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17 Apr 2021
@steiner47:matrix.orgsteiner47Natural selection is not a problem, too. It can be observed18:57:51
@steiner47:matrix.orgsteiner47I think the main problem with evolution lies in the source of new information that occur within the organism18:58:06
@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson* Or do you have some other notion of evolution in mind?18:58:12
@steiner47:matrix.orgsteiner47They justify it by saying "random mutations"18:58:24
@steiner47:matrix.orgsteiner47My question: has it been observed that random mutations can add new informations to organisms?18:58:45
@steiner47:matrix.orgsteiner47How did we know this?18:58:58
@steiner47:matrix.orgsteiner47What if they are not random in the sense that it is an adaptablity feature in the organism itself?18:59:15
@steiner47:matrix.orgsteiner47i.e: it is a biological feature hidden in its DNA18:59:33
@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. RobinsonTeleology is a theory that Aristotle discusses which some people apply to evolution. It's one way to possibly account for the directionality that evolution may appear to have19:00:42
@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinsonhttps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darwin's_Black_Box19:02:18
@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. RobinsonThis is a book written by a biochemist which argues against the notion that random mutation can be an Effective cause for patterns of evolution19:03:25
@steiner47:matrix.orgsteiner47So, what is the conclusion from all of this?19:04:11
@steiner47:matrix.orgsteiner47What does evolution state? If random mutations are excluded from its theory, then evolution is just natural selection19:04:34
@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. RobinsonHe seems to favor the theory of intelligent design but not in theological terms but more in line with Aristotle's idea of teleos19:05:24
@steiner47:matrix.orgsteiner47ok? then...?19:05:47
@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinson
In reply to @steiner47:matrix.org
i.e: it is a biological feature hidden in its DNA
Perhaps you can elaborate on what you mean by this. How would there be hidden features within the DNA? Are you suggesting that DNA has within itself the full range of all possibilities or something like that
@steiner47:matrix.orgsteiner47Let's say that bacteria started showing immunity against an antibiotic.19:08:00
@steiner47:matrix.orgsteiner47Instead of saying the bacteria has evolved and changed its DNA, What if the bacteria has an adaption for high levels of sality or pH?19:08:51
@steiner47:matrix.orgsteiner47Some of the bacteria that did not adapt well, simply died. The other survived using the genes inside their DNA.19:10:04
@steiner47:matrix.orgsteiner47They have not evolved19:10:07
@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. RobinsonIf bacteria were eternal perhaps that would make sense but in terms of evolutionary theory you have to account for the fact that bacteria emerged from something other than itself. Different species have different DNA, that's one way you can differentiate one species from another19:13:01
@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. RobinsonDarwin's whole concern was the Origins of Species. How is it that new life-forms come into existence with DNA that differentiates itself from other life forms?19:14:38
@goodfellowpuch:matrix.orgDr. Robinsonhttps://plato.stanford.edu/entries/teleology-biology/21:20:42
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