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17 Sep 2019
17:35:16@_oftc_sva:matrix.orgsvano, its something different
17:35:27@_oftc_sva:matrix.orgsva still dont know what "biaw" means
17:35:58@_oftc_fragger_fox:matrix.orgfragger_foxback in a while, I suppose
17:36:17@_oftc_sva:matrix.orgsvahttps://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=BIAW nothing fits actually
17:36:47@_oftc_sva:matrix.orgsvafragger_fox: he wrote it before but wasnt gone then ;)
17:37:22@_oftc_fructase:matrix.orgfructasebrick-NetBSD$ wtf biaw
17:37:23@_oftc_fructase:matrix.orgfructaseBIAW: back in a while
17:52:37@_oftc_sva:matrix.orgsva dont get me wrong, i am very glad that someone takes initiative. but a second "rich folks do some hacking with cocktails and AC at the beach" makes me super duper sad.
17:57:11@_oftc_kondi:matrix.orgkondi "privileged folks do some hacking at an empty air field, with shiny lights, music, drugs and alcohol, and sleep in tents"
17:58:32@_oftc_sva:matrix.orgsvakondi: yeah, thats not hackbeach though
17:58:54@_oftc_sva:matrix.orgsvakondi: or what are you referring to?
17:59:04@_oftc_sva:matrix.orgsvabtw, air field?
17:59:17@_oftc_kondi:matrix.orgkondi got reminded of a similar event I've been told about.. might not be accurate to the t
17:59:40@_oftc_sva:matrix.orgsvaand I AM SAD about camp, and was close to boycott it in total and did lots of stuff on site to raise awareness amongst our teams.
18:00:38@_oftc_sva:matrix.orgsvaand I feel responsible NOT to have it at that location (which is not an airfield) again in 4 years.
18:00:49@_oftc_sva:matrix.orgsvabut still, what has it to do with hackbeach though?
18:09:22@_oftc_fructase:matrix.orgfructase sva: I think at this point I have to understand that you are calling Alex and Jo, who you don't know "privileged"
18:09:54@_oftc_fructase:matrix.orgfructase sva: if that is your perception, the way to solve this is to find someone you think is "not privileged" and get them to do 1) 2) & 3)
18:10:32@_oftc_fructase:matrix.orgfructase (since you say you can't do this yourself and are implying that you are not privileged.)
18:12:26@_oftc_sva:matrix.orgsvai am privileged and i never said the opposite
18:13:08@_oftc_sva:matrix.orgsva but then, even if i would have the time (and money) i wouldnt want to spend 2k per night, even as a "priviledged"
18:14:47@_oftc_fructase:matrix.orgfructase ok, so then you're not, because you say you're not coming, right ?
18:15:22@_oftc_sva:matrix.orgsvai am not what?
18:16:02@_oftc_fructase:matrix.orgfructase <sva> fructase: i've told already many many times that I cant come this year
18:16:05@_oftc_fructase:matrix.orgfructase [17:24]
18:23:41@_oftc_sva:matrix.orgsva < fructase> ok, so then you're not, because you say you're not coming, right ? ==>> i am not what?
18:23:58@_oftc_fructase:matrix.orgfructasenot spending 2k

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