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16 Aug 2022
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17 Aug 2022
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18 Aug 2022
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24 Aug 2022
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@nichos:matrix.org@nichos:matrix.orgHi everyone. Quick question-i understand everything is encrypted, but does the data transfer direct between nodes, or through other nodes on the network?00:20:26
@andrew:matrix.reticu.liAndrew It is direct unless direct connection cannot be made, in which case it goes through relays. You can disable relay use if you want. 00:22:42
@nichos:matrix.org@nichos:matrix.org Thanks Andrew 02:57:55
@nichos:matrix.org@nichos:matrix.orgOther than announcing I have syncthing running on an IP, are there any other security issues with joining the global relays?02:58:25
@andrew:matrix.reticu.liAndrewNow you've already reached the limit of my knowledge about relays. 🙂 You can check the documentation and ask on the forum for a better answer.03:00:57
@nichos:matrix.org@nichos:matrix.orglol, in my head it works like bittorrent, but im sure im way off 🙂 03:01:45
@nichos:matrix.org@nichos:matrix.orgobviously i dont want anyone to see what im syncing03:02:05
@andrew:matrix.reticu.liAndrew Eventually perhaps there will be enough Syncthing experts in this room to answer questions quickly and accurately, but it's new and we'll have to see. 03:02:12
@nichos:matrix.org@nichos:matrix.organd i have the port open on my router03:02:12
@nichos:matrix.org@nichos:matrix.orgWell I appreciate the help thus far03:02:27
@andrew:matrix.reticu.liAndrew The way data transfers between peers is BitTorrent like in that they all contribute blocks of the files to contribute bandwidth. 03:03:02
@nichos:matrix.org@nichos:matrix.orgthere has to be a central "entry" point to join the relay right? Like, everyone must connect to syncthing.net to get a list of active relays (or something)03:04:00
@andrew:matrix.reticu.liAndrewThere is some kind of bootstrapping that relies on one or more static starting points by default03:06:04

so the relay knows your IP and device ID. In that respect it is similar to a discovery server. The relay operator can see the amount of traffic flowing between devices.

@nichos:matrix.org@nichos:matrix.orgthanks again for your help03:07:27
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30 Aug 2022
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18 Oct 2022
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21 Oct 2022
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6 Nov 2022
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11 Nov 2022
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16 Nov 2022
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