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17 May 2022
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg i'm not sure to know what max brightness you are referring to 16:28:43
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg is this a setting of AudioVisualizer? 16:28:47
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Download unknown.png
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg Theres no way to merge them, what you can do though is setting some of your controllers in an orgb profile, the rest in an EE profile 19:24:57
@_discord_219242320912973825:t2bot.iokatosabi actually, this is really weird 19:25:07
@_discord_219242320912973825:t2bot.iokatosabi it's using less PKG power with ORB open and minimized than minimized to tray 19:25:31
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg Yep 19:25:34
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg Qt behaves weirdly when it comes to rendering 19:25:59
@_discord_219242320912973825:t2bot.iokatosabi it does NOT like being in the tray lol 19:26:14
@_discord_219242320912973825:t2bot.iokatosabi it's 2.6W minimized 19:26:26
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg Im not able to tell why 19:26:37
@_discord_219242320912973825:t2bot.iokatosabi hard to say if it's an EE/VM problem or base ORGB 19:28:09
@_discord_219242320912973825:t2bot.iokatosabi disabling EE and VM and minimizing to tray makes PKG power 2.0W 19:28:32
@_discord_219242320912973825:t2bot.iokatosabi with EE enabled and VM disabled and minimized to tray, it's at 6W 19:30:05
@_discord_219242320912973825:t2bot.iokatosabi my uneducated guess is that when it's hidden by minimizing to tray, it's actually still rendering, whereas when it's minimized to taskbar it stops 19:35:47
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@_discord_224264504748408834:t2bot.ioCodename-Antares | Aurora Shill inside audio visualizer u can set the value of min brightness 21:10:01
@_discord_224264504748408834:t2bot.ioCodename-Antares | Aurora Shillunknown.png
Download unknown.png
@_discord_224264504748408834:t2bot.ioCodename-Antares | Aurora Shill i miss it for max 21:10:20
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