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23 Aug 2018
05:44:59@guiomar.niso:matrix.orgGuiomar Niso joined the room.
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16:46:42@yarikoptic:matrix.orgyarikoptic FWIW: summary - one of the ideas I had but didn't advance strongly is to make "_suffix" optionally into a key/value, i.e. "_suffix-value". This way it would become possible to provide additional characterization for the "type of data" without requiring additional _key-value entry. This would require though a restriction that all files do have 1 suffix, so _suffix could be clearly identified even if it is _suffix-value. Alternative could be along the lines of Tal's thinking where he wanted to use something like _suffix[v1+v2] etc to provide similar optional specification for a suffix
16:50:48@filo:matrix.orgChris Gorgolewski so sub-01_task-rest_bold_suffix-brainmask.nii.gz instead of sub-01_task-rest_bold_brainmask.nii.gz?
16:51:35@markiewicz:matrix.orgChris Markiewicz I was interpreting as e.g. mask-brain.nii.gz
16:52:03@yarikoptic:matrix.orgyarikopticyes (2Chris)
16:52:10@yarikoptic:matrix.orgyarikopticso it could be just _mask, or _mask-brain
16:52:35@yarikoptic:matrix.orgyarikoptic_mask isn't descriptive but depicts the "kind" of a data file it is. then the -brain provides "Specific".
16:52:39@filo:matrix.orgChris Gorgolewskiok I see
16:52:49@markiewicz:matrix.orgChris Markiewicz That might be good with mask-roi, as well.
16:57:01@filo:matrix.orgChris Gorgolewski personally I like the label-PFC_roi.nii.gz than roi-PFC.nii.gz - I just got used to suffixes from the main spec
16:58:53@filo:matrix.orgChris Gorgolewskibut as with most of these things there is no one right answer
17:23:35@yarikoptic:matrix.orgyarikopticindeed. I also kinda more like consistency of having just a _suffix . So, _label- would/could be introduced (may be even at BIDS itself?) as a generic key to use to provide an addtional/generic label to the suffix?
17:24:59@filo:matrix.orgChris Gorgolewskipotentially - there could be some push back due to the generic nature of it
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24 Aug 2018
18:17:08@maartenmennes:matrix.orgMaarten Mennestiny.cc/BIDS_BEP12
21:05:56@filo:matrix.orgChris Gorgolewskiwhere are you - I would like to go through some functional stuff to sync with other specs
21:06:22@markiewicz:matrix.orgChris MarkiewiczWe're working at TreeHouse.
21:07:16@filo:matrix.orgChris Gorgolewskiok - coming
22:25:19@oesteban:matrix.orgOscar Esteban
We're working at TreeHouse.
22:43:12@markiewicz:matrix.orgChris Markiewicz

We're working at TreeHouse.


22:49:20@oesteban:matrix.orgOscar EstebanYes, we had reserved that room for BEP014
22:50:07@oesteban:matrix.orgOscar EstebanWe were needing the creativity increment of TH
22:58:37@filo:matrix.orgChris Gorgolewskiheads up - we added 'SkullStripped' as a mandatory field for all preprocessed files
5 Sep 2018
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19 Nov 2018
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