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*Public* Join the community +awcywaitingroom:matrix.org. Welcome to the artists waiting rooms. DON'T change your default messages setting, nobody will be able to read them if you do change them. Make your settings look like this i.imgur.com/ejogD6M.gif. If you have changed them, will say "Unverified" & show a red shield next to your messages. If you'd like to move to the dev team, print the calibration oven that can be found here: https://lbry.tv/@AreWeCoolYet:7/Are-We-Cool-Yet--Calibration-Oven:9 If you'd like to join the main dev team, we have moved to a sponsorship model. Show off your work and your beautiful printing, help others, and demonstrate your abilities, and once someone from the main team notices, we'll get you sponsored as a candidate for the main team.59 Servers

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24 Aug 2021
@jak321:matrix.orgjak321!giphy uh oh18:42:10
@neb_giphy:matrix.orgGiphyNo results18:42:11
@protouniverse:matrix.orgprotouniverseToo bad it doesn't work like slack's /gfycat where you can pick the gif before sending18:42:25
@protouniverse:matrix.orgprotouniverseI love annoying my co-workers with that one18:42:45
@internetpersona:matrix.orginternetpersonawtf are you animals doing in here?18:42:48
@internetpersona:matrix.orginternetpersonawhats that giphy thing?18:43:02
@internetpersona:matrix.orginternetpersona!giphy what?18:43:13
@protouniverse:matrix.orgprotouniverse!giphy nothing to see here18:43:14
Download askreddit-llama-9ohlKnRDAmotG
Download cbc-comedy-schittscreek-514-eIV8AvO3EC3xhscTIW
@neb_giphy:matrix.orgGiphyNo results18:43:25
@protouniverse:matrix.orgprotouniversewow I got a double one18:43:28
@internetpersona:matrix.orginternetpersonaI think one was mine :P you aren't special and no one loves you18:43:46
@internetpersona:matrix.orginternetpersona(except me)18:43:50
@urkul999:matrix.orgurkul999 joined the room.18:46:07
@bakasama113:matrix.orgbakasama113!giphy big titty goth gf18:46:14
Download kawaii-colorful-rainbow-ZeU05VjRJgFe8
@bakasama113:matrix.orgbakasama113that's just mean hahahaha18:46:25
@bakasama113:matrix.orgbakasama113!giphy bailey jay18:47:21
Download kidschoice-nickelodeon-3oKIPhMNzFx95lur0k
@dimmadong:matrix.orgdimmadongsmh sfw giphy18:47:37
@v8vtwin:matrix.orgv8vtwin ][ Ozymandias of GunCADi should not have announced the gify bot18:47:38
@bakasama113:matrix.orgbakasama113you are the worst bot and i hope you choke18:47:39
@v8vtwin:matrix.orgv8vtwin ][ Ozymandias of GunCADalthough i can mute the bot whenever i want18:47:47
@v8vtwin:matrix.orgv8vtwin ][ Ozymandias of GunCADwhich is pretty neat18:47:51
@dimmadong:matrix.orgdimmadongis there a !redgifs18:47:51
@dimmadong:matrix.orgdimmadongrequesting for bakasama18:47:57

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