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1 Dec 2023
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 I not good in math 18:21:37
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg7672 Perlin noise may help here 18:21:41
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg7672 (Same one used in noise map effect) 18:22:49
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 But unable to draw wavy effects 18:24:13
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg7672 Same as linear, but vertical ? 18:24:14
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 Yes 18:24:15
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg7672 Nice 18:24:17
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 I tried to use radial as reference 18:24:28
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 But can’t make it right 18:24:39
Download IMG_9420.jpg
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 This is the best I can do 18:25:45
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 By offsetting the center_x to zone_height 18:26:52
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 I’m looking for effects like 18:30:16
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 /\ /\
/ / \
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg7672 Trying to reproduce the effect from signalrgb? 18:31:06
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 Yes 18:31:52
Download IMG_9423.png
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg7672 If so, glsl (shaders) is the way to go 18:31:55
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 I can’t code cpp, definitely can’t code glsl 18:32:33
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 Audio sync is the closest, look alike effects 18:33:38
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg7672 I have litteraly zero time to work on openrgb currently. Work, work, work, IRL stuff. 18:34:06
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg7672 Juanuray calendar is pretty much empty though 👍 18:35:27
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 18:35:33
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 Can you rebase the text effect branch 18:36:30
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg7672 I can merge it as is, buggy.. 😬 18:49:00
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg7672 Rebase without merging is an option as well, wont hurt 18:50:04
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg7672 I will rebase it if theres no huge conflicts a bit mater today 18:50:42
@_discord_281034481773707264:t2bot.iomorg7672 * I will rebase it if theres no huge conflicts a bit later today 18:50:47
2 Dec 2023
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 i try to checkout text-effect but
fatal: not a git repository: ../../.git/modules/Dependencies/inja
fatal: could not reset submodule index
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 https://gitlab.com/OpenRGBDevelopers/OpenRGBEffectsPlugin/-/merge_requests/295
morg7672 add vertical linear and half radial to audiosync

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