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8 Apr 2020
In reply to @Tversteeg:matrix.org
Well it depends on what your definition of "developing" is
Achieving more Rust adoption in gamedev, I suppose
@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteegIf I have an itch to scratch or something I need I'll just create a new library/tool18:18:13
@wodann:matrix.org@wodann:matrix.orgAAA-adoption is still a long way off - if ever 😋18:18:40
@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteegThe only thing I would love to see is to have a library like minifb or pixels where I can draw individual pixels but also with WASM support18:19:05
@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteegWhat do you feel that's missing?18:19:45
@wodann:matrix.org@wodann:matrix.orgIt's not per se what is missing, but the industry's dependency on legacy C++ code bases18:20:02
@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteegAre you a part of the industry?18:20:17
@wodann:matrix.org@wodann:matrix.orgYes. I've previously worked in indie gamedev, then VR, and recently signed with Ubisoft. Unfortunately covid has meant that I need to wait a little longer before I can move there..18:21:06
@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteegOh that's cool, will you do Rust stuff at Ubisoft?18:21:32
@wodann:matrix.org@wodann:matrix.orgAt work, maybe a little in the margins but not very likely for core projects. Mostly C++. In my spare time, I won't do any other system programming language than Rust, though18:23:08
@ozkriff:matrix.orgAndrey @ozkriff Lesnikovmy status regarding gamedev wg stuff: just released the newsletter, going to look into https://github.com/rust-gamedev/arewegameyet/issues/289 and https://github.com/rust-gamedev/arewegameyet/issues/261 during the following weeks18:23:24
@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteeg Wodann: That's the same situation I'm in at the moment, still looking for that full-time Rust job but it's hard to find 18:23:54
@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteeg Andrey @ozkriff Lesnikov: I saw the Rust newsletter, I really love how there's always so much content in it! 18:24:41
@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteegBy the way, what are people their opinions on licenses in regards to open source Rust projects (gamedev or otherwise)?18:26:28
@wodann:matrix.org@wodann:matrix.org I know Lokathor is a big proponent of zlib 18:29:25
@ozkriff:matrix.orgAndrey @ozkriff Lesnikovthe rust ecosystem in general leans towards apache2+mit dual licensing (https://github.com/rustgd/cgmath/issues/297)18:29:27
@aclysma:matrix.orgaclysma@tversteeg I think one of the reasons npm was so successful was because it doesn’t use restrictive licenses. So you can guess my opinion :)18:30:16
@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathorapache2|zlib is much better than apache2|mit18:30:44
@aclysma:matrix.orgaclysmaAlso +1 on the newsletter, great stuff!18:31:54
In reply to @lokathor:matrix.org
apache2|zlib is much better than apache2|mit
I like how you provide arguments in favour 🤣
@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteeg Lokathor: Why is apache2|zlib better than apache2|mit? 18:32:51
@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteegAnd why dual licensing and not single licensing?18:32:59
@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteeg * And why dual licensing and not single licensing?18:33:05
@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathorugh, frik, let me get to a desktop hold on everyone18:33:42
@ozkriff:matrix.orgAndrey @ozkriff Lesnikovwrite a blog post! :)18:34:36
@wodann:matrix.org@wodann:matrix.org Andrey @ozkriff Lesnikov: when running zola locally, is there a reason why icons etc are not showing up? 18:35:59
@wodann:matrix.org@wodann:matrix.orgi.e. the Github and Discord icons18:36:26
@ozkriff:matrix.orgAndrey @ozkriff Lesnikov Hmm, don't know. they should work fine 18:37:28
@ozkriff:matrix.orgAndrey @ozkriff Lesnikov Check if there're any errors in a browser's console 18:38:28

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