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6 May 2021
@_discord_535601842139430912:t2bot.iosalem your is ass is grass if she sees that 15:41:54
@_discord_743568963799351347:t2bot.ioPhantomhive Mind#8014 She didnt see it 15:42:07
@_discord_535601842139430912:t2bot.iosalem damn you one lucky duck 15:43:17
@_discord_535601842139430912:t2bot.iosalem just realized he says our names then our question 16:24:22
@pee_haha:matrix.orgemmittgood afternon 😏17:27:21
@pee_haha:matrix.orgemmittthey took away our computers for the symposium thing so i couldnt talk17:27:50
@pee_haha:matrix.orgemmitt changed their profile picture.17:31:47
7 May 2021
@_discord_743568963799351347:t2bot.ioPhantomhive Mind#8014 Hi 13:49:58
@pee_haha:matrix.orgemmittjob is queerbaiting yaayy15:28:33
@_discord_743568963799351347:t2bot.ioPhantomhive Mind#8014 stab him /hj 15:32:38
@_discord_743568963799351347:t2bot.ioPhantomhive Mind#8014 what did he say? 15:32:49
@pee_haha:matrix.orgemmitt"I'm only gay for Ben" then jokingly hugged him15:33:10
@pee_haha:matrix.orgemmittits not that big of a deal jsut thought it was stupid15:33:22
@pee_haha:matrix.orgemmitttheres a bunch of sawdust in the hall cause they're building stuff15:34:19
@_discord_743568963799351347:t2bot.ioPhantomhive Mind#8014 like gonzales ben? 15:34:19
@pee_haha:matrix.orgemmitti need to peee15:34:32
@_discord_743568963799351347:t2bot.ioPhantomhive Mind#8014 oh 15:34:46
@_discord_743568963799351347:t2bot.ioPhantomhive Mind#8014 gonna go play animalc rossing ;w; byebye daisuki 15:34:57
@pee_haha:matrix.orgemmittbye!! i love you :)15:35:10
@pee_haha:matrix.orgemmittu h crome canvas isnt letting me draw18:12:02
@pee_haha:matrix.orgemmitt * u h crome canvas isnt letting me draw18:12:08
@pee_haha:matrix.orgemmittdo you know anywhere else i could use to draw?18:13:25
@_discord_743568963799351347:t2bot.ioPhantomhive Mind#8014 pixlr.com 18:45:51
@_discord_743568963799351347:t2bot.ioPhantomhive Mind#8014 it works for us editing picrews! 18:45:58
@pee_haha:matrix.orgemmittthank youuu :')18:46:22
8 May 2021
@monster_energy_system:matrix.orgRyo changed their display name from racc to inosuke (tq double voweels liikee thiis).19:39:23

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