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This is a room for open discussion on any religious topic including philosophical works and general non-religious related Philosophy. History buffs are welcome. We do not care what you believe, but we do expect you to be respectful of other people's beliefs andkeep an open mind. Bigotry will not be tolerated. Political Science discussions should relate to religion or philosophy in some form or fashion but partisan fighting will not be tolerated. NO PORN, NO PERSONAL ATTACKS, NO EXCESSIVE CURSING, NO CONSPIRACY THEORIES Tags: #christian #buddhist #religion #spirituality #catholic #orthodox #taoist #hindu # shamanism46 Servers

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26 Jan 2022
@goyimnose:redpilled.worldⓖOY,I'M NOSEhmm15:36:26
@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson M: you would hurt the feelings of Casper the Friendly Ghost to suggest that all ghosts are liars 15:37:03
@m:pwn.chatMi certainly wouldn't read a book written by Casper 15:37:26
@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. RobinsonRemember a story about a man who encounters a ghost and so he asked the ghost what is death like to which the ghost replies oh don't worry about it it's perfectly safe.15:39:37
@neevo:redpilled.worldneevocasper isn't actually as friendly as people think15:46:47
@neevo:redpilled.worldneevoI would say shyness is what he maxxed out as an attribute15:47:00
@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson
In reply to @neevo:redpilled.world
casper isn't actually as friendly as people think
Oh boy Casper's going to be pissed at you he's going to haunt you.
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@soylent_cow:matrix.orgsoylent_cowa ghost is a kind of unincorporated spirit, methinks15:52:47
@neevo:redpilled.worldneevolike an unincorporated town15:53:06
@soylent_cow:matrix.orgsoylent_cowmmmm, no, more like body-less15:53:20
@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson
In reply to @neevo:redpilled.world
like an unincorporated town
Only if it's a ghost town
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In reply to @goodfellowpuch:matrix.org
Only if it's a ghost town
^Me in the hat
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@goyimnose:redpilled.worldⓖOY,I'M NOSE
In reply to @goodfellowpuch:matrix.org
sent an image.
Voltaire was a freemason 😳
@goyimnose:redpilled.worldⓖOY,I'M NOSEDo you buy into the illumination of freemasonry or do you think that newer happened, with Adam Weishaupt? 17:50:10
@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. RobinsonThere was a time I was on LSD in which I was having intense audio hallucinations of a very otherworldly kind which couldn't possibly have had its source within anything in the physical environment, but there was a friend with me who was not on any drug but started hearing the same thing. On another occasion I was with a friend neither one of us were on any mind-altering substance and yet we did have what may be called a paranormal experience. My friend was driving his car in which I was a passenger. We were out on a country road no other car insight. However there was what appeared to be a man on a bicycle traveling in the same direction. As we got closer my friend pulled more to the center of the road in order to give the bicyclist more room. As we pulled parallel to the bicyclist and I was looking straight at him he abruptly disappeared. My first thought thereafter was that I must have hallucinated. Then I recall that my friend seemingly was responding to said phenomena. So I asked him, " did you see..." but before I finished the question he responded saying, " yes I did!" After some moment of silence we proceeded to process our shared experience. He said it was a ghost. I called it a telepathically shared hallucination.18:10:22
@goyimnose:redpilled.worldⓖOY,I'M NOSEWow that reads like a creepypasta18:11:47
@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson
In reply to @goyimnose:redpilled.world
Do you buy into the illumination of freemasonry or do you think that newer happened, with Adam Weishaupt?
That's a complicated question. Historians associate the Illuminati with the bovarian Illuminati as founded by Weishaupt. It was founded with in a masonic lodge in Germany and did have a political mission to replicate the American Revolution throughout Europe to replace the old monarchies with Republican government. However this Illuminati was declared illegal and shutdown and if there after disappears from history but there's some notion that at least some of the people involved in that Illuminati became part of the French Revolution at least in its early stages.
@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. RobinsonHowever that was not the first Illuminati. The term simply means to be illuminated or to be enlightened and some have suggested that you can trace it back to the sufis. At the same time the Inner Circle of the rosicrucians are also called the Illuminati and they had nothing directly to do with the political efforts to produce Republican governments as the rosicrucians have as their mission the moral perfection of the soul and less concern with the politics of the material world18:17:59
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27 Jan 2022
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