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30 Jan 2023
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg Interesting, no idea if this can be done, wallpaper engine is closed source. 16:10:03
Download SPOILER_2023-01-30_18h33_03.png
@_discord_128906202523500545:t2bot.ioPsykill972#8715 it also can work with icue, hope you will find a way to use it with openrgb 😉 17:35:14
@_discord_671438131802800141:t2bot.ioTheRogueZeta#0120 Is it better to add the OpenRGB SDK to Wallpaper engine? Either way Razer means potential game integration as well. 18:12:47
@_discord_671438131802800141:t2bot.ioTheRogueZeta#0120 🤷‍♂️ ask them to add support then. IDK. Either way does work. 18:31:52
@_discord_176019265659338763:t2bot.iodiogotr7 you could replicate Aurora and Artemis's Chroma grabber as an openRGB plugin fairly easily 18:39:33
@_discord_214930545027579906:t2bot.ioCalcProgrammer1#4006 that would be nice 18:40:10
@_discord_176019265659338763:t2bot.iodiogotr7 We kept the source of this private in case Razer tried to break it again (they have broken our methods twice, i think) 18:41:07
@_discord_176019265659338763:t2bot.iodiogotr7 but as long as their official "Chroma Emulator" app is supported, the method will work., 18:41:23
@_discord_176019265659338763:t2bot.iodiogotr7 we reverse engineered it because razer left debug symbols on one release of this emulator application 18:41:46
@_discord_321044903029374976:t2bot.iobluu#2284 changed their profile picture.20:16:04
@_discord_630048062072684569:t2bot.ioshandoosheri Would be cool to have openrgb emulate the razer sdk directly. 20:56:01
@_discord_214930545027579906:t2bot.ioCalcProgrammer1#4006 Not really possible as Razer signs the DLL 20:57:09
@_discord_176019265659338763:t2bot.iodiogotr7 I think he means emulate the sdkservice 20:57:21
@_discord_214930545027579906:t2bot.ioCalcProgrammer1#4006 so you could make a drop-in DLL but it wouldn't work with games that check the signature 20:57:21
@_discord_214930545027579906:t2bot.ioCalcProgrammer1#4006 but yeah doing what Aurora/Artemis do would be a neat plugin 20:57:37
@_discord_176019265659338763:t2bot.iodiogotr7 Yeah that makes more sense I think 20:57:48
@_discord_176019265659338763:t2bot.iodiogotr7 I can talk with the guy that wrote it originally about opening up the repo 20:58:00
@_discord_214930545027579906:t2bot.ioCalcProgrammer1#4006 would be nice if it worked in Wine 20:58:15
@_discord_176019265659338763:t2bot.iodiogotr7 I don't see the point in being scared about razer anymore 20:58:24
@_discord_214930545027579906:t2bot.ioCalcProgrammer1#4006 no idea if the DLL side puts the data in shared memory or w/e 20:58:26
@_discord_176019265659338763:t2bot.iodiogotr7 In short all it does is read Memory mapped files 20:58:34
@_discord_176019265659338763:t2bot.iodiogotr7 Waits a couple wait handles and holds a couple mutexes as well 20:58:55
@_discord_176019265659338763:t2bot.iodiogotr7 Simple win32 stuff. Not sure how wine deals with 20:59:05
@_discord_176019265659338763:t2bot.iodiogotr7 The service does 20:59:18
@_discord_176019265659338763:t2bot.iodiogotr7 I'm not sure what the dll does, I think it just sends commands to the service in some way 20:59:32
@_discord_214930545027579906:t2bot.ioCalcProgrammer1#4006 so the communication between DLL and service is unknown, but the service puts the data into a memory mapped file 21:00:18
@_discord_176019265659338763:t2bot.iodiogotr7 Yes, which we know the name and data structures for 21:00:38
@_discord_176019265659338763:t2bot.iodiogotr7 It's several memory mapped files, with different data in each 21:00:51
@_discord_176019265659338763:t2bot.iodiogotr7 One for keyboard data, one for mouse, etc, and one for app info about what is using the sdk. 21:01:10

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