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11 Jun 2017
20:32:10@aer:matrix.orgaerthere's an integrated server browser, the game is a ton ton faster
20:32:42@aer:matrix.orgaeri'm running it with double filter + mipmap + shaders + smooth light + particles + others and it runs not very jerkily
20:32:55@aer:matrix.orgaerwithout shaders it can run everything else flawlessly
20:33:13@aer:matrix.orgaerand 4x antialiasing
20:33:24@aer:matrix.orgaerand it's generally uglier
20:34:40@aer:matrix.orgaerJon ☎️: , want to chime in?
20:35:07@aer:matrix.orgaerwithout shaders and everything else to the max it runs 9 fps
20:35:19@aer:matrix.orgaerpay in mind that my gpu is from 2006 and integrated
20:36:24@aer:matrix.orgaersuperobserver: the items do not pop out, they appear in your inventory instantly
20:38:20@aer:matrix.orgaerPlayers: 405/772 Servers: 196/236
20:39:23@ueberzuschauer:matrix.org@ueberzuschauer:matrix.orgOk, cool. I might check it out some time.
20:39:36@aer:matrix.orgaercorrection: it is far uglier than MC
20:39:45@aer:matrix.orgaerall of the game weighs 10 or 15 mb
20:39:50@aer:matrix.orgaeryou can make a server from the gui
20:40:04@aer:matrix.orgaeryou don't need to download mods (no bukkit here) to play on servers, they auto download
20:41:11@aer:matrix.orgaerwait!! there are HD textures for mineetst
20:41:14@aer:matrix.orgaerHIGH hd
20:41:46@ueberzuschauer:matrix.org@ueberzuschauer:matrix.orgok, cool
20:42:44@aer:matrix.orgaerand there's a fork of the 0.3 before it turned into an engine
20:43:00@aer:matrix.orgaerwhen it just was a simple mc clone with guardians in the depths, rats amok and you could cook and even eat them
20:45:38@aer:matrix.orgaer"Voxelands was originally forked from the Minetest-C55 0.3.x codebase as a result of several core developers becoming disillusioned with the direction of Minetest 0.4. We wanted to put the fun back into the game, and stop trying to make it into an engine. "minetest_game's only purpose now is to serve as a base for people who like to mod the hell out of something". Celeron55 regarding updates to Minetest 0.4's default game."
20:54:58@aer:matrix.orgaeryou can play both
20:55:10@aer:matrix.orgaeras Voxelands only weighs aprox 13 mb
6 Jul 2017
03:10:45@ueberzuschauer:matrix.org@ueberzuschauer:matrix.org changed their profile picture.
10 Jul 2017
16:52:55@aer:matrix.orgaeri find it interesting how many channels do not change the default UI colour
18 Nov 2017
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12 Feb 2018
00:43:27@ueberzuschauer:matrix.org@ueberzuschauer:matrix.org changed their profile picture.
20 Apr 2018
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12 May 2018
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