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31 Aug 2023
@_slack_hotosm_UASPEDFPS:matrix.orgBryan Sayer One issue (that I am not sure we can tell yet) is how much mapping is done in a "day". Personally, I can only do a little at a time. My eyes just won't take it. But anyway, it is possible for two (or more) people to actually do the same amount of "mapping" but have vastly different day counts. 18:38:56
@_slack_hotosm_U3UJ0ASS2:matrix.orgr_aytoun That is true which is why I want to look deeper into this. But if they are not mapping at all then this does not apply. 18:40:51
@_slack_hotosm_UASPEDFPS:matrix.orgBryan Sayer I think it is possible to tell the number of "squares" mapped, if I am reading the output from the person whose name is escaping me at the moment. Definitely correct about the "no mapping". 18:41:31
@_slack_hotosm_U3UJ0ASS2:matrix.orgr_aytoun I am also comparing the task completion days on the Tasking Manager with the OSM mapping days on the Neis website 18:43:26
@_slack_hotosm_U3UJ0ASS2:matrix.orgr_aytoun Some mappers have been mapping but not marking a task as complete. 18:44:05
@_slack_hotosm_UASPEDFPS:matrix.orgBryan Sayer I am guilty of that. not being sure if it is complete or not 18:44:49
@_slack_hotosm_U3UJ0ASS2:matrix.orgr_aytoun Please do not use the word Guilty, it makes it sound like you are doing something wrong. You definitely are not. 18:45:46
@_slack_hotosm_UASPEDFPS:matrix.orgBryan Sayer thanks. i still do it though 18:47:10
@_slack_hotosm_U3UJ0ASS2:matrix.orgr_aytoun Moving on to Existing Projects https://trello.com/c/5MD0P10Z/114-existing-project-not-mapping-see-projects-column-list-updates 18:47:49
@_slack_hotosm_U3UJ0ASS2:matrix.orgr_aytoun Still need any feedback on the Terms of Reference 18:48:28
@_slack_hotosm_U01H266GAP8:matrix.orgTony Bendell I will have a few reads through this week. 18:49:51
@_slack_hotosm_U3UJ0ASS2:matrix.orgr_aytoun Is there any other business? 18:51:49
@_slack_hotosm_U01H266GAP8:matrix.orgTony Bendell Not from me. 18:53:16
@_slack_hotosm_UASPEDFPS:matrix.orgBryan Sayer nothing from me right now, though I may message Ralph Friday to see what we still want regarding the analysis of mapping activity 18:54:25
@_slack_hotosm_U3UJ0ASS2:matrix.orgr_aytoun OK. Thank you Jessie, Tony, Bryan and anyone lurking in the background. I will call this meeting to a close at 19:55 BST 18:55:32
@_slack_hotosm_U01H266GAP8:matrix.orgTony Bendell Thanks for the meeting everyone 👋 18:56:00
@_slack_hotosm_UASPEDFPS:matrix.orgBryan Sayer Have a good weekend (and holiday weekend if you are in the U.S.) 18:56:26
@_slack_hotosm_U3UJ0ASS2:matrix.orgr_aytoun 👋 18:57:21
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7 Sep 2023
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9 Sep 2023
@irdiiis:matrix.orgIrdiGood morning! A huge earthquake hit Morocco in midnight and has caused 600 victims so far. Is there gonna be a task opened soon?08:05:29
13 Sep 2023
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14 Sep 2023
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15 Sep 2023
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23 Sep 2023
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