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13 Jun 2022
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15 Jun 2022
@_discord_412648781109002260:t2bot.ioRamsey (Decentration)#2804
pub const MINUTES: BlockNumber = 60_000 / (MILLISECS_PER_BLOCK as BlockNumber);
pub const HOURS: BlockNumber = MINUTES * 60;
pub const DAYS: BlockNumber = HOURS * 24;
@_discord_247336702346133504:t2bot.ioNathan GD | Erudyx freature for now
-pre-pay ("pay for the next month")
-subscription status (paid => true/false)

feature for later
-starting block (start at)
@_discord_247336702346133504:t2bot.ioNathan GD | Erudyx * priority
optimized hook

freature for now
-pre-pay ("pay for the next month")
-subscription status (paid => true/false)

feature for later
-starting block (start at)
@_discord_247336702346133504:t2bot.ioNathan GD | Erudyx * priority:
-optimized hook

freature for now:
-pre-pay ("pay for the next month")
-subscription status (paid => true/false)

feature for later:
-starting block (start at)
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16 Jun 2022
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17 Jun 2022
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18 Jun 2022
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19 Jun 2022
@_discord_920883277919838238:t2bot.io推你妹 Is there a Chinese Channel 05:57:14
@_discord_412648781109002260:t2bot.ioRamsey (Decentration)#2804 https://t.me/edgchina 06:58:50
20 Jun 2022
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22 Jun 2022
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28 Jun 2022
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29 Jun 2022
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@_discord_883893695756259328:t2bot.ioBryan Shivajna hey
Was curious, I use my ledger with the edgeware app, how would I login to the same account with kabocha, if there is an airdrop to the same wallet? Will there be a kabocha ledger app that is connected to the same account?
@_discord_815806206831886336:t2bot.ioJelliedOwl (Paul)#1598 You will be able to see it here, with the same polkadot.js wallet as you use on edgeware.app with Edgeware. Apart from telling the wallet that you're happy to connect (I forget exactly what that looks like), it should just work, I think. Be aware that the account balances haven't been applied on chain yet, so your accounts will show zero balance for the moment.

@_discord_815806206831886336:t2bot.ioJelliedOwl (Paul)#1598 Oh, you say "I use my ledger" so I guess that's not the polkadot.js extension? But if the ledger works with both Edgeware and Polkadot (say) it should work with Kabocha too. 21:15:32

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