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15 Jan 2020
19:07:32@aclysma:matrix.orgaclysma@ralith do you think a ktx2 crate should be “owned” by the wg or should the wg just point to someone’s ktx2 crate?
19:08:59@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathormacbook obtained
In reply to @aclysma:matrix.org
@ralith do you think a ktx2 crate should be “owned” by the wg or should the wg just point to someone’s ktx2 crate?
I don't know what exactly is accomplished by the wg owning things
19:33:14@aclysma:matrix.orgaclysmaCool, my personal opinion is that the wg should focus on things that can only be done by the wg, and that if something can be done by an individual or group of individuals, that’s the better way to go.
19:33:26@ralith:ralith.comRalithI think it's in the wg's interest that it exists and is good, as it's a very broadly useful foundational tool, but I don't know what, if anything, the wg can do to help that happen
19:34:42@aclysma:matrix.orgaclysmaKeeping a list of “file format” crates seems like an appropriate thing to do but might be redundant with arewegameyet
19:36:21@aclysma:matrix.orgaclysmaI think another thing this wg could do well is help connect people interested in working on a “thing” with others who have experience with that “thing”
19:37:11@aclysma:matrix.orgaclysmaIndustry professionals, in some cases possibly
19:40:09@aclysma:matrix.orgaclysma It will probably need to wait until I get home or possibly the weekend but I was thinking about listing a bunch of examples of things this wg could do (some meant as positive examples and some negative) in the github task that mentioned changing the charter
19:41:36@aclysma:matrix.orgaclysma Then people can weigh in on things they think are good/bad and we can find a consensus on what kinds of things this wg should do. Then we can consider if the charter should be changed or not.
16 Jan 2020
04:41:36@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathor the problem is, all things can be done by individuals
05:58:29@ralith:ralith.comRalithis that a problem?
06:08:57@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathorwell, it's a problem if "push things that individuals can do out of the group and onto individuals" is taken up as a goal
06:09:53@ralith:ralith.comRalith"encourage people to make things" seems like a fine principle
06:10:19@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathorsorta, but when people are working alone they tend to lose enthuseasm
06:10:27@ralith:ralith.comRalithI don't know that the group, as a unit, has the resources to own development of significant software
06:10:28@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathorand then just do random stuff
06:10:41@ralith:ralith.comRalithlike, I'd love to have a rust-native Basis Universal implementation, but I'm not gunna write one unless it's sponsored
06:29:59@aclysma:matrix.orgaclysma As far as “all things can be done by individuals” I think there are things this wg can do better than any of us individually. I would expect it to be in the form of knowledge sharing rather than writing crates.
06:47:53@ralith:ralith.comRalithpromoting interoperability and at least identifying significant missing pieces, so motivated contributors can be directed productively when they arise
08:00:23@ozkriff:matrix.orgAndrey @ozkriff Lesnikov FYI: .com and .org domains for arewegameyet have been finally transferred; they now point to Github Pages version of the site.
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22:44:11@ozkriff:matrix.orgAndrey @ozkriff LesnikovAnother arewegameyet update: https is enabled now: https://arewegameyet.com
22:54:27@ozkriff:matrix.orgAndrey @ozkriff LesnikovNext issue to solve: migrate AWGY to newer Zola versions - atm it builds only with Zola 0.5.1.
23:21:21@ozkriff:matrix.orgAndrey @ozkriff Lesnikovhttps://github.com/rust-gamedev/arewegameyet/pull/238 r?
17 Jan 2020
19 Jan 2020
20:37:12@ozkriff:matrix.orgAndrey @ozkriff Lesnikov About AWGY: Do we want to sort games and resources alphabetically too? https://github.com/rust-gamedev/arewegameyet/issues/157#issuecomment-576043617

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