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24 Jan 2022
@someguy89:matrix.orgsomeguy89I didn't like the look of the exposed spring, and couldn't find files or instructions for the DIY charging handle, so I went with this07:44:19
@eyeamfresh:matrix.orgeyeamfreshYeah I didn't notice the diy charging handle instructions either.07:45:12
@eyeamfresh:matrix.orgeyeamfresh Hmm maybe invaderzip_ | www.Invaderzip.com can chime in on this. 07:45:29
@someguy89:matrix.orgsomeguy89there's alarmingly little documentation for the ARK. It's kinda weird07:45:33
@eyeamfresh:matrix.orgeyeamfreshLol yeah07:45:42
@capekoviroboti:matrix.orgcapekovirobotithe diy charging handle was a relatively late addition to the project so I dont think it got added to the docs07:45:44
@someguy89:matrix.orgsomeguy89The instruction video is good, I guess I figured there would be a document07:45:48
@eyeamfresh:matrix.orgeyeamfreshEspecially since they/he did so much to organize it07:45:54
@eyeamfresh:matrix.orgeyeamfreshIt's still a wip07:46:08
@someguy89:matrix.orgsomeguy89Yeah guess so07:46:21
@eyeamfresh:matrix.orgeyeamfreshCan't wait to see the new files for the sumac drum mags and other stuff07:46:25
@someguy89:matrix.orgsomeguy89my dumbass figured it out well enough so I guess it's okay :P07:46:39
@eyeamfresh:matrix.orgeyeamfreshI'm gonna print mine without the hoop. Just grip and brace07:46:47
@someguy89:matrix.orgsomeguy89that's a pretty cool look, I was kinda torn on it07:47:23
@someguy89:matrix.orgsomeguy89I think I decided on the hoop just because I like the spacegun look07:48:13
@someguy89:matrix.orgsomeguy89it serves no functional purpose07:48:23
@eyeamfresh:matrix.orgeyeamfreshYeah I wanted more if a traditional look and thought the hoop would maybe get in the way at tumes07:49:33
@eyeamfresh:matrix.orgeyeamfreshI admire the space look07:49:43
@someguy89:matrix.orgsomeguy89yeah I guess it does make it that much harder to pack away or store places07:50:05
@someguy89:matrix.orgsomeguy89maybe the hoop keeps the grip from getting caught on things?07:50:18
@eyeamfresh:matrix.orgeyeamfreshMaybe after I have a few functional pieces I'll start doing more art prints07:50:27
In reply to @someguy89:matrix.org
maybe the hoop keeps the grip from getting caught on things?
Didn't think of that, but could also do the exact opposite
@someguy89:matrix.orgsomeguy89all of my totally printed guns are artsy shitposts, It's definitely the way to go if you don't rely on it for any functional purpose07:51:11
@eyeamfresh:matrix.orgeyeamfreshBecause of CA law I can't really buy what I want 07:51:46
@eyeamfresh:matrix.orgeyeamfreshI miss living in AZ sometimes 🤣07:52:00
@someguy89:matrix.orgsomeguy89Man I look at the hoops people have to jump through to become CA-compliant and get sad07:52:53
@someguy89:matrix.orgsomeguy89thanks, Reagan07:53:05
@eyeamfresh:matrix.orgeyeamfreshYeah me too grew up with guns in MN and look at me now 😂07:53:32
@someguy89:matrix.orgsomeguy89I'm sure there are nice parts about it but damn does it look like a drag to have a gun hobby in that state07:54:12
@someguy89:matrix.orgsomeguy89let's hope my state isn't next 🙃07:54:25

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