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26 Sep 2022
@_discord_224264504748408834:t2bot.ioCodename-Antares | Aurora Shill 4 lights physically? 09:49:51
@_discord_224264504748408834:t2bot.ioCodename-Antares | Aurora Shill or just 4 work of 7 physically? 09:50:08
@_discord_327515326918950912:t2bot.ioCarson I'm not 100% sure 09:50:19
@_discord_327515326918950912:t2bot.ioCarson it seems like 4 physically 09:50:28
@_discord_224264504748408834:t2bot.ioCodename-Antares | Aurora Shill have u ever checked in aura synch? 09:50:30
@_discord_327515326918950912:t2bot.ioCarson nope 09:50:40
@_discord_327515326918950912:t2bot.ioCarson oh hold on 09:50:56
@_discord_327515326918950912:t2bot.ioCarson I think I unplugged some lights to fit my AIO 09:51:07
@_discord_224264504748408834:t2bot.ioCodename-Antares | Aurora Shill can u might picture the led section? 09:51:35
@_discord_224264504748408834:t2bot.ioCodename-Antares | Aurora Shill try to understand stuff, usually it should not set up an "argb header 1-2" for onboard lights 09:52:21
@_discord_224264504748408834:t2bot.ioCodename-Antares | Aurora Shill might be a B550 thingy to have a 4 lights "ARGB prebuild part" plugged on a internal (not usuable by the user) argb header 09:54:17
@_discord_327515326918950912:t2bot.ioCarson I think this is it 09:54:43
@_discord_327515326918950912:t2bot.ioCarson probably a virtual header 09:54:54
@_discord_224264504748408834:t2bot.ioCodename-Antares | Aurora Shill not sure if this is virtual but it not matters anyway 09:57:41
@_discord_224264504748408834:t2bot.ioCodename-Antares | Aurora Shill u not care about it has 7 leds, u could edit shape in visual map, and add only 4 leds anyway 09:58:43
@_discord_355840873839460362:t2bot.ioGamerToast changed their display name from GamerToast to GamerToast#5758.16:21:45
@_discord_355840873839460362:t2bot.ioGamerToast changed their profile picture.16:24:15
@_discord_355840873839460362:t2bot.ioGamerToast changed their display name from GamerToast#5758 to GamerToast.16:24:16
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg Save patterns for various effects, they will appear in layers 21:36:02
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg Exemple: save a gradient wave pattern + a white breathing, multiply them in layers 21:36:45
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg You are not dumb, i guess 😀 the graphical interface could be more intuitive 21:38:42
27 Sep 2022
@_discord_673198402342879237:t2bot.iotrulicups#5477 changed their profile picture.12:53:50
@_discord_506899611332509697:t2bot.ioDIVINE#5545 changed their profile picture.18:15:09
28 Sep 2022
@_discord_431072662731882506:t2bot.ioAdrianIsDead changed their display name from AdrianIsDead to AdrianIsDead#6178.12:23:09
@_discord_431072662731882506:t2bot.ioAdrianIsDead changed their display name from AdrianIsDead#6178 to AdrianIsDead.12:23:14
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