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21 Jan 2022
@neopenk:matrix.orgneopenkin this post he is complaining that the video isn't downloading properly15:13:06
@neopenk:matrix.orgneopenkI want to get only the first minute of an hour-long video with yt-dlp15:13:21
@astarael:fairydust.spaceAstaraelI'm suere there's a way to use timestamps15:13:59
@astarael:fairydust.spaceAstaraelyou can check the manpage15:14:23
@neopenk:matrix.orgneopenkI read it15:14:49
@neopenk:matrix.orgneopenkI mean, I searched through it15:15:12
In reply to @astarael:fairydust.space
is yt-dlp going to replace yt-dl soon?
youtube-dl is dead so its already replaced it
@astarael:fairydust.spaceAstaraelbut a lot of other applications still use yt-dl15:18:10
@astarael:fairydust.spaceAstaraellike persepolis15:18:13
@the-repo-club:kde.orgARCH.THEREPO.CLUBdoesnt seem like it has a length falg15:19:07
In reply to @astarael:fairydust.space
but a lot of other applications still use yt-dl
symlink it
@the-repo-club:kde.orgARCH.THEREPO.CLUB neopenk: seems like it out downloads 1 min sections anyways then slices them together aftere 15:27:17
@the-repo-club:kde.orgARCH.THEREPO.CLUBatleast thats what mine is doing15:27:35
@neopenk:matrix.orgneopenkhere it's downloading all at once15:42:53
@neopenk:matrix.orgneopenkI think I may have found a way to do it, but you still need to download the entire thing15:43:11
Download image.png
@neopenk:matrix.orgneopenk(yeah that works)18:28:54

Anybody know anything about xpra?
I've been using a running a persistent xpra server for a long time on a Pi 3 (https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Xpra#Run_applications_in_a_persistent_xpra_server_on_the_remote_host) but it recently stopped working:

$ xpra start :7                                                                       Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/xpra", line 5, in <module>
    from xpra.platform import init, set_default_name
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'xpra'
@spacemanspiffy:matrix.orgspacemanspiffyHmm, oddly enough, downgrading python fixed it: 3.10.1-2 => 3.9.7-2.1 Not sure where to report this bug to though21:38:05
@imabritishcow:bcow.xyzimabritishcowyea Python breaks a lot with you update23:43:21
@imabritishcow:bcow.xyzimabritishcowfound their GitHub https://github.com/Xpra-org/xpra23:43:22
@imabritishcow:bcow.xyzimabritishcowi would try to find an alternative that isnt in Python though23:43:35
22 Jan 2022
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23 Jan 2022
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24 Jan 2022
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@jamess7995:matrix.organkelbiter12Is this is an okay place to ask for help with getting nginx proxy manager to see these docker containers for nextcloud and plex, internalIP:hostPort works, but NPM can't seem to make a site from it04:02:16

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