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24 Jun 2022
@_slack_hotosm_UUQJE5K28:matrix.orgGihan I can ask in the Missing Maps channel if there is anything they can tell us about what e.g. RC and MSF need. 14:23:04
@_slack_hotosm_U2LKW2AR1:matrix.orgPaul Uithol This also oddly seems to assume the earthquake didn't want to travel into Pakistan? 14:28:27
@_slack_hotosm_U2LKW2AR1:matrix.orgPaul Uithol I'm wondering how that could possibly be the case if you see that impact map from Alcis shared above? Epicenter is right on the border 15:04:34
@_slack_hotosm_U2LKW2AR1:matrix.orgPaul Uithol (or are we mostly seeing the effects of local laws & regulations against mapping here?) 15:05:51
@_slack_hotosm_U03LB8Y8534:matrix.orgRisham Habib I thought it was odd too. The news sources are reporting different casualties between 1-30 people with damages to two houses. Reliefweb reports "In Pakistan, one person died, and two houses have been damaged in Lakki Marwat District (southern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), following the seismic event." 15:18:24
@_slack_hotosm_U03LB8Y8534:matrix.orgRisham Habib I think more information will come in the next few days, will keep you posted. 15:19:04
@_slack_hotosm_U1JS7R5UK:matrix.orgrussell.deffner FYI Activation Team leading the Afghan response - MAXAR has released imagery https://www.maxar.com/open-data/ 15:50:42
@_slack_hotosm_U022LFM6Z8B:matrix.orgJessie Pechmann Cartographers... drawing arbitrary lines on map since the dawn of time. 15:57:38
@_slack_hotosm_U022LFM6Z8B:matrix.orgJessie Pechmann So as I suspected that map is using OSM roads. 15:58:34
@_slack_hotosm_U1JS7R5UK:matrix.orgrussell.deffner Jessie and all, I'm also now in contact and looped in Mikko and Harry with Alcis 16:01:37
@_slack_hotosm_U1JS7R5UK:matrix.orgrussell.deffner If we want, I can ask for Pakistan to be included? 16:02:04
@_slack_hotosm_U022LFM6Z8B:matrix.orgJessie Pechmann Great, thanks Russ! I think including Pakistan would be worth a consideration. I also think it would be worth a look to see how much potential area is not included in that map? Or if any data improvements could be done in that area. (maybe you are already thinking this). 16:03:36
@_slack_hotosm_U1JS7R5UK:matrix.orgrussell.deffner Ah, I see the also have this webmap: https://alcisgeo.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=80dd35dcbfc84e4d8e9bd75b2124423c which does have the earthquake impact area in Pakistan, but not the analysis - I'll ask if they plan on adding or why they may not be able to... 16:38:11
@_slack_hotosm_U1JS7R5UK:matrix.orgrussell.deffner FYI - looking at the webmap recently, I see there is some of the vulnerability layer available in Pakistan, not sure it'd be enough to create a project but I also asked if we could get the whole impact area in Pakistan so will let you know if I here back. 17:08:33
@_slack_hotosm_U1JS7R5UK:matrix.orgrussell.deffnerRedacted or Malformed Event18:04:38
25 Jun 2022
@_slack_hotosm_UEG6U69L6:matrix.orgHarry Mahardhika M Risham Habib Gihan we can share the tasking manager project for Afghanistan Earthquake to our social media. The person in the country said it's okay to do that. Thank you 02:34:25
@_slack_hotosm_U01CATJ28E8:matrix.orgKraan46 Harry Mahardhika M Reminder. See previous message. Thank you for taking care. 04:24:55
@_slack_hotosm_U01CATJ28E8:matrix.orgKraan46 [June 25th, 2022 9:46 AM] meteko46: To whom it may concern. Added following comment in the project chat of project https://tasks.hotosm.org/projects/12867/tasks?sortBy=date. Sorry to have to report the following finding experienced during validation and mapping (as an example, validation of task https://tasks.hotosm.org/projects/12867/tasks?search=765 required 50 minutes of validation work = adjusting, completing and writing comments to the mappers): In my opinion this project is not suitable for mapping by beginner mappers. I can understand that this choice was made to get a virtual fast progress and to be able to publish nice comments on the social media. This puts however an unnecessary burden on the shoulders of the validators. I could of course have invalidated this task but my experience shows that it will be probably picked up by the next new mapper with the well known result. I have no illusions that this will be taken in consideration. Or will it? 08:05:44
@_slack_hotosm_U3UJ0ASS2:matrix.orgr_aytoun Hi Willy Kraan46, in this circumstance I would strongly suggest that you do invalidate instead of remapping the task. I can put forward a stronger request if too many tasks are being invalidated with comments like yours. 16:32:03
@bijaygosain:matrix.orgbj changed their display name from bj g to bk.20:00:20
@bijaygosain:matrix.orgbj changed their display name from bk to bj.20:00:42
26 Jun 2022
@_slack_hotosm_U01CATJ28E8:matrix.orgKraan46 Harry Mahardhika M sorry to have to send you a reminder of my previous messages here and in the project chat: there is still no action on the request to specify which roads to map and to include tagging guidelines in the instructions. May i ask for your assistance to clear this topic. Or if you do not agree please let me know. It feels uncomfortable to get not a single response. 06:37:32
@_slack_hotosm_U01CNEBJTEH:matrix.orgClaudio de los Reyes Nice, already available the link on the landing page too 08:07:06
@_slack_hotosm_U01CNEBJTEH:matrix.orgClaudio de los Reyes Would like to hear Paul Uithol on this, but I think this would be good. 08:09:27
@_slack_hotosm_UEG6U69L6:matrix.orgHarry Mahardhika M Hi Kraan46 I am sorry for the late reply. Thanks for your contribution so far. Regarding your question, let me check with the community first about it and get back to you asap. Thank you 08:16:14
@_slack_hotosm_U2LKW2AR1:matrix.orgPaul Uithol Yes, definitely good to see if there's any actual users for whatever we do - or that can provide contextual information 13:03:08
27 Jun 2022
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29 Jun 2022
@_slack_hotosm_USLACKBOT:matrix.orgSlackbot Reminder: Hi all @room - are you prepared for tomorrow's AWG meeting? Review the agenda in Trello (https://trello.com/b/ogU4Wjd6/hot-activation-wg) :hot: 14:00:16
@_slack_hotosm_U02SC88TEBE:matrix.orgOsita Kingsley thanks 14:05:35
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