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23 Jan 2017
04:46:23@SpEcHiDe_riot:matrix.orgShrimadhav U K changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
04:46:34@SpEcHiDe_riot:matrix.orgShrimadhav U K changed the join rule to "public" from "invite".
04:47:11Room Avatar Renderer.
04:47:20@SpEcHiDe_riot:matrix.orgShrimadhav U K set the room name to "FOSSMeet".
04:48:16@SpEcHiDe_riot:matrix.orgShrimadhav U K set the room topic to "http://FOSSMeet.in/".
26 Jan 2017
16:58:12@peeyushsrj:matrix.orgPeeyush Singh joined the room.

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