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8 Apr 2020
19:06:54@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathorso far we have 5 repos, all named "learn-FOO" for different things, mostly graphics i guess
19:07:14@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathoryou can use your own naming too if you want
19:07:26@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathorbut what name should i make it under?
19:08:21@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathor(also i sent you an invite to the github group just now, so you should get an email about that)
19:10:50@aclysma:matrix.orgaclysma If you write a tutorial that would have helped you 3 months ago, it will probably help other people too.
19:11:14@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteegThanks, I'm not sure about the topic yet
19:12:05@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteegThose are all tutorials for using big complicated libraries
19:12:31@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteegBut all the libraries I use aren't complicated
19:12:46@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteegOr I've written them myself
19:14:16@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathorWell if you want to do more like a blog where each article touches on a new idea that's good too, you can setup a blog all sorts of places. We could link to your articles in the Gamedev WG Newsletter if they're plausably gamedev related, and they can get put into This Week In Rust and the Reddit too
19:16:59@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteegHow about something basic like learn-cpal for audio?
19:17:49@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteegOr is that too low-level
19:17:51@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathoroh that would really help actually
19:17:56@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathorbecause most people have no idea how that works
19:18:15@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathorand, well, sound is probably important
19:19:28@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathorand if you feel intimidated by that, you can make it as a private repo and then transfer it to the org later
19:20:03@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathor I've makde twoish sets of tutorials and that's still what i'm doing, starting with a private repo and then i'll move it if it turns out i have something to show
19:20:06@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathorless pressure that way
19:20:24@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteegI'll give it a try, thanks!
19:23:17@ralith:ralith.comRalithseems like things slowed down with cpal again :(
19:23:42@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathorbe the change you wanna see Ralith
19:23:57@ralith:ralith.comRalithI am too busy being all the other changes I wanna see
19:24:36@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathormaximum delta delta
19:44:18@ralith:ralith.comRalithseriously, though, if the wg has any resources to throw around, I think getting cpal polished up would have large returns across the ecosystem
19:49:17@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteegWhat is lacking? I found it quite easy to work with
19:49:57@Tversteeg:matrix.org@tversteeg* What is lacking? I found it quite easy to work with
20:04:20@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathor Ralith: In truth I don't know of resources we have to throw at cpal
20:04:53@lokathor:matrix.orgLokathorMost people in the WG seem to be just generalists or graphics devs, I'm not aware of a sound expert
20:09:44@ralith:ralith.comRalithit doesn't need much sound expertise per se, mostly just API design and FFI experience and the patience to research OS esoterica

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