2CmHo817:34:58
14 Jan 2019
@select:matrix.orgselectOceanvs Orientalis - Tarlabasi (Be Svendsen Remix) https://youtu.be/GNA-plTAKKs14:43:21
@select:matrix.orgselect🎧 Ocean Waves On Tropical Island (Maldives) Ambience Sound, Paradise Beach Sounds For Relaxation https://youtu.be/Nep1qytq9JM14:43:22
@select:matrix.orgselectМолчат Дома - Этажи https://youtu.be/ypknY6nIDe014:43:23
@select:matrix.orgselectNina Nesbitt - Little Lion Man (David Keller Remix) https://youtu.be/rp9sYmnoFEU14:43:24
@select:matrix.orgselectWorakls - Porto (Original mix) https://youtu.be/0a5FpYAFgyo14:43:25
@select:matrix.orgselectKiasmos - Looped https://youtu.be/3ycP6FvxYFo14:43:26
@select:matrix.orgselectPremiere: Hraach – Hidden Dimension (Kora Remix) https://youtu.be/7KToEKIxKMs14:43:26
@select:matrix.orgselectRainforest Sounds - Water Sound Nature Meditation https://youtu.be/pPrO2jlay4014:43:27
@select:matrix.orgselectRecondite live @ Abbatiale de Bernay for Cercle https://youtu.be/q4ic2xA8pys14:43:27
17 Jan 2019
@select:matrix.orgselectBESTER Remix EVER 😅 | Tanzverbot + Robbe + Willboy https://youtu.be/tIy5OtJ7Xpo11:45:28
@select:matrix.orgselectThe Beatles - Don't Let Me Down https://youtu.be/NCtzkaL2t_Y11:47:12
21 Jan 2019
@select:matrix.orgselectLeah Dou - A swim in the love that you give me https://youtu.be/8l1lS-d2qFk08:07:34
@select:matrix.orgselectBläck Fööss - Männer 1989 https://youtu.be/GfhmKZsQvSY08:07:42
22 Jan 2019
@select:matrix.orgselectUntil Dawn - O' Death [Lyrics] (Original Soundtrack) https://youtu.be/9DpdyXLJiiw14:19:06
27 Jan 2019
@select:matrix.orgselectAL001 - Mind Against - Gravity https://youtu.be/bnH3Nq8owPA23:10:16
@select:matrix.orgselectBack Door - Clan Of Xymox https://youtu.be/y47PxC9u6Kc23:10:17
28 Jan 2019
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15 Mar 2019
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21 Jul 2019
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25 Aug 2019
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7 Jul 2020
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28 Sep 2020
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1 Oct 2020
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8 Nov 2020
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9 Nov 2020
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11 Mar 2021
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