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*Public* Join the community. Welcome to the artists waiting rooms. DON'T change your default messages setting, nobody will be able to read them if you do change them. Make your settings look like this i.imgur.com/ejogD6M.gif. If you have changed them, will say "Unverified" & show a red shield next to your messages. If you'd like to join the main dev team, we have moved to a sponsorship model. Show off your work and your beautiful printing, help others, and demonstrate your abilities, and once someone from the main team notices, we'll get you sponsored as a candidate for the main team. Printing our calibration oven will be required https://lbry.tv/@AreWeCoolYet:7/Are-We-Cool-Yet--Calibration-Oven:942 Servers

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28 Nov 2022
@lethxl:matrix.orglethxlThen Iโ€™ll know if I got enough left on the spool to finish a print..12:24:12
@patm:matrix.orgpattycakes ๐Ÿช‚i just write the factory weight on the spool12:28:18
@tabootopics:matrix.orgNight "lift the mountain" Lee
In reply to @hostsserver:matrix.org
sent an image.
When you play gmod without css textures
@cgar1206:matrix.orgChristian GarciaHas anyone ever resin printed a lower for a pistol12:41:30
@patm:matrix.orgpattycakes ๐Ÿช‚yes its been done12:43:06
@cgar1206:matrix.orgChristian GarciaDo you know if itโ€™s worth doing compared to PLA12:44:37
In reply to @patm:matrix.org
i just write the factory weight on the spool
How do you keep up with it?
@patm:matrix.orgpattycakes ๐Ÿช‚i weigh the spool before using it to determine if there will be enough12:49:35
@almostcoolbutnot:matrix.orgAlmostCoolButNot - 37mm Simp
In reply to @cgar1206:matrix.org
Do you know if itโ€™s worth doing compared to PLA
I've never heard good things about resin printing 2A stuff. Resins just aren't as strong as FDM printing
@cgar1206:matrix.orgChristian GarciaThat does make sense thanks!13:02:23
@almostcoolbutnot:matrix.orgAlmostCoolButNot - 37mm SimpNo problem homie 13:03:12
@andrewmonster05:matrix.organdrewmonster05 Anyone know the process of serializing a 3D print lower? 13:27:57
@mr-fix-it:matrix.orgJWyou could make a thin steel plate, stamp it with letter punches, draw a pocket in your design, and drop it into the frame right before the layer that covers up your pocket13:36:22
Download file.jpg
@mr-fix-it:matrix.orgJWyou could also just design a serial into the print but for it to pass legal scrutiny it needs to be stamper or engraved on a metal plate13:38:56
@mr-fix-it:matrix.orgJWprint settings monday, heres some settings to help with your tree supports13:39:53
@andrewmonster05:matrix.organdrewmonster05 And as for getting the serial number? Iโ€™ve been researching but nothing on my end 13:42:58
@andrewmonster05:matrix.organdrewmonster05 Atleast something concrete n not vague 13:43:15
@jak321:matrix.orgJak but turkeyDoes your state require them?13:44:59
@andrewmonster05:matrix.organdrewmonster05California so yeah ๐Ÿ˜‚13:45:25
@jak321:matrix.orgJak but turkeySheet metal and a dremel is probably the easiest method 13:45:50
@mr-fix-it:matrix.orgJWjust makeup your serial and then register it with you as the manufacturer13:46:01
@mr-fix-it:matrix.orgJWat least thats how I did it in michigan13:46:12
@andrewmonster05:matrix.organdrewmonster05 I think CA is really strict so Iโ€™ll keep that in mind last thing I want is problems cause the states is picky af 13:47:25
@mr-fix-it:matrix.orgJWdremel makes a mess and looks not very legit. this easiest way to make it, and make it look legit is a stamp set13:47:57
@andrewmonster05:matrix.organdrewmonster05 I think I have a couple of friends that can engrave it for me with there cnc 13:48:58
@hokage_:matrix.orgCJ Crespo joined the room.14:26:13
@papifumar:matrix.orgpapifumarBuy this and lets make a frame together ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚15:09:30

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