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8 Apr 2020
18:38:37@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathorOkay so
18:38:51@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathor Zlib is the best license except for the fact that it has no patent clause
18:39:01@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathorand sometimes people want that patent clause, so they use Apache-2.0
18:39:46@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathorBy "best" I mean "most permissive while also being OSI approved and also allowed for use at most major corps (I know for a fact that Google employees can work on Zlib projects, for example)"
18:41:24@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathor Now the difference between Zlib and MIT is that with Zlib you need to carry the license text forward and give credit in derivative source works but NOT binary works, so if you build a program and ship a binary you can choose to give credit regarding your Zlib dependencies but you don't need to. With MIT you must give credit and carry the license text forward for both source and binary works
18:42:19@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathorSince the average "real" rust binary project, based on my experience with cargo install, is in the 50 to 150 dependency range, and i've seen as high as 400, having to lug around a pile of licenses with a binary is just not at all helpful
18:42:50@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteegSo basically what you're looking for is a license that gives you the least amount of hassle?
18:43:07@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathoryes, i want that for myself and i also want that for my users
18:43:38@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathor i put out all my open source code under Zlib (with one GPL exception since it's based on another GPL thing and thus must be GPL of course)
18:44:00@wodann:matrix.orgWodann Andrey @ozkriff Lesnikov: Ouch. zola doesn't play nicely with localhost:1111. You need to use
In reply to@lokathor:matrix.org
i put out all my open source code under Zlib (with one GPL exception since it's based on another GPL thing and thus must be GPL of course)
I see, I put all my stuff under AGPL or GPL version 3
18:45:10@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathorWell then I don't think I'll be using your projects :P
18:45:52@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteegProbably not, but that's okay
18:51:15@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteegWhat are some tasks in the working group that need to be done?
18:52:37@ozkriff:matrix.orgAndrey @ozkriff Lesnikov Well, https://github.com/rust-gamedev/wg/issues
18:55:28@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteegI've looked through the issues before
18:55:46@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteegEverything that's done is there?
18:56:00@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathoryes that's our nexus of coordination
18:56:50@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathorAt the high level the summary is that we need educational resources (books and blogs on "how to do X in rust") and we also need ecosystem/language maturity (crates for X and language support for X)
18:57:35@aclysma:matrix.orgaclysmaThere was a survey on things people would like the workgroup to do, tutorials was really high
18:58:21@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteegOk cool, I can maybe help out with that, although I'm a terrible writer
18:58:46@aclysma:matrix.orgaclysmaSo you could of course look into whatever you take interest in, but nothing jumps out, you could do some tutorials/samples for whatever you are interested in
19:02:08@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathor @tversteeg: whatever you know how to do in rust, write it down.
19:02:39@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathorjust start writing it down, it doesn't have to be good code, it doesn't have to be good explanations of what's going on
19:03:07@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathorit's difficult to just put things out there when you don't feel like you really know it, but just get into the motion of doing it and keep practicing
19:03:25@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteegThat's good advice, thanks!
19:03:43@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathorpeople will see it and they might know how to make the code better, or they might know how to make your explanation better, and then it just improves slowly like that
19:04:05@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteegThe fact that I'm terrible at it just means I need to do it more
19:04:34@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathor if you want I can get you added as a person with a repo in the rust-turorials github group once you think you're ready to try, or you can just start in a repo in your own github account too
19:05:48@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteegI would like that, I think that would motivate me more :)

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